Sean Strickland & Ryan Garcia HEATED BACK & FORTH! Gilbert Burns APOLOGIZES to Belal Muhammad!

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00:00 Michael Bisping goes on a rant about Jake Paul’s last fight
01:37 Sean O’Malley on his chances vs. ‘prime’ Conor McGregor
03:36 Gilbert Burns apologizes to Belal Muhammad
05:08 Ryan Garcia opens up on his struggles
06:33 Sean Strickland & Ryan Garcia back and forth
08:08 Strickland makes U-turn on Ryan Garcia
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All right let's get this show started Let's start today's news with Michael Bisping going on a rant about Jake Paul's last fight this Saturday night in Puerto Rico Jake Paul returned to the Ring for his 10th professional boxing Match rather than challenging an older Retired MMA fighter he took on the 17-2 Journeyman Ryan Borland as expected the Fight ended swiftly within a single Round following the bout Paul was Heavily criticized for continually Stepping into the ring against lack Their opponents adding to the commentary Former UFC champion Mike Bisping shared His thoughts on Jake's performance During a segment on his YouTube channel Saying jig Paul was always destined to Win this fight and you all are suckers If you paid for this fight now I know Most people didn't unfortunately his Opponent was utter dog and couldn't make It through one round how was he able to Get it done oh he's just so good he Expected a second round but my god the Guy did it in round one I mean this Guy's the future just swinging wide like An absolute Maniac leaving openings to Get countered all day long against the Decent boxer but he doesn't have that Threat because he wasn't going up Against the trained Pro he's calling out Canelo because he knows damn well that Fight's not going to happen Canelo

Alvarez wouldn't wipe his ass with a Jake Paul payday bisp been concluded Canelo doesn't want circus sides show Freak Show fights he is disrespecting The sport of boxing he is disrespecting All the people who work their way up but More importantly he's counting the fans If Brian Borland is your next Uber Driver give him five stars and a good Tip beating people you know you can beat That's called being a Bully sha Elly gets honest on his Chances versus a prime Conor McGregor in 2016 McGregor made history by becoming The UFC's first simultaneous two Division champion a milestone that has Been achieved by several others in the Sport since bantamweight champ sha oi Hopes to follow in McGregor's footsteps By pursuing the same achievement in an Eventual clash with the newly crowned OT Toria and at 145 lb however before this Fight can happen Elli must first Overcome the Obstacle of Chito Vera at UFC 299 during a recent appearance on The value tment podcast omal was asked How he thinks a fight against Conor McGregor in his prime would go sugar Said that he believes it would be a Competitive fight but he sees himself as Having the upper hand okay so I'm saying 145 to 145 who wins that's a good Question Conor in his prime at 145 when He knocked out Jose Alo though um and me

Me moving up to 145 I'd still be a Little bit lighter but I'm taller um I Believe him faster I think it'd be a Good I think it'd be a competitive fight Back in the day when he was 145 no no Not I'm talking 145 so you're you're you You given the slight Edge to yourself it Sounds like I got it okay got it I think I have the best I think I have better Skills I can stand both I can stand Southpaw Orthodox and and have very good Defense both very good good offense both I think I have the best striking in MMA Hands down to be honest Elli also Admitted that if the fight would happen In boxing without a weight limit then He'd probably get knocked out by Connor I I I don't even really hit 160 when I'm Heavy that dude's walking around like 195 right now 185 he's just a Big he is and he's getting bigger and He's just getting bigger so you know I Don't necessarily love my odds against That but just boxing it's like speed Kills and I'm you know I'm pretty quick But you know out of respect I'll say Connor can knock me out Gilbert Burns Apologizes to balal Muhammad many Believe that balal should be next in Line to fight for the UFC Welterweight Title he's on a 10 fight win streak Including his short notice victory over Gilbert Burns last year however one Person who does not think Muhammad

