UFC SHUTS DOWN Sean O’Malley’s boxing request! The REAL REASON why Miocic is not fighting for title?

MMA news today:

DAN HARDY predicts the UFC won’t let fighters fight outside the promotion

SEAN O’MALLEY reveals the UFC already rejected potential boxing match

JOHN MCCARTHY shares his theory as to why the UFC didn’t give Stipe Miocic interim title fight

DERRICK LEWIS responds to recent driving arr3st

NATE DIAZ responds to PFL’s CEO claiming he turned down Jake Paul rematch

TJ DILLASHAW shows off his new home gym

00:00 – Derrick Lewis responds to recent driving arrest
01:53 – Nate Diaz responds to PFL’s CEO claiming he turned down Jake Paul rematch
02:27 – Big John McCarthy shares his theory as to why the UFC didn’t want Stipe Miocic fighting for the interim title
04:11 – TJ Dillashaw shows off his new home gym
05:16 – Sean O’Malley reveals the UFC already shot down potential boxing match
06:27 – Dan Hardy predicts the UFC won’t let fighters fight outside the promotion
08:16 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's kick today's news off with A bang Derek Lewis has something to say About his recent reckless driving arrest And it's anything but serious as we Reported yesterday Lewis got arrested Just days away from his return against Jalon Almeida according to a report from ABC 13 Houston the UFC heavyweight was Going 136 mph in a 50 mph Zone in a red Lamborghini in his hometown of Houston He allegedly passed a member of law Enforcement on the highway who stated That he was weaving in and out of Traffic leading to the arrest despite The arrest Lewis has arrived in Brazil And his fight against jalon Alida is Still on this weekend during Wednesday's Media day ahead of the bout Lewis was Asked about the rest here's his Hilarious answer and we saw we saw the News that came yesterday about what Happened in Houston would you like to Something N I don't even think that was Me now that guy had hair you seen the Picture I don't got no hair that ain't Me I don't Know in typical LS fashion he shared a Hilarious prediction for the upcoming Jolton El Madea fight as well how do you See the fight against Jon how do you Analy his skills for Saturday um I think it's I think our Skills match up pretty well you know

Especially on the ground Um I think I could get u a leg lock on Them early the first Round here's the two giants squaring off For the first Time all right thank You next topic is Nate Diaz response to Pfl CEO accusing him of hiding from Jake Paul rematch in MMA earlier this year Jake Paul alleged that the pfl went as Far as sending a contract to Nate Diaz For the bout but Diaz rejected it during A recent interview on the MMA hour pfl CEO Don Davis confirmed that was correct And said that Diaz was hiding under a Rock to avoid a Jake Paul rematch now Nate responded to these comments on Twitter writing this talking like he Wants to fight I'm ready to fight Tonight [ __ ] ain't ready till 2025 another interesting topic is John McCarthy shares his theory as to why the UFC didn't want Stipe miic fighting for The interim heavyweight title after Jon Jones withdrew from UFC 295 many fans Were wondering why St miic didn't get The call to fight for the interim title According to Dana it would have been Disrespectful to Stipe to offer him an Interim shot instead of a real title Fight however Big John doesn't buy this Explanation in a recent episode of the Weighing in podcast McCarthy said that Mic's age might be the real reason why

The US UFC didn't give him an interim Title shot the reason why they don't Want C to fight for the interim title go Ahead John first off his age yeah let's Just be honest okay at the at that age They're looking and saying you're not The guy that you know we can build on Yes you've been our champion before and Yes you have the longest run as the Heavyweight champion and we want to use That to sell a fight but we don't think That we can continue on selling fights With it and having people excited about It so first thing is his Age yeah I agree and the scary part is Is I think for them is that he'll win The interm title Jon's not back when he Needs him to be and he'll just walk away Saying well I actually kind of won the Title before I left you just weren't Ready to fight then it starts just Causing a little bit of a a haze over All that thing now I think this CPE is Not that guy he would fight if he was 45 Years old yeah the opportunity to fight John Jones and the amount of money he's Going to make fighting Jon Jones um and I think that the UFC Because Jon still has a little bit left In the tank more so than Stipe they're Going to really try to get that fight to Happen so then you can say well hey John Is now the greatest heavyweight of all Time DJ Dillashaw has given an update on

