Arman Tsarukyan happy ‘trash fighter’ Bobby Green took extra punches at UFC Austin

Arman Tsarukyan has no sympathy for Bobby Green.

This past Saturday, Green got knocked out by Jalin Turner in the co-main event of UFC Austin, suffering several unnecessary extra punches after an egregiously bad stoppage by referee Kerry Hatley.

The incident was widely lambasted by the MMA community, but Tsarukyan saw nothing wrong with it.

“No. No, no — the referee let them punch more,” Tsarukyan told The MMA Hour when asked about the stoppage. “He should stop maybe five more minutes. Let him be. It was good. I was happy. You can see when fight was like that, I was so happy when I went to the cage. My friend’s asked me, and I was laughing, like, ‘I’m happy. Bobby Green fell asleep.’

“We are fighters. We have different mind. We are killers. We are a little bit different.”

The beef between Tsarukyan and Green came out of nowhere, after the two had a nasty run in the day before UFC Austin, which led to another altercation later that day between Green and members of Tsarukyan’s team.

Tsarukyan said the bad blood started when Green made some statements about him, and things escalated from there.

“I saw his interview, and he said I’m a ‘suck fighter,’ something like that,” Tsarukyan said. “Boring. When he watches my fights, he’s falling asleep, something like that. And he doesn’t respect me, he just respects Beneil. I’m like, b****, how you can tell me you don’t respect me? You don’t know me even. How you can tell you don’t respect me? You’ve just got to shut your mouth, and that’s it. I didn’t want to touch him. He touched me, and that’s why I touched him. I just wanted to tell him, don’t talk s*** about me. If you’re going to talk s***, we’ve got to figure that out.

“And then when I went to my room, two of my teammates were in the lobby, and they met each other and pushed each other, or punched each other, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. When I came there, there were a lot of bodyguards, and we couldn’t touch each other. Hopefully nothing serious happened. And hopefully I never see him again. If I see him, it could be a bad situation.”

Tsarukyan added he did not run into Green at the actual UFC Austin event, because after the altercation, he was removed from the fighter hotel and spent the remainder of his time in an AirB&B.

The whole incident looked like it could set up an eventual showdown between the two fighters, as the UFC loves to promote legitimate beef. However, with Green losing on Saturday and Tsarukyan demolishing Beneil Dariush in the main event, the 27-year-old said that’s not worth his time anymore.

“Bobby Green lost his fight and he’s a trash fighter,” Tsarukyan said. “I can tell that because that’s right. That’s it. I want to forget about that situation and about Bobby Green, because he doesn’t deserve to talk about him.”

Tsarukyan did allow for one set of circumstances in which he would face Green, but it wouldn’t be on any UFC fight card.

“Maybe bare-knuckle, in the Apex, without [a] crowd,” Tsarukyan said. “Without crowd, without video. Die or win. Without referee. Like a street fight. I would like to accept that fight. Just kill him in that cage, and that’s it. Because to fight with him is disrespectful to me. He lost his last fight, and I don’t know how he was in the top 15, because he’s a zero. Easy money for me.”

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