When Referees Destroy Fighters!

00:00 – INTRO
00:11 – Conor McGregor’s cage invasion at Bellator in 2017
01:16 – Ahmad Al Darmaki confronting a ref over a chokehold
01:36 – Wilhelm Ott’s attack on a slow-reacting ref.
02:18 – Ma Jia Wen mistakenly grabbing a ref’s leg in Thailand.
03:09 – Gonzalez Martinez accidentally knockout a ref at Brave FC.
04:05 – Joseph Nehm targeting a ref in a California league fight.
04:56 – Paul Daley attacking Josh Koscheck post-fight, ending his UFC career.
05:48 – Ref restraining Nathias Frederick’s post-KO punches.
06:31 – Renat Lyatifov’s takedown attempt on a ref at Crimea Rush.
07:17 – Roy Nelson’s kick on ref John McCarthy in Brazil (2016).

Today, we’re recounting unusual and dangerous moments involving judges in the cage.

In tenth place, Conor McGregor invaded the cage at a Bellator event in 2017, causing a commotion.

Ninth place goes to Ahmad Al Darmaki, who confronted a referee after a chokehold incident.

In eighth place, Wilhelm Ott attacked a referee for not stopping a fight promptly.

In seventh place, Ma Jia Wen mistakenly grabbed a referee’s leg during a bout in Thailand.

Sixth place features Gonzalez Martinez accidentally kicking a referee during a Brave FC event.

In fifth place, Joseph Nehm went after a referee instead of his opponent in a California league fight.

In fourth place, Paul Daley infamously attacked Josh Koscheck after their bout, resulting in contract termination.

Third place involves a referee restraining a fighter, Nathias Frederick, who wouldn’t stop punching after a knockout.

Second place features a fighter, Renat Lyatifov, attempting a takedown on the referee during a bout in Crimea Rush.

In first place, Roy Nelson kicked referee John McCarthy in frustration after a UFC fight in Brazil in 2016.

These surprising incidents highlight the unpredictability of MMA, where fighters and referees sometimes cross paths in unexpected ways. Share your most memorable referee incidents in the comments. This is Glory MMA, signing off.

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Today as we recount some of the most Unusual and dangerous moments involving Judges in the Cage in 10th Place we've got the Notorious Connor McGregor making an Unexpected appearance in the cage now You might think McGregor's Antics are Reserved solely for the UFC but oh no He's been known to stir the pot Elsewhere back in November 2017 at a Bellator event in Dublin Ireland McGregor was there to support his Teammate Charlie Ward when when Ward won By knockout McGregor couldn't contain His excitement he stormed into the cage To congratulate Ward which folks is a Blatant violation of the rules referee Mark Goddard rightfully intervened and Pushed McGregor away but the notorious Well he wasn't having any of it he Launched into a TI raade pushing yelling And even got dangerously close to nearly The guy after being ushered out McGregor Apologized to everyone except for Mr Goddard whom he accused of poor Officiating and strange decisions Needless to say Goddard didn't ref any Of McGregor's fights after That in Ninth Place we've got akmed Al Daraki who took issue with referee Mark Goddard as well during a UAE Warriors Event Al daraki was facing Bogden koleno Ald daraki locked in a choke hold and Despite Keno tapping to submit he

Wouldn't release it referee Goddard had To step in and physically break the hold Which didn't sit well with ald daraki he Went after Godard pushing him and Grabbing his shirt thankfully Goddard Remained calm and talked the rule Breaker down Al daraki got disqualified And Kirilenko got the win the Troublemaker of course left the Octagon In a Hurry and in eighth place it's Wilhelm OT causing a ruckus after his fight you See in MMA it's not often you see a Fighter attack a referee for not Stopping a fight but that's exactly what Happened in the German promotion agrin OT was facing nihad nasfic and after Nasic applied a guillotine choke OT Tapped out the problem was that the Referee took his sweet time stopping the Fight which infuriated a he got to his Feet confronted the referee even threw a Punch or two at the cage and even Launched his mouth guard at the official Well 's frustration is understandable But physical aggression towards the Referee is a major rule violation he got Fined and later offered an apology but That defeat did him no [Applause] Favors in seventh place we have Maia Wen Who decided to take on the referee at The famous Asian promotion 1 FC you see Fighters can get a little confused In

