Belal Muhammad RESPONDS to Dana White’s UFC 300 snub! Conor gives HILARIOUS response to Ilia Topuria

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00:00 Sean O’Malley reacts to Merab defeating Cejudo
00:55 Volkanovski reflects on his UFC 298 loss
02:05 Alex Pereira reveals plans to compete at UFC 300 & 301
03:19 Paulo Costa reacts to UFC 298 loss
04:53 Conor McGregor’s hilarious response to Ilia Topuria
05:29 Dana White ‘not sure’ if McGregor will ever fight again
06:25 Belal Muhammad responds to Dana White’s UFC 300 snub
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All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Sha Elly reacting to morab defeating Henry saho Elli was inside the Honda Center this weekend to witness Mor Rob's Unanimous decision victory over cejudo At UFC 298 Elli will be putting his gold Down the line against Marlin Bara at UFC 299 and the winner of that fight is Likely to clash against bash villy Speaking T ESPN MMA sugar praised both Morab and Henry for a decent fight and Revealed that he heard rumors saying Cejudo had some injuries going into the Fight it's interesting watching fights Live compared to on the TV I'd like to Watch it back on the TV to really give a Full input it was it was decent I Thought you know Henry Looked I heard rumors that Henry had Some injuries going into the into the Fight he looked a little uh winded but You know morab looked good you know Decent little fight from a couple little Dudes Alex volkanovski breaks down his Lost tillot porya in a video posted on His YouTube channel volkanovski Reflected on The Knockout loss he Suffered at UFC 298 vul mentioned that He felt he was doing great and that he Was getting ready to pick things up Another level when he got caught here it From Alex uh you can't win them all you know

You sometimes you're the hmer sometimes You're the nail last night I was a nail I've been to hammer many times uh I've Ruined a lot of people's party many Times uh last night uh IIA got the job Done I thought I was doing great I felt Great in there uh uh you know I you know I think the judges had me uh up at the First round and I think I was starting To pick it up even more in the second I Was ready to even go another level uh Had him missing you know started to Touch him and then I was going to start Adding on and he did a great job of uh Getting to the cage where we knew we Didn't want to be with someone like him Uh he got me there and uh when I you Know probably had better options than Looking for a counter after he backed me Up there uh he caught me so uh you know He did did a great job to find that a Great shot and that's all you need uh in This Sport Alex pedar reveals plans to Compete at UFC 300 and UFC 301 during a Recent YouTube live P revealed that if He beats Jamal Hill at UFC 300 then he Wants to defend his belt at UFC 301 in Brazil which is scheduled for May 4th Just 3 weeks after UFC 300 Brazil For Pooc Costa reacts to UFC 298 loss on Sunday Costa shared a video to his

Instagram page reacting to his decision Lost to Robert Whitaker despite the loss The Brazilian look to be in good spirit Costa thanked Robert for the fight and His fans for the support yeah I'm not Not happy you know this kind of feelings Always sucks because what so close so so So [ __ ] close you know almost he did A very good job congrats hob enjoyed Your Victory you did a very good job Costa also said that he wants to stay Active and is eyeing a return for May at UFC s Saudi Arabia uh I I can I can be back on the Next 60 days I want to fight next uh in May so I can fight in sa Aria I don't Know I will let for Dan hando and MCM The best in the business see the next Step for me but uh I'm very excited for For the future this year guys this year 2024 is the year to go I Still Believe On that I run for it Uh I face who I need to face I get my Victories and I go for the belt okay This is my promise to you I feel you my Prime I feel you very well good shape Better than ever and uh this is the First fight of the year to me and uh I'll be back very soon see you guys Thank you very much appreciate and Congrats Rob one more time Conor McGregor gives a hilarious response toot Toor call out the newly crowned UFC Featherweight Champion did not waste any

Time on the mic to call out Conor McGregor after having dethroned Alexander volkanovski at UFC 298 he Reiterated his interest in facing Conor McGregor and called the Irishman out for A fight on his Turf in Spain saying it's Time to take the UFC to Spain and car McGregor if you still have some I will Be waiting for you in Spain to which McGregor responded writing I have huge Balls I have four kids speaking on Conor's return during the UFC 298 press Conference Dana White stated that he's Not sure if McGregor will ever fight in The UFC again can you say that if you Had loads of money would you be sitting Here right now asking me this Question no no you would not that just Answered your question so he so well I Answered no so but I was so you're Saying there's a there's a chance that Conor mcregor will not fight again for The UFC I don't know Conor McGregor's Got a lot of money and uh you know Anytime we get Conor we'll be happy to You know be thrilled when when he comes And fights but Um money complicates a lot of things Just filmed a movie he's got to do the Uh the press for the movie and he's got Obligations with that and he does want To fight this year but we'll see what Happens is part of the issue um that con That's the only issue does anything is

There an issue there's no other issue That's it balam Muhammad responds to Dana White's UFC 300 comments During the UFC 298 post by press Conference white praised Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards for showing Willingness to step up and feature at UFC 300 white stated that Edwards was Presented with three potential matchups For the Milestone event and that he was Ready to take any of the options let let Me let me say this Leon Edwards Leon Edwards never Leon Edwards has had like Three opponents throughout this thing Leon Edwards doesn't say no to any Anybody th this kid is an absolute stud Um he's had like three opponents thrown At him dur during UFC 300 yes yes yes Was willing to take on anybody man kid's An absolute stud Leon thank you much Respect although Dana conveniently Omitted bah Muhammad's name while Discussing the Welterweight Title Fight In a social media post soon after MMA Reporter Theo confirmed that Bala was Not among the three potential Challengers offered to Edwards tweeting Can confirm Bala Muhammad was not one of The three Fighters offered to Leon Edwards for UFC 300 responding to Dana White's comments balal tweeted send Location I would fight Leon next week I'm always ready what do you guys make Of balal not being offered to fight

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