BREAKING! Kayla Harrison vs Holly Holm at UFC 300! Max Holloway REACTS to Gaethje fight for BMF belt

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00:00 Michael Bisping weighs in on Sean Strickland’s headbutt claim
01:54 Robert Whittaker reacts to Dricus Du Plessis’ win at UFC 297
03:20 Tom Aspinall claims that Stipe Miocic said no to fight against him for UFC 300
04:02 Brendan Schaub reveals his daughter is having emegrency surgery
04:44 Max Holloway reacts to Justin Gaethje BMF fight at UFC 300
06:07 Dana White announces Kayla Harrison vs Holly Holm fight for UFC 300
07:00 MMA Community react to Holly Holm vs. Kayla Harrison
07:56 08:15 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show started Let's start today's news with Michael Bisping weighing in on Sean Strickland's Headbutt claim after UFC 297 LW Strickland took to Instagram and posted This photo captioned I didn't take the Coward's way out and tell the doctor I Couldn't see and got a no contest the Only reason why you took Aon from me is Because I couldn't see I won that fight The world knows I won that fight the Belt they gave you will never make you a Champion enjoy they had to stitch Through muscle to get it closed thank You to everyone your support has really Kept my head up high through all this Grateful forever dupi responded why Don't you cry about it again now while Speaking on the believe you me podcast Michael Bisping addressed the situation Saying and I got to say that's a bloody Good response from dricus call it what You will I know there's a lot of Sean Strickland Fanboys watching this and You're like you're a prick bisin they're Talking he's trying to undermine his his Victory but first of all give me your Thoughts on the cut and what Sean is Saying Yeah and I don't disagree with what You're saying but these things happen They happen and that's my point I'm not Ripping on Sean but like you go out There it's a contact sport there's

Wrestling and stuff involved like that Happens didn't say anything on the night And then on Monday mornings probably a Bit annoyed by it he probably sees that Video and that kind of you know ignites A bit of passion inside him and he's Pissed off and I understand that but you Know these it happens a lot it like when I fought rockold the first time he Headbutted me Boom and I've only got one eye I got one Eye not even two eyes you know and you Just got to it's a shitty situation Right yeah yeah exactly that that's the Point what I'm saying listen you go in There you throw in everything but the Kitchen sink sometimes heads clash and I I thought it was a right hand from driis One of his best shots that opened that That does look like it was that but on The night I remember uh thinking it was An overhand right Robert Whitaker reacts To ddps win at UFC 297 Robert Whitaker And drink his dupi last faced off a UFC 290 where Robert lost the fight by TKO Now while speaking on the MMA arcade Podcast Whitaker shared his reaction to His former opponent's title win at UFC 297 you can watch the full reaction on The MMA arcade podcast YouTube channel The links in today's newsletter found on MMA one of his things is like He goes out on his shield he's not going To go away he will not give up he he'll

Need to leave that octagon on stretcher And mate that's exactly what he did That's exactly what he showed I I will Say congratulations to the new champ Because he wanted it more you know in in In every everyone thought in the rounds The championship rounds 4 five Strickland was going to start you know Getting it over him mate drias did not Go away and you saw his face after the Fight you saw the Jabs mate the Commentators and everybody in their Friends wouldn't shut up about the jab Okay Understandably understandably great jab All right and he threw it at dri's face About 7,000 times but let's get let's Let's give a little props to drias cuz Didn't go away did not go away was Thrown over hands from the start to the Literal finish just pushing into him Tom Aspo claims that Ste said no to a fight Against him for UFC 300 in a recent Tweet Tom revealed that the UFC offered Him a fight against stie miic for UFC 300 according to Tom he accepted the Offer but Stipe said no in Tom's words While we were talking about Stipe miic My manager was contacted by the UFC Asking if I'd like to fight him on April 13th I of course accepted a little later We were told that Stipe doesn't want to Fight me and only interested in fighting Johnny Bones on that note I will stop

Crying except it ain't going to happen And enjoy the fight that me and all the Other fans want to see Legend vers Legend for the heavyweight title maximum Respect guys yay brenon sha has revealed His daughter is having an emergency Surgery the fight companion shared an Emotional video providing an update on His daughter's challenging situation our Prayers are with you Brendan hey guys Um most of my family and close friends Know um my baby girl has been in and out Of the Hospital since the day she was born and Uh she just to have emergency Surgery emergency Surgery On on Thursday Max Hollow reacts to the Justin Gatei fight for UFC 300 last week Daniel Way announced that Max Holloway and Justin gatei will Clash for the BMF Title at UFC 300 now speaking with Kevin Ioli Max shared his thoughts on the Upcoming battle you can watch the full Interview on Kevin II's YouTube channel First things first is the man in front Of me you know I got a dangerous guy in Justtin gatei but but uh we got to do That first handle him first and then After that like I said man it's just a Game of options man a lot of things can Open up after this fight so that's what

I'm focus on I'm focus on getting my Getting my hand raised go out there and Uh you know shock the world I guess and Uh I really wanted to be on this card Period so we trying to and I'm super Excited that we got Justin for the BMF For it so you know at the end of the day With his fighting style and my fighting Style we almost fight pretty similar you Know the only difference I guess a lot Of people keep saying is the power the Power of 55 how hard he hits how hard he Kicks and the Beautiful Thing is we get To figure out you know I get to really See how hard this guy punch how really How hard this guy hits come uh April 13 And um when we get in there if we're Going to make adjustments we're got to Make adjustments but you know I I I Think uh L of our our fighting styles Going to compliment each other and uh You know his nickname is the highlight And it's going to be a fun one you know Dana White has announced a new fight for The UFC 300 card on Tuesday white Announced that the UFC has signed Kayla Harrison and that she is set to make her Debut at UFC 300 opposite Holly home Check out the video for more details all Right guys here's another announcement For UFC 300 Holly Hol she was inducted In the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2022 in The history of the women's bantamweight Division she is tied for fourth most

Wins six most significant strikes landed And has the fourth best takedown defense At 78% Holly Holm is one of the baddest Women to ever compete in Combat Sports Ever she's fought all the nastiest women In the world in boxing and in MMA except For one Holly will be taking on the only Person in US history to win back-to- Back Olympic gold medals in Judo the UFC Has officially signed Kayla Harrison Kayla is 16-1 with 12 finishes her Takedowns her ground and pound are nasty And this will be the first time she will Be competing at bantamweight so there You have it ladies and gentlemen that Fight is also at UFC 300 see you soon Here's how the MMA Community reacted we Waiting for the main event and Dana Comes back with the typical Holly home Announcement skulls UFC alien said let's See Holly Holm give it one last go all Right guys don't hate me I love this Let's go nunz is coming the [ __ ] back For this one I know it wow we finally Get to see if Kayla is actually good When she fights proper competition in The UFC no way can Kayla make Bantamweight laughing my ass off and Chris cyborg decom said Dana I would Love to add cyborg Nunes 2 onto the UFC 300 card Too listen up fight fans we've been Working behind behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read

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