You Definitely Want To See These Crazy Knockouts

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The video is about a compilation of the top 11 knockouts in combat sports. It provides descriptions of each knockout, including the fighters involved, the techniques used, and the circumstances leading to each spectacular finish. The text highlights the diversity and excitement that combat sports, particularly MMA, offer to fans, and it showcases the skill and dedication of the athletes who participate in these sports.

“Gather ’round, fight fans! Get ready for a top 11 countdown of the most electrifying knockouts in combat sports history.

11th – AJ Matthews vs. Charlie Rader: A slugfest at Bellator 70, with Matthews delivering a head kick for victory.

10th – Jordan Leavitt vs. Matt Wiman: A 22-second KO with a slam by Leavitt.

9th – Gregor Gillespie vs. Kevin Lee: Lee’s thunderous head kick secured the win.

8th – Marlon Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson: Johnson’s KO earned him the ONE Flyweight World Championship.

7th – Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman: Edwards stunned with a last-minute head kick knockout.

6th – Davy Gallon’s Flying KO of Ross Pearson: Gallon’s mid-air kick KO left jaws dropping.

5th – Ignacio Bahamondes vs. Roosevelt Roberts: Bahamondes’ spinning wheel kick in the last seconds.

4th – Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson: Chandler’s front face kick KO in 17 seconds.

3rd – Ricardo Ramos vs. Danny Chavez: Ramos’ spinning back elbow with five seconds left in the first round.

2nd – Mark Abelardo vs. Emilio Urrutia: Abelardo’s elbow barrage secured the win.

1st – Raymond Daniels vs. Wilker Barros: Daniels’ spectacular spinning back kick KO after an eleven-year hiatus.”

These knockouts showcase the incredible diversity and excitement of MMA and combat sports.

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Mates and blos fight enthusiasts from Every nook and cranny of the planet Gather round cuz we've got a knockout Extravaganza headed your way it's time For a stroll down memory lane revisiting Some of the most electrifying Jaw-dropping and Flatout astonishing Knockouts that have graced the world of Combat Sports this is Glory MMA and I'm About to dissect the top 11 Knockouts That'll have you hitting that replay Button like there's no Tomorrow 11th Place AJ Matthews versus Charlie Raider our thrilling Odyssey Commences with a battle from the Welterweight division at Bellator 70 AJ Matthews and Charlie Raiders stepped Into the arena and what unfolded was a Slugfest of Epic Proportions in the Opening round Matthews danced around Teasing Raider with his jab while Raider Aimed to counter his every move when the Dust settled Matthews controlled the Pace with vicious leg kicks and Impeccable footwork but guess what Ladies and gents Raiders balance took Nose Di and Matthews with laser guided Precision delivered a head kick that Left Raider horizontal kissing the Canvas like it owed him money the final Bell rang just 3 minutes and 34 seconds Into the second round and Matthews was a Cocktail of emotions celebrating his Triumphant

Victory 10th Place Jordan lit versus Matt womman rolling in at the 10th spot Is a moment etched in the annals of UFC History Jordan L it made a statement That echoed Through the Ages with one of The most Savage Knockouts ever witnessed L it had just hoisted womman for a Takedown but his Corner had other ideas Got it bring him over here lit scooped Women hauling him across the octagon With his forearm planted firmly on Wan's Throat and then Boom down they went women's skull Crashed violently on the canvas and he Was out cold in the blink of an eye the Ref had no choice but to wave it off Just 22 seconds into the very first Round Ninth Place Gregor Gillespie Versus Kevin Lee he served up crisp Jabs And blistering combinations while Keeping the action dead center in the Cage the Turning Point came early in the Second round Lee Unleashed a thunderous Right head kick that met Gillespie's Chin like a freight train the impact was So colossal that Gillespie crumpled to The canvas sending shock waves through The arena smelling blood in the water Lee pounced on his Fallen foe unleashing A storm of ground and pound that forced The ref to step in and put an end to the Madness it was a picture perfect Execution of skill and Timing eighth place Marlon Moray versus