The Heat of the Moment during a 20 20 Bout in Thailand majia Wen of China Faced off against mongolia's Shaga zet After a few brutal punches Maj W found Himself knocked out cold the referee Rushed in to separate the fighters but Majia Wen in his disoriented State Thought he was still in the midst of a Fight for his life he reached out and Tried to grab the referee's leg aiming For an Achilles hold but couldn't quite Make it happen thankfully his cornermen Came to the rescue helping the befuddled Fighter to his senses no sanctions were Imposed as the fighter clearly wasn't in Control of his actions by the time the Results were announced mawen had Regained his composure and even shared a Laugh with the referee about the whole Situation in sixth place we've got Gonzalez Martinez who managed to deliver A stunning knockout and it wasn't his Opponent in the world of MMA referees Are expected to defend themselves at all Times just like the fighters in a 2022 Brave FC event Mexico faced off against Ireland in the world amateur Team Championship during this bout Lewis burn And Gonzalez Martinez were going at it As the second round was winding down Martinez attempted a Thunderclap strike Right as the buzzer sounded to Signal The round's end the referee doing his Job rushed in to separate the fighters

But fate had other plans Martinez's foot Landed squarely on the referee's jaw Leaving him sprawled on the canvas to His credit the referee managed to Recover and officiated the final round The victory went to Ireland and this Mishap had a ripple effect as Mexico's Team lost ground in the Standings in fifth place we've got a Story that highlights the unusual Phenomenon of Knocked Out Fighters going After the referees American Joseph n Found himself in this unusual situation In a local California League called Knockout promotions he squared off Against rise Brink and from the get-go Nem took a Relentless Beating push kick right to the face Right away a quick front kick and a Brutal takeown had the referee stepping In after just 10 seconds but Joseph nem It seemed was in a world of his own he Continued to defend himself even Launching an attack not on his opponent Mind you but on the nearby referee nem Managed to register a takedown and Threatened with a submission all while The referee tried to escape the Situation it took the combined efforts Of his corner and officials to prevent a Potential finish by n on the referee Alas this remarkable performance didn't Go down in the official record for n Instead it marked his third consecutive

Loss and he never stepped back into the Cage after this Episode in fourth place we have a Classic bout where Paul Dy took on Josh Kosek it was May 2010 and these two Welterweights were battling it out for The chance to fight George St Pierre for The championship but this fight wasn't Just about titles it got personal Paul Dy promised to take kosek head off but He couldn't counter Josh's Superior Wrestling skills as the fight came to a Close Dy lost his cool after the final Bell he attacked kosek from behind Landing a precise Blow To The Head the Referee Dan morota wasn't having any of It he grabbed Dy by the neck and pinned Him against the cage talking him down For several minutes Mota's intervention Brought Dy to his senses but it was too Late Josh kosek was declared the winner And Dana White in his typical fashion Swiftly terminated dy's UFC contract Making that illegal blow the last of his UFC career in third place we've got a Unique story of a referee stepping into The action fight UK MMA promotion in England witnessed a remarkable bout in 2014 where naus Frederick faced Ahmed Aswad the fight took an unexpected turn When with just 40 seconds left in the First round Frederick delivered a Crushing knockout blow to Aswad oh he Caught him caught oh that's a shot he's

Out is out fighting ethics dictate that You stop when your opponent is clearly Out but Frederick decided to keep on Punching even with the referee trying to Intervene the referee had no choice but To use Force locking in a neckhole to Restrain the unruly fighter naus Frederick was eventually brought to his Senses and the victory was his with no Sanctions imposed a na for R in second place we traveled to a Russian tournament called Crea Rush Where a Croatian fighter Carlo kaput Squared off against Ukrainian ranat Lotov in a mere 7 Seconds kaput knocked Out lotov and the referee was forced to Stop the Fight but the defeated latov seemingly Disoriented continued to defend himself This time against the referee who was Trying to ensure his safety latov Attempted A double- Leg Takedown with The referee becoming an unexpected Opponent the referee Arman ananan Defended against the takedown with skill Eventually catching lotov in a Choke McCarthy it took place at a UFC Event in Brazil in September 2016 Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson were in the Third most important fight of the Evening Roy Nelson had sent Silva into a Deep knockout at the end of the second Round but the referee didn't stop the Fight immediately this infuriated Nelson

Who threw a few more punches that he Believed were unnecessary after McCarthy Finally intervened Nelson was so insense That he kicked John McCarthy as he Helped Bigfoot to his senses the Repercussions were severe Roy received a 9-month suspension and a $224,000 fine However emotions eventually settled and Nelson apologized to Big John even Sharing a photo on social media where McCarthy jokingly reenacted the kick so There you have it folks MMA is a sport That never fails to surprise and Entertain and these stories of Fighters And referees crossing paths in Unexpected ways are proof of that which One of these referee incidents is most Memorable to you and do you recall any Other similar episodes share your Thoughts in the comments and as always Thank you for joining us on this wild Ride through the world of mixed martial Arts this is Glory MMA signing off

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