UFC 300 live blogs: Live play-by-play of a historic undercard

UFC 300 takes place this Saturday, headlined by a light heavyweight title fight between Alex Pereira and Jamahal Hill, and also featuring a strawweight title fight between Weili Zhang and Yan Xiaonan, and a “BMF” title fight between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway.

Before the biggest fights kick off, MMA Fighting has live blogs for the first five fights of the evening, starting with the opening fight of the evening between former flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo and former bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Then check out our individual live blogs for the rest of the card, starting with Holly Holm vs. Kayla Harrison all the way through the main event.

The action will begin at UFC 300 at 6 p.m. ET.

Check out the live play-by-play below.

Sodiq Yusuff vs. Diego Lopes


Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Jalin Turner vs. Renato Moicano

Prefight: No post-fight interview for Jessica Andrade. Two decisions got them behind schedule. And same for the walkouts on this one. Both men are in the cage and it’s time to get cooking.

Round 1: Moicano in orthodox, Turner in southpaw. He’s enormous. And Turner immediately hurts Moicano! Snapping front kick to the body gets Moicano doubled up! Turner chasing him and Moicano gets out to space. Moicano shoots in to the hips. He’s got the body lock and spin, spin, spin until Turner gets taken down. Good response from Moicano.

Moicano in top half. Turner moving and bucking and Moicano almost gets to mount. Turner nearly bucks out but Moicano just retains position. Good work from the top from Moicano. Landing some shots, looking to pass, establishing position when Turner moves, repeat.

Turner gets and underhook but can’t quite leverage up. Moicano riding beautifully. Turner stuck here as Moicano moves to three quarters and lands some good shots. Dominant showing from Moicano now but Turner finally gets to the fence and stands up. 90 seconds left.

Turner very tentative on the feet now. Moicano not trying to rush into anything. And a front kick lands. Moicano hooks the body. Moicano is being very cautious but so is Turner. This isn’t going to get the round back for him.


WOW. Turner steals the round at the very last minute.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Turner.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Jessica Andrade vs. Marina Rodriguez

Prefight: Well, we had a lot of commercials before this one, not special promo packages like Jim Miller got. The women are already in the cage and ready to get after it. Should be a fun one.

Round 1: Both women out in orthodox. Rodriguez sticking a long jab right out of the gate while Andrade tries to cut the cage. Kicks down the middle from Rodriguez too. She wants this at her range, but Andrade is cutting the cage pretty well.

Andrade can’t get inside just yet. She’s moving Rodriguez around but can’t touch her. She’s going to low kicks as a result. Rodriguez with a good right behind a jab. She’s outworking Andrade for the moment. Rodriguez lands a salty right as Andrade chops two kicks into Rodriguez. Rodriguez lands a good combination. She’s throwing hard in there, looking for a big shot. Not how she normally swings.

But Andrade chops the leg and Rodriguez is off balance and falls. Andrade immediately on top and she’s in top-half. Nice left hands here as she works to advance. Rodriguez gets her guard back and Andrade stands out of it. Ali-Inoki position now and the crowd starts booing until Andrade spins down to pass. She missed but it was flashy.

Now Andrade is back up and then passes for real with a knee cutter. She’s in top half. Rodriguez trying to recompose but Andrade moves to side control. She’s too heavy on top and Rodriguez is holding on now. North south position and Rodriguez sneakily grabs a D’Arce. Well, she grabs the position, but it’s not a real threat. And Andrade breaks free and punches her a few times for good measure. Andrade rides out the round on top and gets some more ground and pound in before the horn.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Andrade.

Round 2: Rodriguez right back to her game to start, straight punching combinations at range. She’s putting pace on early but Andrade lands a good left hand counter.

Rodriguez lands a NICE right hand but Andrade eats it. This is the best Rodriguez has looked on the feet, in my opinion. Very crisp against a very dangerous opponent. Andrade still chopping that lead leg though. But Rodriguez is outworking her and keeping Andrade at distance.

Rodriguez’s 1-2 is good. It’s automatic now and keeping Andrade away. But then Andrade yolos inside but can’t land anything meaningful. No shots from Andrade yet which is interesting. Andrade is doing a good job of blocking a bunch of these jabs, but the second hand behind it is getting in. And she got another one.

Andrade following Rodriguez around the cage now. She gets inside and Rodriguez grabs the Thai plum. Andrade collapses it but Rodriguez lands a nice left hand as they break. And again. Andrade is doing real bad now. She’s just walking into shots and there are no leg kicks. She does land a left hook but this isn’t good fighting. This is ego fighting.

