18 Fights 15 Knockouts in First Round – Sergei Pavlovich

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01:40 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Marcelo Golm
02:24 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Maurice Greene
03:09 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Shamil Abdurakhimov
04:19 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Derrick Lewis
05:44 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Tai Tuivasa
07:12 – Sergei Pavlovich vs. Curtis Blaydes

Sergei Pavlovich, the ‘Rostov Juggernaut’ in the UFC’s heavyweight division, is a dominant force known for his explosive knockouts. With a record of 15 first-round knockouts out of 18 wins, Pavlovich has showcased his prowess in various memorable bouts.

Marcelo Golm (Number 6): Pavlovich’s strategic jab and lethal one-two punch secured a first-round knockout victory in front of his home crowd in Saint Petersburg.

Maurice Greene (Number 5): Pavlovich countered kicks with precise punches, overwhelming Greene against the cage for another first-round finish, solidifying his prospect status.

Shamil Abdurakhimov (Number 4): Pavlovich’s unyielding pursuit of victory culminated in a long uppercut, followed by ground-and-pound strikes, earning him a first-round TKO victory.

Derrick Lewis (Number 3): Pavlovich’s rocket-like strikes overwhelmed Lewis, leading to a decisive TKO finish in just 55 seconds at UFC 277.

Tai Tuivasa (Number 2): Displaying a short and vicious fighting style, Pavlovich secured the fastest KO in the countdown, dispatching Tuivasa with a barrage of strikes in 22 seconds.

Curtis ‘Razor’ Blaydes (Number 1): In the recent bout at UFC FN 222, Pavlovich’s explosive power and relentless assault resulted in a TKO victory with 1 minute and 52 seconds left in the first round.

These performances highlight Pavlovich’s consistency in finishing opponents with lightning speed, making him a standout knockout artist in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

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If you haven't had the privilege of Witnessing the sheer force that is Sergey pavlovich inside that cage let me Tell you you're missing out on something Truly extraordinary this man this rostov Jugernaut is a Relentless machine a Powerhouse to be reckoned with in the Unforgiving world of mixed martial Arts pavlovich doesn't settle for mere Victories he craves domination it's not Just about securing a win it's a mission For him a mission to knock his opponents Out cold and he executes it with Ruthless efficiency first round after First round pavlovich leaves a trail of Fallen adversaries in his wake each one Succumbing to the raw power and surgical Precision of his striking game Let's Delve into the numbers my friends out of His 18 wins and astonishing 15 of them Have come by way of knockout in the First round now that's not just Impressive that's downright Extraordinary in the harsh and Unforgiving Landscape of the UFC's Heavyweight division Sergey pavlovich Has carved out a niche for himself as a Unique and devastating finisher but Where does this Powerhouse hail from Well his journey began in the world of Greco Roman wrestling where pavlovich First honed his skills from there he Ventured into the Realms of combat [ __ ] And army hand-to-hand combat showcasing

That he's not a one-trick pony this is a Man who has mastered multiple Disciplines and when he steps into that Octagon he brings the full arsenal of His combat expertise with him now Pavlovic's arrival in the UFC wasn't Without its challenges he faced a Setback in his debut against Alister oim But you see setbacks only fueled his Fire What followed was nothing short of Sensational a six-fight win streak that Showcased his resilience and Determination number six despite a rocky Start in the UFC against Alistar oine Pavlovich rebounded with a Vengeance Showcasing his first round finish Prowess against Marcelo G in April Inside the yubilan sports Palace in St Petersburg it was a heavyweight Clash That saw pavlovich Triumph in front of His home crowd the fight showcased Pavlovic's strategic use of the jab Conditioning G to back off before Delivering a lethal onew punch Against The Cage an uppercut sealed the deal Securing pavlovic's Victory massive uppercut and he six down Goal get The Knockout Victory here in Russia that is what we expected from This man Ste number five on our countdown of Sergey pavlovic's most memorable Knockouts takes us to a showdown against Maurice Green in the early stages of the

Bout at UFC Singapore pavlovich Countered Green's kicks with straight Punches up the middle a left caught Green but the real damage unfolded Moments later backing green against the Cage with a jab pavlovich Unleashed an Overhand right triggering a barrage of Strikes despite Green's survival Attempts the referee intervened Prompting protests from the American but To no avail another first round finish Added to pavlovic's growing reputation Solidifying his standing as a top Prospect in the UFC's Heavyweight Division number four on our countdown Where he faced Shamil abduraimov at UFC 204 on March 19th 20122 in an explosive Showdown against Abduraimov pavlovich displayed his Unyielding pursuit of Victory right from The opening bell he Unleashed a Relentless barrage of strikes showcasing Not only his exceptional speed but also His pinpoint accuracy abduraimov Valiantly attempting to weather the Storm found pavlovic's Relentless Pressure too much to Handle then with just 1 minute and 10 Seconds left in the first round Pavlovich Unleashed a sniper likee long Uppercut that found its Target sending Abduraimov crashing to the Canvas undeterred pavlovich followed up With a series of ground and pound