Deserves to fight for the title is Gilbert Burns himself Burns didn't Acknowledge Muhammad skills much Highlighting his own pre-existing injury In before their match being the reason He lost nevertheless darinho appears to Have had a change of heart in a Conversation with hanato moano on his YouTube channel Burns retracted his Statements and offered an apology to Balal recognizing that he does indeed Deserve a title Shot I Think bah Muhammad deserves to fight for The title for the numbers you know he Deserves the guy has crazy win streak 10 Fights I don't know I think he deserves To be honest I I just have something That I'm like the guy beat me I got hurt You know and then he was talking so much But I I didn't I shouldn't say the way I Did you know I apologize I think he does Deserve the title show even though I Don't like the guy very Much why is that why is that because I Lost the guy I was injured the guy was Kind of like oh I beat gber b this way Was because the injury because you have Fights with Chima EV and you don't hate The guy actually you say like that I I don't like it I don't hate anyone I Just don't like him very much because he Was saying too much but I wish you the Guy the best Shan Strickland and Ryan

Garcia go back and forth on X over the Last few weeks Ryan Garcia has faced More than a few public struggles despite This he is set to return to the boxing Ring on April 20th against Devin Haney However fans online are expressing Doubts about whether he will actually Make it to fight date citing his Concerning social media posts on Monday Garcia uploaded a video to social media Opening up on his situation the young Boxer reassured his followers that he's Physically well but acknowledged that he Is dealing with Something hey guys it's me Ryan uh I'm Coming on here to explain what's going On I'm not in possession of my phone I Can't get access to my Instagram uh my cards are Locked and I'm just being Real you know I've being real taken Advantage and I personally wanted just To send out a video to the people that Love me and my fans and family that's Concerned that I'm okay I'm not dead I Believe in Jesus all those are lies and You know I've they try to put me in jail They're blocking my cards I can't access My Money nobody's hitting me back I don't Know what's going on but um just know I'm okay Look while many fans were supportive Former UFC champion Sean Strickland

Wasn't buying it tweeting God I hate Famous people bro you are rich as kids In salt mines kids dying of cancer Begging for one more day on this Earth And you're having a mental breakdown on Social media youing [ __ ] Ryan responded If you knew God you wouldn't hate anyone You went on and took advantage of a Streamer who is someone with no Experience and you gave him a concussion You think you are doing a service but Really you just a bully coming in the Name of a hero sea wrote back you get What you want did enough people tell you They love you do you feel better you get Enough attention laughing my ass off Next time just be a man and pull the Mother don't dress post LOL woman gcia Replied I lost brain cells reading that Please show me how serious you are to Actually handling this like men but Let's actually be serious no internet Stuff Ryan then took a shot of Shawn Posting a photo of him crying captioned Toughest man alive Captain America Looked different to me Strickland fired Back writing laughing my ass off I had a Three minute slip on a podcast talking About real [ __ ] you had a meltdown Because of girl LOL we ain't the same You're just another out there looking For attention you get enough likes Laughing my ass off and bro you know Where to find me be about it don't talk

About it foued up with well I kind of Feel bad making fun of Ryan I thought he Was just being a woman but this man is Genuinely having a psychotic episode CTE Drugs who knows after he's through this He should really rethink who his friends Are parasites Strickland then posted This Clip yo Garcia bro I just got that Training I try to kill all my friends The demons are gone I feel better bro I Hope you feel better man oh hey we can Still fight to the death I hope you feel Better man I don't know how many people Can relate to this but like true mental Instability it is the wildest thing dude Like it's like you're on a roller Coaster ride and you don't even know You're on it till you get off like I Woke up today and then next thing I know Dude this Ryan Garcia who I don't even Know who Ryan Garcia is dude I'm like Threatening this man's life and then all Of a sudden it's you know almost 3:00 I'm on my way to training and the fog Lifts and you're just like how the did I Get here like where the am I time for today's top memes third place Was found over on Reddit and was posted By OCD Reset the second place meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by as Shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found

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