BREAKING! Mike Tyson RETURNS vs. former UFC fighter! Ian garry GETS OWNED by Geoff Neal! Woodley-UFC

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00:00 Henry Cejudo teases potential retirement
01:16 Cormier suggests ‘the fight’ to make for UFC 300
03:11 Mike Perry issues a fiery callout to Jake Paul
03:55 Tyron Woodley slams the UFC over fighter pay
05:44 Ian Garry gets a savage reply from Geoff Neal
06:20 A huge fight in the works for Saudi Arabia card
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Henry Soo getting honest on his fighting Future during a recent interview on The Hjr Experiment Triple C discussed his Upcoming fight against morab B villy at UFC 298 next month during the talk he Stated that if he loses this fight he May consider returning to retirement and Admittedly that he's not really as Passionate about fighting anymore but Does it mostly for the financial aspect Of it he said his fight is for the Number one Contender spot I think if After losing to Alain if I had to go Down the ladder I would probably be done Fighting again yeah man this sport is Hard man training camps having two kids Things like that it's all or nothing man It's more of a motivation of Vengeance Why I returned it's not always the love Of the sport not really man even coming Back to the sport I wanted to test Myself I like the matchup it has been 3 Years but also the financial Compensation there's nothing easier to Make money than the fight game I'm not Really young man I don't feel those Highs even with fighting people talk About fighting in front of 25,000 people I can give two it could start with love For fighting but at the end of the day You're so far in it that you almost Start like it becomes a business Henry

Cejudo concluded that's kind of where I Find Myself Daniel Cormier suggests the fight To make for UFC 300's Main Event Everyone is still waiting for Dana White's final announcement of the main Event vout for the UFC 300 card some Believe that it's going to be Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler however D Cormier has another matchup in mind And believes it would be even bigger Than Conor ver Chandler speaking on the DC and RC show Cormier suggested that The UFC should make McGregor V Diaz 3 And explained why he thinks it would be A much bigger fight than McGregor ver Chandler I believe that while we don't Have as many of those attractions left In the UFC Connor is one in regardless Of who he would fight the attraction Comes with him but If McGregor fights Diaz that is what I believe draws the General fan in as much as Anything that they could do in the UFC Right now just because of Nate Diaz and The Intrigue the way the first fight Played out the way the second fight Played out it is still two of the Highest grossing pay-per-views in UFC History sure Nate Diz isn't the guy that He before he's not the guy that fought The most beautiful striking exhibit Against Michael Johnson in in Florida

Where he went and said Conor McGregor You're taking everything I work for and Whole bunch of cuss words he's not that Same guy but neither is Conor McGregor This isn't the guy that knocked out Jose Aldo no more this is a new fighter this A guy that is not as good as he was back Then because of all the things that have Happened in life afterwards but when you Put them two together right now at the State and at the part of their career That they're in right now then you uh You have that type of fight Mike Perry Sends a fiery message to Jake Paul over The past year Perry has been calling for A boxing match with Jake Paul but he Still hasn't gotten it during a recent Episode of the overdogs podcast the Clearly frustrated Perry once again Issued a fiery call out to Jake and told Him to stop ducking him Jake Paul the Fight needs to happen bro you and me Let's go you knock that dude out real Quick in that last little boxing match Here in Orlando let's go bro stop Ducking me and you co-main event on the Benz card let's go bro we need something Incredible Dog I deserve it I stick my Finger through your fing eye socket bro I deserve it bro I fight like no one Else Tyron Woodley opens up about his UFC paay Woodley parted with ways with The UFC in March of 2021 after suffering His fourth consecutive loss during a

Recent interview on Demetrius Johnson's Mighty cast podcast the former champ Revealed that he wanted to part ways With the UFC years prior and how fighter Pay was the main reason for his Departure he said he made $500,000 for His final title fight against Kamar Usman and took issue with the UFC paying Him similar to Donald Cerrone who was Never a UFC champion here's the clip you Can watch the full interview on DJ's YouTube channel link can be found in the Video Description I was going to the UFC prior I was going to leave the UFC after um Darren t right I said I told them I said [ __ ] cut me dog y'all want Me to me dog like we he fighting [ __ ] Every fight because you know you know I Was I was a gorilla I Hamed you up a Couple times too to go buck wild I mean But but but but I just I just I knew the Num so well I knew what everybody was Making I'm not going to go out there and Be making the same as Cowboy Shoni that Mother never touch go in his life I'm Not going to do that I'm not no that's Just a principle thing sometimes when You're African-American in this game They think you should just be Appreciative I'm not just appreciative I'm thankful that you give me Opportunity but you didn't give me the Gifts God gave me the gifts I'm thankful

To him for the gifts so I'm not going to Know what people are making number-wise And see what I've done in the sport and Who I beating I'm not going to let Robbie Lawler make more money that I Made when I'm the mother that smoked him Right yeah I'm not going to do that so At the end of the day they hated that I Knew the numbers so I was like all right Cool so they don't want they say okay We'll let you out your con bet all right I'm out Ian Gary has sent a warning to Jeff Neil Gary issued a strong message To his opponent Jeff Neil two weeks Ahead of their highly anticipated Grudge Battle which is scheduled for UFC 299 on February 17th in the video posted on his IG stories Gary stated that his plan is To put Neil struggle with to the Test come here I something to show you See this thing I hate it but it works And it gives me carry up je Neil I'm Going to put your long cover to the test Pad yeah Neil responded with this clip Hey yo let me show you something you see This a huge boxing match is in the works For the Saudi Arabia card Mike Tyson Versus Mark Hunt is in the workst to Fight in an eight round boxing match in Saudi Arabia later this year multiple Outlets like Daily Telegraph and the Australian reported the news Wednesday FTS MMA was first to report it on Twitter writing breaking the real Mark

Hunt versus Mike Tyson looks to be in The works for an eight round boxing Match in Saudi Arabia later this year Very close to being announced likely to Be made official sometime in February Timeline looks to be December huge the Now 49-year-old hunt hasn't competed Since November of 2022 when he defeated Sunny Bill Williams via fourth round TKO His boxing record is one win two losses And one draw as for Tyson he last Competed in 2020 against another boxing Legend Roy Jones Jr the bout was Officially a draw however Tyson looked By far the superior fighter of the night What do you guys make of this Announcement who do you think wins this One let us know your thoughts in the Comments Below listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and it Was posted by a username comfortable Quit second place meme was found over on Instagram and was posted by username to As shopped as it Gets the top picked meme was found over On Reddit and was posted by interesting Skirt thank you guys for watching if you

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