UFC Sao Paulo video: Nicolas Dalby stages miraculous comeback as massive underdog to finish Gabriel Bonfim

Nicolas Dalby was down but he was never out.

Despite the odds against him as a 6-to-1 underdog at UFC Sao Paulo, Dalby refused to fade in the face of adversity after Gabriel Bonfim came out looking for the finish as soon as the fight started. While he had to survive the early storm, Dalby continued scrambling and forcing his way out of bad positions until Bonfim started slowing down.

Once he saw his opponent was fading, Dalby started pouring on the pressure and punishment until the previously undefeated Brazilian just crumbled to the canvas, which brought a stop to their fight at 4:33 in the second round.\

“It may look like a lot of damage,” Dalby joked after his win. “He was a tough dude. We knew he would come out guns blazing and he sure did. I do what I do. I turn it into a dog fight and I get the victory.”

Known as a notoriously fast starter, Bonfim rushed across the cage and he came after Dalby with a barrage of punches before eventually dragging the fight to the ground. Bonfim shredded Dalby’s defense to advance his position as he began raining down punches from above and then attempting to set up potential submissions.

While Dalby was struggling to get out from underneath Bonfim, he continued moving and squirming to ensure he never got caught in anything too deep. Once the second round got underway, Bonfim wasn’t nearly as explosive and that gave Dalby the opening he needed.

Again and again, Dalby pressured forward with relentless aggression, hammering away at Bonfim before trapping him against the cage. The shots kept coming until Bonfim finally wilted from the pressure as he dropped to the ground with the referee quickly swooping in to save him.

It was an incredibly impressive comeback for Dalby, who has now won four fights in a row — his longest streak since joining the UFC roster — and proving yet again that he can’t be counted out no matter the odds.

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