Strikes illustrating his Mastery of Ground control and finishing Instincts to Oh he detonates that right hand onto the Chin Abov this is going to be it yeah he's Got to fight back he's just covering up Wow is still there that's It the crowd electrified with excitement Witnessed the referee stepping in to Stop the fight declaring pavlovich the Winner by TKO now let's rewind to number three on Our list another memorable Clash Featuring pavlovich this time against Eric Lewis at UFC 277 on July 30th 2022 Just 40 seconds into the first round Pavlovich connected with a right Overhand that caused Lewis to stumble Backward seizing the opportunity Pavlovich Unleashed a ferocious barrage Of punches relentlessly rocking Lewis Until he dropped to his Knees for the Russan got him hurt oh and another big Right hand the referee called a decisive TKO finish a conclusion that Derrik Lewis felt was too early the Mega Man of MMA bombards his opponents from a Distance and this time it took only 55 Seconds to conclude the Fight this video is brought to you by Thorum take a look at this Rings they Have rings made from 4 billion year old

Giian meteorite and genuine 65 Million-year-old T-Rex bone if you are a Fan of Vikings they have Wen ring the Norse god of war the Thor ring and all Of them are crafted by hand head the Link in the comments and use promo code Living history to get 20% off a truly Unique Ring and now we arrive at the Penultimate moments of Sergey pavlovic's Knockout Saga starting with number two On our list a clash against Tai twasa at UFC on December 3rd 2022 in this encounter pavlovich is Short and vicious fighting style was on Full display armed with a significant 9-in reach Advantage he wasted no time Asserting dominance ultimately securing The fastest KO on our countown knock Down for Paasa covers up try to work his way back To his feet Serge hit so hard Serge's Getting if Tas is smart he would try to Clinch but he'll keep swinging oh oh Another knock down from Pavic oh my at a mere 22 seconds into The fight pavlovich landed an explosive Overhand that rocked tasa forcing him to Protect his face what followed was a Series of uppercuts and Straits Unleashed by pavlovich while tasa Desperately attempted to create some Space tas's Panic became all too Apparent epitomized by a swing that led

Him to spin himself around in a full 360 the onslaught proved too much for Tasa as only a few seconds later Pavlovich delivered a final bombardment Of Straits resulting in a knockout Victory with a long uppercut Against the Cage the fight once again showcased Pavlovic's consistency in finishing his Opponents with lightning Speed and now the moment we've all been Waiting for the top spot on our Countdown number one Sergey pavlovich Versus Curtis Razer blades at UFC FN 222 On April 22nd 2023 in this recent bout pavlovich Displayed his explosive of power from The outset just 25 seconds into the Fight he landed a strong hook providing A glimpse of his tremendous punching Power BL lights on his feet early Fearless in throwing a right overand Pavlovich initiated a flurry of punches Demonstrating his eagerness to engage in Striking exchanges despite both Fighters Having wrestling backgrounds a Significant portion of the pavlovich Versus blad's fight took place standing Up with both men throwing powerful Strikes each vying to prove who Possessed the Great Gater power Pavlovich landed another significant Overhand causing blades to stumble on His knee continuing to press the Advantage pavlovich staggered blades

With a strong Jab oh that jab is he's on skates he BL following up with another combination The subsequent exchanges were a symphony Of reactions to pavlovic's unrelenting Flurry of Blows blades attempted a Double- leg Tak down but pavlovich Showcased impeccable take down defense Preventing the fight from reaching the Ground maintaining his focus on the feet Pavlovic's Relentless assault continued As he landed several powerful straight Shots and Jabs to blades's head a long Devastating uppercut found its Mark Bringing blades to the ground and Pavlovich wasted no time capitalizing on The Opportunity oh he's out on his Feet that's it with a strong TKO finish He sealed the victory with 1 minute and 52 seconds left in the first round Today we've recounted the six Spectacular Knockouts performed by Sergey pavlovich in the UFC which of These finishes stands out to you share Your thoughts in the comments this is Glory MMA and as always thanks for Watching

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