Watch Dana White get mistaken for Joe Rogan in sitdown interview with ex-ESPN anchor

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele got deep to close her interview with UFC CEO Dana White by asking him about his dream during a sitdown on her video podcast, The Sage Steele Show.

Problem was, Steele mixed up White with another bald, pugnacious UFC personality in Joe Rogan.

It took a second for White to realize what had happened, and a nanosecond for Steele to try to cover her tracks. But even that quick a recovery was too late — the hilarious mistake was there forever for the internet to enjoy.

Check out the moment in the video clip below.

“What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?” Steele asked, getting comfy in her interview chair.

“Joe Rogan’s dream?” White responded.

“Joe Rogan … Dana White,” replied Steele, patting the UFC exec on the knee. “What’s Dana White’s dream?”

“Did you just think I was Joe Rogan?” White said after an incredulous look.

“I did … I totally did,” said Steele.

“She just called me f****** Joe Rogan!” pounced White, looking off-screen at a person, presumably on his staff, whose eyes were undoubtedly wide. “You thought I was f****** Joe Rogan! I was bald before Joe Rogan was ever bald! I just did a two-hour podcast, flew here from Vegas, and she thought she was interviewing Joe Rogan!”

White cackled as Steele’s blood pressure went through the roof.

“Jesus,” the ex-ESPN anchor said as White delighted in the gotcha.

The moment was heavy in irony considering the rant White unleashed during the same interview about his utter hatred of media and their non-fact-checking ways.

The first rule in journalism — get the subject’s name right.

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