Sean O’Malley SHOOTS DOWN Aljamain Sterling rematch!Dana White REVEALS Weidman suffered knee injury

MMA news today:

DANA WHITE urges Chris Weidman to retire & reveals Weidman suffered a knee injury at UFC 292

CONOR MCGREGOR says he won’t be fighting Michael Chandler in 2023

MICHAEL CHANDLER doesn’t care if Conor McGregor is in USADA testing pool

KAI KARA-FRANCE announces UFC 293 withdrawal

ALJAMAIN STERLING & SEAN O’MALLEY have some fun after UFC 292 fight

SEAN O’MALLEY shoots down a potential rematch with Aljamain Sterling

IAN GARRY calls for a 5-round fight against Stephen Thompson

00:00 – Dana White urges Chris Weidman to retire
01:25 – Conor says he won’t be fighting Michael Chandler in 2023
02:54 – Chandler doesn’t care if Conor McGregor is in USADA testing pool
03:42 – Kai Kara-France announces UFC 293 withdrawal
04:37 – Aljamain Sterling & Sean O’Malley have some fun after UFC 292 fight
05:26 – Sean O’Malley shoots down a potential rematch with Aljamain Sterling
06:35 – Ian Garry calls for a 5-round fight against Stephen Thompson
07:29 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started Oh you know they're not I don't they're Not gonna let me find December ladies And gentlemen you see more Chris boyman Imagine what what that injury is and They be kept I feel like I mean care for Me livelihood and I've been feeling this For years yeah oh no on off and all Sorts of things pop up and I say what So I'm just I'm not gonna air grieving So I'm gonna put it down and and sold it On I'm ready yeah I'm ready I wanted the Announcement December 16th I've given Everything so you know it's not it's not Gonna happen it doesn't look like it's Gonna happen so I thought we'd powers Are we power our guns out it runs out Maybe so now it's almost I don't know But anyway My mom I'm ready yeah which is December 16th I'm ready anyone style and Nevada said a Letter commission ball Bennett now You're retired unretired it's a long run Around the camera goes ring Bob Benny Tell him tell the commission what's the Story because only care for me Livelihood here and turns out Bob's Retired I'm like what the [ __ ] I'm on Top of this game the longest I'm on top Of this y'all at the minute but I'm on Top of the game long yeah You know that whole situation is very Interesting to me you know I got a lot

Of different thoughts on it Um you know ultimately like I said I Signed with I signed with the Organization in September of 2020 and I Could have fought October of 2020. so You know this whole like you know he Retired so it got to take six months to Come back I mean Are we splitting hairs here what are we Talking about what what's to me as long As a man is in the use out of testing Pool for months on end and he's has the Ability to be tested every single day or Multiple times a day for a certain Period of time You know it's it's a sport you know it's Uh it's a that that to me is a very Interesting gray area and ultimately I'm Out here and I can I can fight Connor With one day on the east side of testing Pool or a year in the use testing you Saw the testing pool it's not gonna make A difference being in the usata testing Pool is a prerequisite to competing in The UFC Um what I'm saying is Are we splitting hairs with the whole He's got to be in for six months thing Asked how long was Bo Nichols uh Opponent in the you saw the testing pool He signed on six days notice right this Is what we do all the time it's just It's an interesting thing because of the Because of the character the platform

That Conor holds who he is we want to Just dissect and make a huge deal out of This certain time frame type of thing [Music] Devil Wears Prada Okay it's the boot Y You are the man Good man You are The man You're the man Sterling said he wanted to do an Immediate rematch that that's his like Main priority um that is going up to 45. These weights cuts are too hard No he says he'd like to fight Next question You pretty much called your shot next Right you want to rematch with cheetah Vera and later this year Yeah I thought you know I'll shoot a Promo but we'll see I just did just the Way you act he's so annoying just like He's not funny and he tries to be so Ugly dresses like an idiot it's like God Do I really have to give this guy an Opportunity but I'm like well I'll Probably just go out there and whoop his Ass make a lot of money so I could Um So yeah that could be it I also wouldn't Mind knocking out Javonte Davis and I Know people are gonna go oh you want to

Be Connor I'm telling you that fight is gonna Happen What do you what do you think Chris Weidman should do after retire retire I Love Chris Weidman I love him I love his Family and then I think he should retire Uh we talked to Dr D thinks he blew his MCL ACL He blew one of the CLS and uh you know Guys just coming back from A gruesome injury and and you know Listen man father time is not our friend At all but definitely if you're a Professional athlete it's so if he comes Up to you and says I want one more fight Is that something you say like hey maybe Let's talk about it first of all Depending on the damage to the knee You're talking another year So I would I would say Chris I love you Please please retire Oh yeah yeah straight away straight away Afterwards I told him he said what were You saying to me in that octagon I said I want on the 1X I said I want Wonder Boy Next I said to be the best striker In the world you've got to beat Wonder Boy especially in this sport Wonder Boy Is I love Wonder Boy I love him I love Everything about him it's No Malice it Is out of nothing but respect that I Want to fight him because of how good he Is and what he's doing his entire career

And I'm sick of seeing people arresting Them I want to give him a striker go in The window but I'll strike you all day Long that's how boom let's show the fans Let's put on a show and have fun and I Believe I am absolutely more than good Enough to beat him and take that take That title as the best Striker the world Away divisions I've ever seen so that's What I want next I want it over five Rounds all I can do it in three I could I could finish him in the first and We're not gonna fly around but I think The show that we would put on is more Important than anything else and it's Not about Venom it's about clinical like Deciphering of Wonder boy's code because He is a code he's awkward and tricky to Master and I feel like I'm the guy with The kids Um so unfortunately I've had to withdraw From my next fight in Sydney Australia UFC 293 I suffered a concussion over the Weekend at training And I've been speaking to my coaches my Team and my family and they all think It's the right decision to put my health First just want to say sorry to all the Friends and family that bought tickets Flights accommodation all the fans are That were excited to see me fight live Um yeah I've got it that I won't be a Part of this card Um it's been a tough week with my second

Son being born as well as me pulling out Of this fight mixed emotions frustrated But I just got to focus on the positive Positives and um Just spend time with my loved ones so um I appreciate the ongoing support and We'll be back soon much love Here are the top three memes we found on The internet today I told you [Applause] I swear Please I take a lot of money We're not here to take part we're here To take over we're not here Take over Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News