Demetrius Johnson Mighty Mouse displayed Unwavering composure and his punches Started taking their toll on Marias Mariah countered by amping up his Aggression in the championship rounds he Relentlessly sought to close the gap and Engage Johnson against the circle wall In return turn Johnson tagged him with Precision elbows and just when it seemed MHO might swing the pendulum back in his Favor Johnson Uncorked a colossal Overhand right that sent Marise Stumbling back as Marise hit the circle Wall Johnson delivered a thunderous left Knee to the Noggin sealing the fight in The blink of an eye the final curtain Fell at 3 minutes and 50 seconds of the Fourth round handing Demetrius Johnson His second one flyweight world Championship and branding it as Mor's Inaugural stoppage loss in his Illustrious Career Seventh Place Leon Edwards versus Kamaru Usman UFC 278 served as the stage For a welterweight Showdown that Redefined the meaning of an All or Nothing Knockout by the time the fifth Round came knocking it appeared that Usman was coasting toward a decision win Edwards wasn't exactly renowned for one- Punch knockout power and Usman was a Master at winning on the scorecards but With just a solitary minute left in the Contest Edwards pulled off a move that

Can only be described as Otherworldly out of nowhere he Uncorked A perfectly executed head kick that Found usman's chin like a laser guided Missile Usman hit the mat out like a Light in the blink of an eye it was a Moment of pure magic and Unpredictability Edward's thunderous Knockout punch rewrote the script and Cemented his position as a Bonafide Welterweight Contender now let's take a little detour Into the realm of highflying ninja-like Maneuvers at the probellum MMA show near London Davey Gallen squared off against The English veteran Ross Pearson a Former UFC stalwart in a bout that will Be forever etched in the annals of Combat Sports history in the third round Of the contest with his opponent on the Opposite side of the cage gallon shifted His weight forward took flight and Executed a midair roll and right there In the heavens of the cage he connected His foot with Pearson's head the result Pearson crashed to the canvas knocked Out cold in an instant gallon in the Aftermath of this incredible finish Jumped onto the cage fence celebrating His audacious Feet this video is brought to you by Thorum take a look at this Rings they Have rings made from four billion-year Old giian meteorite and genuine 65

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That dropped Jaws in the opening moments Ferguson was like a shadow Landing Significant shots and swelling up Chandler's eye the momentum appeared to Be shifting in Ferguson's favor and Chandler's dreams of a title shot seemed In Jeopardy but just when doubt must Might have begun to creep into Chandler's mind he was back on his feet For the second round as he Advanced Towards Ferguson he spotted an opening And like a gunslinger in the wild west He fired a front face kick that looked More like a field goal attempt than a Strike the impact was mindblowing and it Left Ferguson out cold just 17 seconds Into the round the fight was over and Chandler celebrated with a near head Kick to Ferguson during the Victory Lap third place cardo Ramos versus Danny Chavez in the third spot we've got a Dazzling Showcase of striking Mastery Ramos came out with a display of flashy Strikes right from the get-go channeling His inner Connor McGregor his flashy Kicks set up his left hand and his left Hand set up something truly special it Was Ramos's spinning back elbow executed To Perfection that sealed the deal with Just 5 seconds left in the first round The spinning back elbow landed like a Work of art resulting in a knockout that Deserves multiple replays a testament to Precise timing and calculated

[Applause] Execution second place Mark Abelardo Versus Emilio urua from the get-go Abelardo stalked UA working his leg Kicks and looking to close the distance With about 30 seconds left in the first Frame Abelardo landed a solid straight Right hand sending Aria reeling back With wobbly legs sensing an opportunity To finish Abelardo swarmed unloading Hooks and delivering about 10 unanswered Elbows to his opponent urua a tough nut To crack managed to survive until the Bell rang the second round kicked off And Abelardo continued to let his fists Fly with more freedom the highlight real Finish came when Abelardo countered Uia's looping left hook with a perfect Tomahawk elbow striking Aria's jaw and Turning off the lights the referee Intervened and halted the bout at 3 Minutes and 20 seconds of the second Round there you oh there you go there You going capitalized first place Raymond Daniels versus wilker baros and Now for the top spot we have one of the Most unforgettable Knockouts of 2019 Raymond Daniels made his Long-awaited return to MMA after 11 Years and he did it in the most Spectacular fashion facing off against Wilker Barrow Daniels showcased his Unique striking style from the opening Moments Daniels kept his hands low and

Launched a sidekick to barros's body as Baros attempted to regain his footing Daniels delivered a coloss overhand Right that left Barrow out cold and Concluded the fight this knockout was so Extraordinary that it became one of the Most disgusted and astonishing finishes In MMA history it was a stunning display Of athleticism and striking skill firmly Establishing Raymond Daniels as a force To be reckoned with in the realm of Mixed martial [Applause] Arts these Knockouts ranging from Explosive to Artistic exemplify the Incredible diversity and excitement that MMA and Combat Sports bring to the Table

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