Belal Muhammad ACCUSES Dana White of LYING! Nick Diaz RETURNS to UFC? Diego Sanchez FEARS 4 his life

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00:00 Cormier ‘skeptical’ about Conor McGregor’s return
01:32 Diego Sanchez ‘fears for his life’ after speaking against Joshua Fabia
04:10 Nick Diaz teases UFC return
04:40 MMA community react to Diaz’s potential return
05:29 Belal Muhammad accuses Dana White of lying
06:44 Alex Pereira trolls his training partner
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All right let's get the show Started let's start today's news with Daniel Cormier being skeptical about Conor McGregor's UFC return speaking With chill sun and on a recent episode Of good guy bad guy DC said that he Still holds his excitement back because If Conor really wanted to return he Could have called Dana White directly to Make a deal instead of negotiating Through his manager I have a healthy Skepticism whenever it's Conor McGregor In the last 5 months he's told us he was Going to fight Chandler and a date at 185 PBS turned out that wasn't accurate Information said he wanted to fight at The spear brought in George moz's name Brought in Diaz's name said that he was Going to go box Manny Pacquiao now the Reason I'm saying this I don't think He's trolling us like some people do I Don't think this is misinformation Daniel I think there is some Miscommunication yeah I believe him in This one he but it was secondhand just To remind you what he just said he said That his team got a call from an agent He did not say I spoke to Dan just for Example so we do have a little bit of a Miscommunication but and that right There that right there is why I still Hold my excitement back really because You and I both know you and I both know When you get to a certain level you have

A direct line to the boss y if Conor McGregor really wants to fight Conor McGregor can just call Dane and go hey I'm in June International fight week Book me and Chandler I'm down he has That ability yes to reach out to the Boss directly but instead he's going Through the team that's why I'm Skeptical Diego Sanchez opens up on a Very traumatic experience with Joshua Fabia Sanchez and Fabia formed a Notorious duo in the MMA World marking A Peculiar chapter in Sanchez's Professional MMA Journey now the former UFC fighter has courageously come Forward to address his experience with The quote unquote evil fobia in a recent Video shared on his Instagram page Sanchez accused his former coach of Putting him through years of abuse Saying that the cell phone awareness Guru instilled fear for his and his Family safety for the past two years I Have been running from a very traumatic Experience that you know words cannot Even explain how traumatizing this was Involves a very evil man that U Manipulated blackmailed extorted me and Eventually put an end to my UFC career And I've been dealing with this Psychopath for for been 3 years 4 years And I paid him out I paid him money to Get out of my life because the situation Had become so volatile and so evil and

Dark that there was no other option Either he was going to kill me or I was Going to have to him I chose to take the Take the good path and you know I said You know I don't care about money um I Money will come God will provide through His riches and and Glory everything that I need in my life but if I kill this guy I'm going to have to go to prison and I'm going to miss the last seven years Of my daughter's childhood cuz everybody Wants to tell me oh why didn't you just Snap his neck oh why didn't you just Crush this guy uh if I was you I would Have just snapped him and yeah man I Would have loved to do that but I'm Dealing with a very unstable mentally Unstable sociopathic Psychopath that is basically the best Way I could put it you're dealing with a Charlie Manson type of Mind where you Know he's he's he's so far gone that it Makes him unstable and dangerous and the Manipulation that was put on part of to Me was also that you know he's an EXT Trained kid you know an ex Hitman an ex Contract worker for the cartels and just So much Darkness on this guy that put me In a state of fear that I was worried For the safety of not only my life but Also my daughter my mother and even my My daughter's mother too Nick Diaz Teases a UFC return the UFC Legend has Hinted at a comeback sharing training

Footage and stating somebody is going to Pay very [Music] Soon The 40-Year-Old Nick hasn't fought in The Octagon since losing to Robbie Lawler in an allout brawl back in 2021 Here's how the MMA Community reacted to Nick's potential return Nick Diaz vers Matt Brown is in the works Diaz R DEA Melen bad Dana not enough people know How much better than Nate he was Diaz Versman 170 lb let's go come back for One more fight if Dana will let you we Need a focus motivated in shape Nick Diaz we deserve one more fight King you Should fight Matt Brown if he wasn't Injured he would have beat Lawler judges Had him all three rounds in the Scorecards which is crazy considering a Six-year suspension your last fight Doesn't exist in my mind stay healthy Come back and get one more W Please Al Muhammad accuses Dana White of Lying Dana White recently stated that Leon Edwards was offered three different Opponents in the leadup to UFC 300 and Everyone turned him down balal later Confirmed that he wasn't included now in An interview on MMA today Muhammad accus Dana what of lying saying that he Doesn't believe that Lyon was actually Offer three different opponents and Dana Just wanted to Hype Edwards up man if I

Be honest I don't really buy the whole I We offered in three fights like I know They offered it to Isam I know slam turn It down but I don't buy they offered it To Shava shabka was hurt and I don't buy That they offered it to kza because he Ain't making weight so for me I think it Was more so to Hype up the Leon thing Right to be like oh Leon doesn't go on Social media he doesn't do interviews he Doesn't hype himself up so it's like Dana White's a promoter he has to Promote a guy to be like yo this guy's a Killer he said yes to every single fight But if they really wanted him on 300 They wanted Leon ever on 300 they knew They could have called me and I would Have said yes so it just tells me that They didn't really want him on 300 or Leon's a hard guy to deal with um but For me like that whole thing was I think Was just uh to Hype up Leon and make it Seem like he's bigger attraction than it Really is Alex Pera posts another fun Video the UFC L heavyweight champ has Posted a video of him and Glover T Shera Trolling their training partner Jason Gomez go Jason No I POS okay shoot The now now you go Uh head head kick head head kick Jason Head Kick like That oh no head kick head kick Jason

Head kick head kick Jason like Jason Okay Take him down how you like that Jay okay Like that okay Go hey J I think Okay time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Reddit and was Posted by Andy girl 7 second place meme was found over on Facebook and was posted by Robert and the top picked meme was found Over on Reddit and was posted by more Hisy Art thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk