Sean O’Malley REVEALS DM from Conor McGregor after UFC 292! Usman GETS HONEST on O’Malley! Danis

MMA news today:

JAN BLACHOWICZ shows off elbow injury

DANA WHITE pranks former baseball player Marty Cordova

MIKE PERRY revealed as backup fighter for Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

DILLON DANIS reacts after being kicked out of Tuesday’s press conference

IAN GARRY calls out Khamzat Chimaev

SEAN O’MALLEY reveals DM from Conor McGregor after UFC 292

KAMARU USMAN explains why people are so interested in Sean O’Malley

00:00 – Ian Garry calls out Khamzat Chimaev
01:24 – Mike Perry revealed as backup fighter for Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis
02:55 – Dillon Danis goes off after being kicked out of Tuesday’s press conference
03:53 – Kamaru Usman gets honest on Sean O’Malley
05:18 – O’Malley reveals DM from Conor McGregor after UFC 292
06:24 – Jan Blachowicz shows off nasty elbow injury
07:06 – Dana White pranks former baseball player Marty Cordova
07:32 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Ian Gary calls out Hamza she may have Mike Perry revealed As the backup Fighter for Logan Paul Versus Dylan danis Dylan danis goes off After being kicked out of Tuesday's Press conference kamaru Usman gets Honest on Sean O'Malley O'Malley reveals DM from Conor McGregor after UFC 292 Jan Blahovich shows off a nasty elbow injury And Dana White pranks former baseball Player Marty Cordova After his dominant win over Neil magni Ian Gary called out Stephen Thompson to A five-round fight however Dana White Quickly shut down the fight during UFC 292's post-fight presser now in an Interview with sporting post Gary Revealed who he actually wants to fight In a dream scenario and that would be Hamza shimaya he said it would have to Be in the three arena in Dublin Ireland As my dream venue because they're never Going to go to croak Park and the dream Opponent would be me versus Hamza Shimayev because everyone talks about Him like he's this bad man in this Boogeyman but in time I'm going to get a Chance to lay hands on him if he's the Baddest man that everyone is afraid of I'm going to show the world what's up He'd be my dream opponent in Ireland I Want that wolf I want that bad man I Want to be the baddest man on Earth and

Everyone considers it to be him at the Moment but let me punch the mouth off Him and we'll see what's up Mike Perry has been revealed as the Backup Fighter for Logan and Paul were Still in Dennis if Dylan were to pull Out of the fight during Tuesday's press Conference in London England Perry was Called off to the stage where he faced Off with Logan Paul It came still in those shows Oh excuse me 196. Stop let's get it bro get it brother Good to see you thank you There you go so there you go we're Leaving it there there it is respect I love to compete I'm a great competitor And I wouldn't show up Expressed his frustration on Twitter After being ejected from Tuesday's press Conference for the upcoming Logan Paul Boxing match in a tweet he shared his Disappointment writing I'm not venting I Just truly love entertaining you guys if You're going to spend your hard-earned Money it should be justified the police Didn't remove John Fury but removed me From the area does the Zone not realize I made this the biggest boxing fight of The year it is [ __ ] [ __ ] man I Wanted to look that coward dead in his Eyes but he was petrified Flying in the backup fighter kicking me

Out of the press conference no Face-Off And cutting all my interviews among Other things just keep killing the buzz I have for this fight I'm tired of the Disrespect maybe I'll just go silent and Let the Zone realize what I bring to the Table To this KSI commented the countdown to Pulling out the fight begins now Laughing my ass off can't wait for the Injury excuse Foreign Appearance on ESPN's DC and RC show Kamaru has been discussed Sean O'Malley And shared his thoughts as to why people Are so interested in O'Malley and why He's such a big star is Sean O'Malley's One of those kids that I I I really love I I like seeing him I like watching him And not just that I just I like the way That he carries himself and I think the Reason he announced that Fame is because It just seems real It seems real and offensive this is a Kid that he he shows you what he does he Loves to stay at home he loves to train He loves to smoke And and they just yeah And he loves he loves to smoke he loves To play video games A majority of where Society is nowadays And so he's doing it he's doing it raw He's doing it authentically and it Resonates through and I and I said it

The level of confidence that he was just Harboring and I think and you if you see Me and you and I talked about this a Little bit before when you do something In repetition long enough When it comes to Habit and with that Being that yeah but you could tell Sean Was just confident because this was a Habit for him just training relaxing at Home gaming smoking that was a habit and He does that so long that he's trying to Build the confidence of no one can touch Me During a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee show Sean O'Malley said that Conor McGregor reached out to him for The first time after his win over El Jermaine Sterling at UFC 292. Sean Shared what was mentioned in a recent DM Conversation he had with McGregor O'Malley also said that he wants to be The co-main event for UFC 296 in December with Conor McGregor being in The main event I saw Conor McGregor say Hey I think I'm ready to fight in December and I saw you comment on that Now that you're the champ yeah yeah You're getting back end points on that Thing are we making a super cart in December is that all you're seeing this Thing come together I'm really hoping so Um I actually Connor messaged me on Instagram for the first time uh

Yesterday he said baby we did it and uh I said we sure [ __ ] did I said I said You made an event and in December I'm Co-main event and he said all he replied Was shot Calla so I don't know what that Means but I feel like I kind of do Uh so I'm hoping that's a yes and and [ __ ] Irish following his most recent Loss to Alex Pereira Jan blarovich has Resumed training however it appears that The former UFC champ will need to Undergo surgery due to an injured elbow But I haven't shared a video to his Instagram page revealing the extent of The injury and estimating a recovery Time of approximately two weeks The global Program Jessica Hey in a white Prince former Professional baseball player Marty Cordova Marty later tried to get payback But failed here's the clip And here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Facebook and was posted By a user named Robert Our second place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named As shopped As It Gets And her top picked meme of the day was Found over Twitter and was posted by a Username to wsimu MMA Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And

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