Tony Ferguson’s FIRST REACTION after UFC 296 loss! Belal Muhammad DENIED UFC title shot! Shavkat

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00:00 Belal Muhammad calls for title shot after UFC 296
02:04 Leon Edwards shuts down Belal’s potential title shot
03:18 Daniel Cormier congratulates Leon Edwards on UFC 296 win
04:10 Islam Makhachev calls for Leon Edwards title shot
04:36 Shavkat Rakhmonov reveals he suffered ankle injury prior to UFC 296
05:22 Tony Ferguson reacts following UFC 296 loss
06:07 Israel Adesanya reacts to Strickland-Du Plessis br@wl
07:07 TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started let's kick today's news off with Balah muhammd slamming Kobe Covington And Leon Edwards after UFC 296 blah Believes that he should have been the One fighting for the Welterweight Title Yet instead it was Colby Covington who Had his third opportunity to become the Undisputed Champion facing Leon Edwards On Saturday night after Saturday's event Bala spoke to ESPN mma's mean olivy and Slammed both Edwards and Covington Saying that the real victim was the Welterweight division after is such a Poor showing from both the champion and The supposed number one Contender honestly it was a joke to the Division um that's what happens when you Get a bum off the couch whove been off For two years who didn't deserve the Shot and he goes out there and he didn't Back up the talk and for Leon Edwards You should have backed up your talk too Because for what Kobe said he deserved To have his jaw broken and I thought Leon should have went out there he Should have embarrassed him and put it On him but uh he played that little game So I think the UFC knows the who's next I I need to get in there I need to make The welterweight division great again um Because I'm going to come to fight every Single fight I'm going to be in your Face non-stop 100% there's not going to

Be no breathing at all for Leon Edwards Bal also talked about what's next and Asked Dana White to finally give him the Title shot I'm ready like he didn't take No damage at all Kobe had probably like 500 significant strikes I mean 500 Strikes probably like one of them was Significant they're all mosquito bites So Le Edward probably just got to go Take a quick shot power brush all that Dirt off and it' be good to go I hope he Doesn't you know go on his long tour Again he's very inactive stay in the gym Stay ready to go bro whenever you're Ready I'm ready to go you can call me on A week notice I'm ready to go like it Doesn't matter when the UFC calls I just Want to tile fight and the words of the Famous GSP Dana please just give me my Shot later when Dana was asked about Whether bah will get it here's what the UFC president had to say uh B Muhammad Was the backup this week I think you Said he's next just still seemed like The next fight I have no I'm not even Thinking about that right now Leon Edwards shuts down balow Muhammad's Potential title shot the top Contender For the next UFC Welterweight Title shot Should be balah muhamad riding a Nine-fight unbeaten streak and having Weighed in and served as the backup for The Edwards vers comington title fight Yet Leon Edwards isn't convinced that

Muhammad deserves the opportunity during UFC 296 post white press conference the Welterweight champ explained why he's Not interested in making the fight Happen Dana was here earlier it kind of Seemed like Malo Muhammad would be next Being he's the backup and all that but Dana said I'm not ready to make that Decision right now yeah do you see it as Like he should be next does that feel Like an unfinished chapter or do you Feel like maybe there's other options n Def other options you know um I don't Feel like Bow should be next no I I've done before I've won like 10 fights in roading Guitar shop so what makes him different Or more privileged you know so um Kobe's Already to skip the line already so Let's see who's next and um but like I Said I I am this is Rocky ERA this is my Era now and I keep raining keep we Whoever is next doesn't matter you know They're all similar Styles anyway all Boxers wrestlers and this is what I've Bu I've built my career on it you know So we comes the next is it's whatever You know nice Daniel Cormier Congratulates Leon Edwards on his UFC 296 Victory the UFC has released footage Of DC congratulating Leon on a Successful title defense just moments After his UFC 296 fight with Kobe Covington that was inside

Yeah you kept it Together took him Down that that's what I said I said um I Said you know when you upset about Something kind of Stick it to somebody By doing to them the thing that they're Supposed to do to you you know Good good keep Lear Islam makev calls For a total shot against Leon Edwards The UFC lightweight champion had Previously voiced his interest in moving Up to the welterweight Division and Fighting the winner of Edwards R Comington now following UFC 296 is Main Event the number one pound-for-pound Fighter once again issued a call out to Leon I have been next and also this R is BR man we have to change the Champion shavkat rockov reveals that he Suffered a very serious injury prior to UFC 296 during a post fight interview With Laura senko shavkat revealed that He tore a major ligament in his ankle Six weeks before UFC 296 clash with Steven Thompson despite the setback Ranov ultimately defeated his opponent Via second round rear naked choke Becoming the first man in Wonderboy 13-year MMA career to submit the Two-time total Challenger Laura wrote Shovot and his coach Henry huft told me He sustained a significant ankle injury About 6 weeks ago that almost forced him Out of the fight he confirmed that he

Wasn't able to kick as a result and it Altered his approach to Wonder Boy also Explains the ankle Wraps Tony Ferguson issues a statement Following the decision lost to Patty Piml at UFC 296 Ferguson aimed to secure His first win since defeating Donald Cerrone via TKO back in June of 2019 Unfortunately much to the disappointment Of Tony and his fans the decision did Not go his way Ferguson has now released A statement after suffering his seventh Consecutive loss taking to Instagram Stories Tony wrote love my fans and Supporters you all are fire met lots of You tonight keep the faith mother One Foot In Front of the other remember what I said crew champ Tony also posted a Photo with his son's captioned daddy Loves you my boys no matter what 100 I Got your back baby boys CS so isra Reacts to the Strickland and dupi as Most of you know by now Strickland and Dupi were involved in a physical alation While in attendance at UFC 296 now in a Video posted to his YouTube channel izy Shared his take on the brawl between the Two fighters and had nothing positive to Say you can check the full video on Izzy's YouTube channel we've attached The link in today's video description And what did you think of the no hold Bar match in the crowd with uh Tri and Stri I mean at least they didn't call

Them it so you know fully respectable Champions um and title Challengers it's What they did you know oh Israel's so Embarrassing as a champion goes in the Cage but then you know this is what they Do they they sucker punched them he Actually did he jumped over the pen the The the the chance sucker punch them and They had a little scrap but I like it I Like a [ __ ] show don't we all we all see A car Crasher We Don't Look Away anyway Listen up fight fans we've been working Behind the scenes on a newsletter that Will allow you to read and see content We can't always post on here this will Allow us all to better stay in the Talk time for today's top three memes Third place was found over Reddit and Was posted by a user named strategy Pitiful second place me was found over Instagram and was posted by as shopped As it Gets top picked meme was found over Reddit and was posted by a username Spirited Boss thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk