Alex Pereira & Polyana Viana REPORTEDLY DATING + Strickland REACTS!FOOTAGE of Islam WRESTLING Khabib

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00:00 FÜM add
01:19 Francis Ngannou destroys the punch machine
02:12 Bisping reacts to Strickland’s beef w/ Navy Seal
04:05 Crazy discovery from Brian Ortega’s locker room
05:23 Marc Goddard clarifies heated interaction w/ Brian Ortega
06:02 Alex Pereira & Polyana Viana are reportedly dating
07:42 Footage of Islam Makhachev wrestling Khabib
09:08 TOP 3 MMA memes



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Hope this helps time for today's News all right let's get this show Started Francis and ganu smashes the Punch machine the Predator just shared a Video showcasing his insane punching Power Che check this Out let's see if you can do Better later in ganu shared an Instagram Post showing respect to Jon Jones Writing fighting aside it was very Respectable of you to greet my mom like This at Johnny Bones much Respect Michael Bisping gets honest on Sean Strickland's comments about Navy Seals Recently Strickland started a convo Around Navy Seals suggesting that if They were to train with him for a week That he'd be able to break them shortly After a Navy Seals response went viral Explaining how their training would end Short 's career and that while he Respects him there's a big difference Between what the two do now on his bym Podcast Bisping shared his honest take On Strickland's comments about Navy Seals and discussed who's in the wrong Here in in a hand toand one onone fight You'll win you'll beat an N seal but That's not what they're about you know What I'm saying so the mental the mental Toughness is far more listen I'm the First advocate for how tough the spot Mixed martial arts is of course I'm

Sitting here right now with my neck in Searing pain I had a procedure done last Week all it's done is make it worse I Blasting headaches I got one eye I got Up nose broken back two knee Replacements I need a hip replacement I Just found out as well it's bad right But I ain't parked up on the top of a Mountain in Afghanistan for six months At a time with no no interaction with The outside world sleeping in a Makeshift uh accommodation in freezing Cold temperatures boiling hot Temperatures with people trying to kill You it's just spiders I would beat any Navy Seal in hand-to hand combat Currently right now 100% And if and if we're get if we get In a shootout he wins every time I'm Dead yeah but guess what he's not a That's his job and fighting is mine so We fight I'll win correct if we shooting You win like yeah it's been a crazy Discovery from Brian Ortega's locker Room Ortega's longtime BJJ coach Henri Gracie has posted locker room footage of Ortega submitting his training partner With the same exact armed triangle Sequence he used to submit y Rodriguez During UFC Mexico City you guys are not Going to believe what happened this is The final minute of preparation for Brian's fight we're in the lock room he Takes down his training partner Sparks

Look at this lands in full mouth climbs The tree hugs the neck redirects the arm And sets up the exact same arm triangle Finish that he uses in the fight just Minutes later look at that same Dismount Tees off to the side puts on his snake Squeeze and that's a wrap you guys Literally the only thing we did after This is remind Brian about the lion and The gazelle before Paul let a short Prayer and we walked Out the difference between the lion And To Here be Here God just let him use his tools let Him be who he is he's free he enjoys Himself we thank you so much for this Opportunity God bless him in there take Care of him and let him go into the Battle we love you Lord and we praise You in Jesus name Amen referee Mark Goddard sheds light on His interaction with Brian Ortega at UFC Mexico City despite Ortega's hardfought Victory over yay Rodriguez at UFC Mexico City the aftermath was marred by a brief Moment of confusion regarding a Tapout And the referee subsequent interactions With herga tain's social media got her Shed light on the interaction assuring Fans that it was just a slight Misunderstanding writing we had a little Conversation nothing but respect and

Thanks all my interactions with Brian Have always been great he was just a Little caught in the moment of the tap Nothing to see here let's just celebrate An amazing fight and wonderful night in Mexico Alex Pera and Pana VI are Reportedly dating as the rumor mill Spins we might just have a stunning new Couple in the UFC family the duo has Been seen spending time with each other And posting videos together for some Time now here's the latest One I saw you throw Strickland commented writing PTSD coming Back and here's a clip of Alex and Pana Grappling while in the kitchen Speech Spee Footage of khabib nurov wrestling Islam Makev UFC lightweight champion Islam Makev has returned to the gym as he Prepares for the defense of his title Later this year a recent video on Instagram revealed the 32-year-old Wrestling with former Champion khabib n Medov khabib previously coached makev to The title then announced his retirement From coaching but now it seems he might Be back at it Again Yeah Time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Reddit and was posted By Minn

Balala second place meme was found over On Facebook and was posted by a user Named hilarious MMA and the top picked meme was found Over on Facebook and was post by Robert thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk