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It is unlikely that there has ever been A case in the world where the name of One fighter is identical to the name of Another but no one had time to savor the Interesting coincidence [Music] [Applause] The fight ended with a victory of a German Gene Phillip burnt he took less Than five seconds although the official Report said it was one second more [Music] The Romanian units addedoricia Successfully competed for 10 years in Kickboxing and won the world titles and Then decided to debut in MMA he lost his Debut and two months later came out to Close the embarrassing defeat it was at A major tournament in his native Romania Where the organizers gathered the best Fighters of that country the audience Greeted pitbull with thunderous Applause He thanked them by becoming the author Of the most spectacular finish of the Evening Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Separate sephiroth is not going through The best period of his fighting life Right now he lost three out of four Fights in UFC and left the promotion

However there were much brighter moments In his career for example in April of The 11th year at M1 Fighting Championship he managed to get his third Victory of his professional career and He did it unbelievably fast [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] This fight took place in one of the Nightclubs of Thailand there were Several big names on the card both Trujillo and feltner at the time had the Record of one to zero and it had to be a Duel of equal opponents in reality it Turned out to be much simpler and much Faster Make MMA great again Oh boy oh Unbelievable finish [Music] Young Fighters If this fight had not taken place it Would have been worth making it up if Only because of an absolutely incredible Combination of name and surname Yannick Masebox Jones [Music] [Applause] At rage MMA he spectacularly fell down On the canvas just four seconds after The fight had started the author of The

Beautiful knockout was the powerful Brit Ricky White who was immediately invited To cage Warriors [Music] There's hardly too much to say about This fight which took place in the British budo Fighting Championship Promotion better just to watch the Beautiful Finish By welterweight Ashley Gibson [Applause] With This brilliant win he snapped a Seven fight losing streak and then began A new one that reached 10 bad fights and Forced the fighter to end his Professional career with a 2-16 record [Applause] Canadian Chris Clements has always been Considered a talented fighter his finely Honed boxing technique with Taekwondo Elements was impressive from the very First fight but at that time partier Training was not yet mandatory for MMA Fighters so in his second fight Clements Suffered his first submission defeat but He closed it as convincingly and as Quickly as possible [Music] [Applause] The official stoppage time was three Seconds and at the time it was a record Few will remember the name of Alex Munoz Meanwhile his young career has already Had enough highlights for example it was

He who defeated the one-armed Nick Newell who was raring to go in the UFC Through Dana White's Contender series And in 2015 while still competing at the Regional level Munoz engineered a swift Knockout Losing his Pro debut while both that's It all The official result was three seconds Although the stopwatch shows slightly More Alex still made it faster than most Vidal I don't think you've ever heard of Steve Ramirez this guy used to fight in WFC And King of the cage before going to Some of the lesser-known promotions in California He alternated between wins and losses There but one day fate brought him to Pure combat and gave him a nice quick Win [Music] [Applause] Pyramid fights is the biggest promotion In the state of Arkansas and in May 2018 A real miracle happened if 16 year old Chris Wilford wanted to close out his Previous defeat so badly that he took Just over three seconds to do so damn it Fights seven habit let's get it going Oh my God So far this achievement has not been Beaten by the promotion or the entire State interestingly the year before in

The same organization another super fast Finish happened [Music] Bass Grappler Jordan Fowler threw out a Full of green high kick and sent his Opponent into a deep sleeper in less Than five seconds In America they love to promote young Talent all they have to do is win and if They do it brilliantly the glory just Floats in their hands and so it was with Sean dupret a rising star from Louisiana He scored his first pro win in just 30 Seconds then he added another finish to It and got an offer to fight in the fury FC promotion if Dana White had been Prison at that tournament he would have Written the guy a contract straight away First round underway Oh my God Unfortunately after a meteoric rise Duke Red lost by guillotine in 23 seconds and Hasn't appeared in the cage for over a Year Who doesn't know old man kid Yamamoto a True mma Legend who fell in love with The public back in the days when mixed Martial arts was not differentiated from Cockfighting in the United States Yamamoto was going for a 10-fight Winning streak at the time with wins Over the best Japanese of his time Keoluno and Genki sudo Next in line was titled wrestler

Kazuyuki Miata [Applause] The Olympian wrestler the Sprint the Knee strike does that remind you of Anything [Applause] An unremarkable bout between two Japanese and pancreas tournament turned Into a crazy knockout which may well be The Forerunner of the Jorge mosfidal Miracle just 13 years earlier and a Blink of an eye quicker [Music] Perfect The tallycrat is a talented Russian [ __ ] wrestler he was trying to make a Career in Japan in the early tens and His first opponent waziki miyanaga who Already had three wins under his belt Crab was ruthless and overpowered the Japanese before the audience could even Blink it was a rare case when a joke About blinking is not a metaphor [Music] In just a few months Michael Garrett Nicknamed Shredder managed to make a Name for himself all over the world in March of 14 at one of the British Tournaments he said Sam Herron who Looked like a 60-pound teenager to sleep With the first punch Sam Herron versus Mike Garrett Big huge kick ends the fight instantly Wow the main promoter of the tournament

Announced that it was the fastest Knockout ever only one and a half Seconds but the fight lasted a bit Longer anyway interestingly in his next Fight Garrett almost repeated his Achievement knocking out another Opponent in the first seconds Come Together Big Shots it's over wow Do you think that only men can make a Quick knockout you may appreciate this One by Christine Stanley A case where a woman's finish overpowers A man's sadly there wasn't a good camera In the hall if you like this format Don't forget to like And subscribe and Most importantly stay healthy and Remember this is Glory MMA Foreign

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