His shoulder surgery recovery dhaw Recently underwent his 11th surgery on His shoulder now in a recent Instagram Video TJ provided a short update and Showed off his new home gym all right I'm pumped tomorrow date 6 weeks post Surgery and I fly down to see my doctor And I'm really hoping he takes this Brace off me cuz I'm looking to get back To work especially since I just finished My home gym and Recovery Center here uh This Weekend uh the new new toy the thing I'm Most excited about though is my hard Hyperbaric chamber it's a hard chamber Self-treating I can treat myself I can Let in and out the pressure here I go to Two atmospheric pressures very very Excited about it this this is my baby This is my toys this is my housewarming Gift um be in there quite often be Amazing for my healing amazing for Anti-aging uh just overall health and Wellbeing if you guys are in hyperbaric Chambers check this out dude I'm Pumped next up Shan ell reveals the UFC Already shot down a potential boxing Match with him and Devin Haney after Francis and gano's impressive Performance against Tyson Fury many Fighters were vocal about potentially Moving to boxing speak on the Timbo Sugar show Shany revealed that he's Already spoken with the UFC regarding a

Boxing match and it didn't go well the Organization stated that if it's against Devon Haney or even dvon Davis it's a no That's partially due to the fact that Neither man is a big draw the thing About Devin Haney is like I'm not trying To throw shade or anything but I've Legit Literally never watched him box one Fight ever I didn't even nearly know who He was until more recent like he's one Of the like him Dante there's a guy Nam like Shakur yeah So it's like It's yeah I mean I talked to UFC about Like potential boxing fights someday and They're like that no one knows Devon Haney that's not there's 0% chance that Ever happened he's just not a star no One knows him no one knows between him And dvon Davis you go have some random Person which one's which they'll be Like yeah next let's dive into Dan Hardy's prediction where he thinks Dana White is going to do anything he can to Keep UFC fighters from following in Francis sanu's trailblazing Footsteps in A recent interview on the MMA hour Hardy Discussed how inu's boxing fight against Tyson Fury could result in more UFC Fighters willing to leave the promotion To make a big paycheck in boxing Hardy Also stated that he doesn't think Dana White will let UFC athletes fight

Outside the Promotion like there's definitely scope For other fighters to cross over but You've got to and I keep going back of Course we got the mayac thing and that Was a that was a one-off and I do feel Like the UFC in particular like Dana Dana is is a boxing fan I think he was Intrigued by that because he felt like Connor was something quite special and He might be able to just do something as Well as obviously you know they made a Bunch of cash out of it but then you Know if you look at someone like a sha Ali or a Jon Jones he doesn't want to Take that risk you know you remember When he took Chuck Liddell over to Pride And and and Rampage beat him up it's That kind of burned him field and and He's been very very reluctant to to risk Breaking his toys in other people's Promotions um I I think he's going to do Everything he can to stop people doing It but I also think now people have Going to have the courage and confidence To you know see enanu go into free Agency recognize that maybe the grass is Potentially Greener elsewhere the money Is certainly Greener elsewhere I can Tell you that and you know we we'll see A few more people working the way out Their contract just one thing to add to That as well $2 million on on the table For Francis sanu's first opponent in the

Pfl there are enough heavyweight Fighters that are prize Fighters because They're big guys that can punch hard That will go where the money is and I Think we're going to see a couple of People come out of their contracts soon And cross over ready for that big Payday here are the top three memes you Guys picked from the internet third Place was found over Instagram it was Posted by a usern named as shop as it Gets second place meme was found over Twitter and was posted by a username Doy and the top picked meme of the day Was found over Twitter and was posted by A user named K thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk