‘A VERY DRUNK’ Jon Jones HECKLES a comedian! Strickland ACCEPTS Jake Paul’s $1million SPARRING offer

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00:00 Dana White shares inside information regarding UFC 300
01:42 Nate Diaz meets Dr. Phil
02:19 Strickland accepts Jake Paul’s $1million sparring offer
04:16 Jon Jones heckles a Youtuber during his comedy set
07:16 Mike Perry reveals the UFC offered $200million to purchase BKFC
08:13 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show Started Dana White has shared some Inside information regarding UFC 300 the MMA event for the historic card has not Yet been announced and MMA fans are Unhappy with the overall lineup during a Recent appearance on the fullen podcast The UFC CEO revealed what's going on Behind the scenes and how the whole card Could change in a minute here's the clip There are so many twists and turns yeah And crazy [ __ ] going on behind the Scenes of UFC 300 it's unbelievable Every everything that everybody thinks About UFC 300 right now literally could All change tomorrow why is that cuz it's Crazy the that's going on right now is Jon Jones involved at all no no can't be Well bro trying to get deals done like That I Mean crazy I literally while you guys Were in here setting up for this podcast I was literally right here in my office Saying I I didn't know if you guys could Hear me in there it was crazy but Everything about UFC 300 could Completely change tomorrow I know what I'm trying to do but what I'm trying to Do what are going to happen there could End up being two completely different Things Unless I completely [ __ ] change Everything what would make it's Fascinating there could actually be a

Documentary right now being shot of Behind the scenes to build UFC 300 crazy Meanwhile McGregor hinted that he will Release an announcement regarding UFC 300 during tonight's Super Bowl what do You guys make of these comments from Dana White do you think McGregor R Chandler could end up being on UFC 300 Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below Nate Diaz meets Dr Phil With Los Vegas hosting Super Bowl 58 on Sunday Fighters and celebrities of All Sorts met up in Sin City for a weekend Full of festivities at one event Nate Diaz had the opportunity to meet popular Television show host and author Dr Phil I like when you I like I like when you Said so the audience is a bunch of ho is What you Said I was just asking yeah I know meant It though that's what she meant that's Right exactly very good to meet you sir Take care okay who's going to win the Game tomorrow n Ners Sean Strickland responds to Jake Paul's million dollar sping offerer After Strickland sparred sneako Jake Paul took to social media blasting Strickland for the way he acted and Offered him a million If he beats Jake and sparring tweeting Sean Strickland you're embarrassing for Trying to stop sneo like that you Weren't even able to drop someone with

No experience while going all out you're A horrid boxer that only picks on an Experienced people I'll fly you to PR And we can fight on camera if you win I'll give you a million dollars half Your net worth but if you get dropped You have to get better tattooed on you DM me but just like Patty I'm guessing You'll find a way to run Sean responded You lost to a part-time boxer LOL but Yes LOL followed up with actually Jake I'll make you a better deal because Money can't buy happiness and you have Plenty of it and you're still no cameras Me and you in the desert that would buy My happiness no Instagram no likes no Games just you that's what I want Jake Replied thanks for admitting I would Make easy work of you in the boxing ring And ducking the offer just like Patty Now I will let you continue your Meltdown constantly talking about K People calling them scags or wishing Them to die because they don't agree With your opinion reeks of insecurity Not of being a confident man be better Buddy Strickland finished exchange Writing I want to conclude this I want You all to understand the phenomenon That is Jake you're a professional troll You fight retired small MMA fighters Because you're a troll but the worst Part of it all is that you're a cancer You inspire people to accomplish nothing

To be nothing you inspire people to be Trolls because you were successful at it Jake Paul you might be rich but you're Not man you by prod of society that has Fallen your trolls will rally around you And be inspired to be like you but Understand one thing you and your Troll Army are not my equals enjoy your Virtual world with the understanding That you're a cancer on this country Money will never buy your dignity Enjoy a drunk Jon Jones heckles a YouTuber during his comedy set Jon Jones Has been seen doing shots with fans in Australia Friday [Applause] Yeah Oh the UFC champ later heckled YouTuber De noodles during his entire comedy set Who posted the clip on his YouTube Channel writing a very drunk UFC Champion Jon Jones heckled me you can Check the full video on foss's YouTube Channel we've added the link in today's Video video Description great what Theck so wait are you you're an audience Member right uhhuh you a little drunk I Show um poito Poito I would say his I want your [ __ ] I Want a good white joke like I I want Give me the best I'll do I'll do a Rebuttal I brother give

Me give give it to him for Huh I was saying guys give it to him for A good luck joke give it to yes Everybody give it to me right Now just blackout drunk well well my my Kiwi over here just just was just the Resource of everything that is Awesome are you sure this is alcohol or Is It are we huh none of you guys have been Funny so far oh yeah you know than I I Appreciate I appreciate the person who's Drunk out of their senses thinking we're All funny that's right everybody here Will give you a hug on Your I'm more like put my finger Your wait what who who hold On hold on we just miss some very Important you're talking about finger And your balls finger in the but hole oh Finger in the butle black finger in the But hole is that how they do it in Rochester that's how we get down that's The way we say I love you what have you What have you been drinking Tonight oh just Myself is myself is the only answer That's uh you know I'm a whole goal hell Yeah dude come on let's go let's Go go we go to Six you're debating You're debating you're thinking about it You're like how am I going to use this Com you can do it wait For I'm the only black guy

Here Forg [Music] Count Mike Perry reveals interesting Information regarding the UFC and bkfc UFC CEO Dana White recently met with Bkfc owner David Felman neither white Nor Felman made the details of the Meeting public however former UFC footer And current bkfc star Mike Perry Revealed on his podcast what he's Learned about the meeting according to Perry the UFC made a lowball offer to Buy bkfc for 200 mil and was rejected by David Felman and he was talking to somebody Credible and he said something about There was an offer made to purchase Bkfc interesting and I think it was uh You know a lowball Offer 200 million for the Bkfc this is me hey can I expand on that A little bit and Felman said no Damn time for today's top memes third Place was found over Instagram and was Posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by Trick and hug Oh He And the top picked meme was found over On IG and was posted by daily do MMA thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't

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