Vitor Belfort THREATENS to ‘whoop’ Sean O’Malley’s a**! Fans LAUGH at O’Malley’s NEW tattoo! Zombie

MMA news today:

SEAN O’MALLEY shows off his new face tattoo

FANS reacts to Sean O’Malley new forehead tattoo

THE KOREAN ZOMBIE releases a statement after KO loss to Max Holloway

VITOR BELFORT threatens to ‘whoop’ O’Malley’s a** for cheating on his wife

ISRAEL ADESANYA reacts to Sean Strickland vs Alex Pereira sparring footage

MAX HOLLOWAY reflects on his KO win over The Korean Zombie at UFC Singapore

ILIA TOPURIA calls out Sean O’Malley to a fight

00:00 – Max Holloway reacts to first clean knockout in his career
01:42 – The Korean Zombie releases a statement after the loss
02:31 – Sean O’Malley shows off his new face tattoo
03:33 – Fans laugh at O’Malley’s new tattoo
05:24 – Vitor Belfort threatens to ‘whoop’ O’Malley’s a**
05:24 – Ilia Topuria calls out Sean O’Malley to a fight
06:08 – Israel Adesanya reacts to Sean Strickland-Alex Pereira sparring footage
07:41 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video max Holloway reacts to First clean knockout in his career the Korean zombie releases a statement after The loss Sean O'Malley shows off his new Face tattoo fans laugh at O'Malley's new Tattoo Vitor belport threatens to whip O'Malley's ass Elliot taporia calls out Sean O'Malley to a fight and Israel Signing reacts Sean Strickland Alex Padetta sparring footage Max Holloway secured the very first Clean knockout of his professional Career against the Korean zombie this Weekend at USC Singapore afterwards Max Discussed the Victory and the emotional Past few weeks that have been unfolding In Hawaii like I told you guys man we're Just gonna see the best Korean zombie he Looks he looked too old zombie he was Faster he was way faster than than the Play with Vogue you know he looked he Looking somewhat old you know and I just I'm just blessed enough to land land Couple shots a little bit earlier than Him and slow him down and you know put Him in this place means a lot you know I Got nothing but love for him you know It's this I mean they call me pillow hands Holloway so finally I get a walk off Walk off kill like that was like In your face you know I mean and then I Got and we got other the other Maui

Stuff going on that's heavy on my heart And It was just a tough week man a tough a Tough Camp actually a tough actually Three weeks A tough tough three weeks with Everything going on so That was just emotions I was brought up All week I was at that I had to keep Control because I know I had to go out There instead fight and um but I Remember you know like nothing but Respect to Korean zombie it takes two to Dance and uh he came to play After his knockout loss to Max Holloway At Saturday's UFC Singapore the Korean Zombie released a statement the UFC Veteran shared a photo from the hospital With a caption that translated to I Haven't achieved everything but I'm Pretty enough and I'm going to stop Wanting more for my hair I feel like I Got a little more love than I expected Thank y'all I will no longer live a life Where I am evaluated and compared I'm Lonely regretful and scared I don't know What to do but whatever I do I will do My best with all my heart in the Meantime thank you so much for loving Korean Pottery I was really happy Putting in the UFC thank you Dana White UFC Sean Shelby for giving me this life And it was an honor from Alex alway to Be my last fight partner let's greet

With a bright smile one day again Sean O'Malley recently took to his Instagram page to share a brand new clip In which he reveals the secret to Executing the backing up right hand Punch what's up boys I don't really like giving away my Secrets but Keep your ass trigger how do you Practice that right hand and uh you know I I feel like I'd be cheating the game If I didn't just you know give the boys A little tip pretty simple And Do this After achieving the title of UFC Bantamweight champion sugar also made a Notable addition to his appearance by Getting a new face tattoo all right boys Time for a little tap what am I getting What am I getting who knows [Music] Good morning The champ is here this sent the internet A buzz with a flurry of reactions one Fan wrote looks awful but he earned it So another said already looks dumb and It's fresh these face tattoos look goofy As other tattoos look nice I guess Except the 691 imagine being an old man With face tattoos guy accent looks like A clown just add the Ronald McDonald Shoes can't wait for loss in first title Defense UFC releases him and he joins

PBR as a rodeo clown wonder what he's Gonna cover it up with when Cheeto Starches him if he loses his first Defense it'd be a significant hat man's Got more dumb face tests than some Rappers he and six nine are one of a Kind that whole face turned into Graffiti I love this guy but bro hasn't Even defended the belt at least once Shaking my head Former UFC champ Vitor Balfour has some Harsh words for Sean O'Malley O'Malley Recently claimed that his Celebrity Status allows him to cheat on his wife Without any repercussions this did not Sit well with Balfour who said that he Wants to whoop Emily's ass and call them Out to a fight tweeting at Sugar Shawn Reading this deeply saddens me it's Disheartening to see that many Professional athletes end up with Multiple Ex-Wives due to such behaviors You serve as a negative role model for This generation I genuinely hope that One day you reflect upon and change this Terrible Behavior while you may be a Great fighter your actions as a father And husband are deplorable realize that A man who lacks respect for his wife and The mother of his children can never be A good father I would love to punch your Ugly face in a boxing match your Uncle Dana White will never let this be Possible but all the women would

Purchase the pay-per-view to see the Whooping that I would give view Elliot's poya says that he sees a Potential fight with Sean O'Malley as an Easy challenge Ilya tweeted I respect These two Max Holloway and Korean zombie But it's time for them to retire at Sugar Shawn keep rising up and maybe one Day we'll share the odd gun and you Alex Volkanovsky get ready to tap out the Master class is coming for you enjoy the Weekend everyone O'Malley responded I Have risen your turn to rise up taporio Replied I see this fight as too easy of A challenge I would like to find Convincing reasons to face you but at The moment I can't seem to find anything That captures my attention keep rising And let's see if somebody you deserve my Time is radissoni has reacted to footage Of his next opponent Sean Strickland Spartan with Alex Pereira he tweeted This was actually really nice to watch It's a different feel when you know What'll happen if you went full Strickland you never go full Strickland Face palm and here's a full clip from The sparring session Today [Music] Tells everything just watch people Behind you I know [Music] [Music]

Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today third place was found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named Austin A second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a username UFC kink And her top picked meme of the day was Found over Reddit and was posted by a User named great set of tools Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News