WELP! Might not matter as Andrade tags Rodriguez with a right hand that rolls her eyes back! Rodriguez standing in there but Andrade is going bulldozer. She’s inside and brawling and Rodriguez trying to get reset. But she’s against the fence! Rodriguez is clearly in trouble! Stumble! Clinch but Andrade simply overpowered Rodriguez to land the best offense of the round at the end.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Andrade, 20-18 Andrade overall.

Round 3: Some will score that round for Rodriguez and it’s not wrong, but Andrade had the most effective shots of the round, which is supposed to weigh more heavily. The yolo charge worked.

Rodriguez takes a deep breath to start the round. She’s looking a little slow on the feet given how she has looked. Spinning back fist from Andrade on the arms. Rodriguez now charges in. She’s feeling some urgency and lands. She’s backing Andrade up now.

Andrade doing a great job of parrying punches now. She’s got eyes on Rodriguez’s first few punches. But she’s punching past that and landing.

HAHAHAHA. Rodriguez came charging in, Andrade swung a monster right hook that Rodriguez ducked, but Andrade then grabber her by the back of the head and threw Rodriguez to the floor.

Rodriguez kicks off and Andrade gets up and let’s Rodriguez up. She tries to catch her standing but can’t. Does land a decent one though. Rodriguez sticking from the outside though. Andrade letting her up was silly.

Rodriguez feeling herself and jumps with a knee. Andrade ducks and Rodriguez has a power guillotine! Rodriguez is against the fence but this is locked in. She’s squeezing but can’t get it out and Andrade shucks out.

Andrade looking tired in there now. Rodriguez putting pace on her and there’s only 60 seconds to go. Andrade following around, not doing much. She’s evading a lot of Rodriguez’s work but needs more of her own. Big leg kick drops Rodriguez! Her leg gave out and now Andrade is pressing the issue with short time. Rodriguez fires back but her lead leg is gone. Andrade tries to put a point on it but can’t quite and we go to decision.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Rodriguez, 29-28 Andrade overall.

Official Decision: Jessica Andrade def. Marina Rodriguez via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bobby Green vs. Jim Miller

Prefight: We’re off to a great start tonight and now it’s time for arguably the most important fight of the evening. Under no circumstances should Bobby Green win tonight. Know you’re role, man. Don’t take the good vibes from us.

And Bruce Buffer didn’t do the thing when announcing Jim Miller. BOOO.

Round 1: Both men out in southpaw and Green immediately starts chatting. He’s backing Miller up with his hands down but Miller connects with a big right hook that sends Green back and Miller is right after him. Green gets up and moves away and front kicks. Right to he action for these boys.

Miller picking his entries and attacking all levels. Green trying to land front kicks and big hooks. And Green starts chatting. Green setting a longer range now and Miller is missing on his first few punches. The third lands, but Green can step off and counter. Lands a big one right there. Miller struggling to navigate the range right now as Green gets in rhythm.

Nice left hook for Green. He’s faster in there and he’s finding openings in the exchanges. Miller’s face is quite red. Miller going to leg kicks more often now because his hands aren’t getting home.

OH!!! BIG LEFT HAND FROM MILLER HURTS GREEN!!!! GREEN IN RETREAT AND MILLER RUNNING AFTER HIM. GREEN STANDS HIS GROUND AND FIRES BACK! Miller backs off and Green goes for a jumping knee just before the buzzer. That just stole the round for Miller!

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Miller.

Round 2: Miller had Green hurt twice and so he definitely wins the round even though Green had the run of play for most of it. And Miller right back to it. He’s fighting with his heart and eats a counter as he charges in with a combo. Green backing Miller up to the fence now.

Good uppercut from Miller as Green fires. And now Green is talking and brawling. We’re inside and both men are chucking them. a “Mill-er” chant arises in the crowd. Green doing a little more talking than effective fighting right now. Classic Bobby Green. But he lands a good left that cuts Miller under his right eye.

Green getting to work now. Miller leaking from the nose and Miller is feeling himself. So Miller gets in his face. Green accepts and lands three. Miller bleeding quite a lot right now. Green lands a really nice right hand that he set up with feints. He’s piling up damage now and Miller is getting caught hesitating.

Another good combo for Green. Miller sort of walking into shots now. Green tags Miller with a 1-2 that gets him backing up. Green is snapping his punches now. He smells blood. Body kick for Miller but that’s not nearly enough. He can’t win this kind of fight. And Green tags him again. He’s getting Miller to the fence and lighting him up. Very good bounce back from Green.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Green, 19-19 overall.

Round 3: This is usually where Bobby Green starts to do something dumb. And Miller tells his corner he can’t see out of his right eye and broke his finger. But he’s right back in there.

Green still talking. And same stuff, straight punches and front kicks keeping Miller in the space to get clubbed. And Green lands a monster 1-2 that snaps Miller’s head back. Green comboing at will. Miller’s corner is telling him he can shoot, but he seems to not want to do that. Maybe he’s just hunting the $300,000.

Green throwing five-punch combinations and Miller cannot keep up. And he’s opened up and bleeding again at the halfway mark. Miller letting this fight slip away from him. Green full of confidence now and he’s clubbing Miller. Green keeps hitting.

But MILLER tags him! Left hand while Green was moving and Green is clinching now! Miller working inside and Green backs out. He’s got his feet but he’s looking a little more cautious. Miller had a chance but didn’t do enough with it and now the pace is slowing.

60 seconds left and Green isn’t talking anymore, he’s fighting smart. Now he calls for a brawl and Green hurts Miller bad!!!! Miller backing up and drops! Green on top and Miller holding the leg!! Green trying to finish! Miller holding on for his life and gets to his feet! Green against the fence and dumps Miller!! Punches with short time but he can’t get the stoppage!! Heck of a fight.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Green, 29-27 Green overall.

Official Decision: Bobby Green def. Jim Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 29-26)

Post Fight: The score suggests that Green just got a 10-7 round. Don’t hate it.

Green starts by talking about his life and says “Thank you UFC for blessing a poor black kid like me.” Then Green calls out Paddy Pimblett, saying he’ll fight him in July in Manchester.

Good call out, great performance from Green.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Cody Garbrandt

Prefight: OH YEAH! It’s here, y’all! UFC 300 is kicking off and it’s doing so in style with former champion vs. former champion in a fight that I, personally, have been salivating over for four years.

The walkouts have begun and the crowd is already lively. There are even stars cageside already. Everyone knows the deal. This is the one. Let’s go!!!!!

Round 1: Both men out in orthodox and they feel things out early from a very long range. Garbrandt trying to kick the legs and Figueiredo lunges in with a right hand that misses. Calf kick from Figueiredo and Garbrandt lands a 1-2 in response. Clash of heads gets Figueiredo backing up for a moment. Very slow pace through the first 90 seconds.

Garbrandt charges in and Figueiredo changes levels but Garbrandt defends. Garbrandt goes for a capoeira kick and Figueiredo lands his own high kick to the chin. Garbrandt eats it though and we’re back to space.

Figueiredo is the one holding the center at this point. Still a slow pace as the are both looking to explode at the right time. Garbradt keeps attacking the lead leg every once in awhile. Big cage is letting Garbrandt avoid the fence. Weird collision and Figueiredo tries to roll to a leg but no luck.

Garbrandt lunges in with a left that lands as Figueiredo ducks. He’s got the timing down but Figueiredo lands a stepping left hand of his own. Still a lot of patience from both men and with 30 seconds left, Figueiredo shoots a double and gets Garbradt down. Garbrandt pops right back up but eats a left hand for his trouble.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Garbrandt.

Round 2: Figueiredo seemed to have trouble with Garbrandt’s speed in that round. But Garbrandt still wasn’t trying to get into a lot of exchanges. Figueiredo comes out quickly and attacks, Garbrandt steps and lands a counter but Figueiredo is on the hips and gets Garbrandt to the floor!

Figueiredo locks in the position and he’s working towards an arm-triangle choke. Garbrandt defends but rolls to his belly and Figueiredo is now in back mount and has Garbrandt flattened out! Big shot from Figueiredo and Garbrandt rolls to his back and Figueiredo is immediately on an arm-triangle. It’s tight!!!!

Figueiredo is off the mount and cranking! Garbrandt has an arm in there but this is slowly getting to him. Garbrandt isn’t panicking but he’s in a world of trouble. And Figueiredo bails and goes back to the mount as Garbrandt was just staying alive.

Garbrandt tries to explode to his feet but Figueiredo stufs him back down. He’s grapevining the legs and shoulder bumps from Figueiredo. Figueiredo staying heavy here and Garbrandt can’t quite get himself out. 90 seconds left.

Garbrandt explodes but Figueiredo rides through and he’s on the back! Body triangle locked in and Figueiredo has an arm under the chin!!!! AND THERE’S THE TAP!!!! WHO SAW THAT COMING?!?!?!

Official Decision: Deiveson Figueiredo def. Cody Garbrandt via submission (rear-naked choke) — Round 2, 4:02.

Post Fight: Seriously, who thought Figueiredo would submit Garbrandt? Wild times.

Figueiredo says he’s very happy and thanks the fans. Then he asks Dana White for a title shot, saying he feels so good at 135 pounds. (He sure looked good). Then he called for the $300,000 bonus.

We’re off to quite the start.

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