RUDE awakening coming for MMA managers?! Dana White GETS PULLED OVER by police AGAIN! O’Malley

MMA news today:

MERAB DVALISHVILI calls Sean O’Malley to a fight in December

SEAN O’MALLEY claims he KO’d Alexandre Pantoja in sparring

MICHAEL BISPING talks what’s next for Chris Weidman after UFC 292 loss

A MAJOR UPDATE on UFC antitrust lawsuit

DANA WHITE reveals he was pulled over by police again

00:00 – Bisping talks what’s next for Chris Weidman after UFC 292 loss
02:05 – Sean O’Malley claims he KO’d Alexandre Pantoja in sparring
03:04 – Dana White gets pulled over by police again
03:32 – A major update on UFC antitrust lawsuit
06:06 – Merab Dvalishvili calls Sean O’Malley to a fight in December
07:56 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's video Bisping talks What's next for Chris Weidman after UFC 292 loss sha Melly claims he koed Alexandre Penta during sparring Dana White gets pulled over by police again a Major update on UFC antitrust lawsuit And mor Rob villy calls sha Elly to a Fight in December during the latest episode of His bym podcast Michael Bisping shared His thoughts on Chris wiman's Loss to Brad tarez and whether it's time for him To retire from MMA bising pointed out That Weidman has already suffered from a Knee injury and another one could make It difficult for him to make a comeback He also questioned whether Weidman Should continue fighting at all here's a Clip let's just talk about Chris Weidman Real quick because that against Brad Tarez that was hard to watch not that it Wasn't an exciting fight it was a very Exciting F I was in Philadelphia doing a Little appearance at a casino and the Atmosphere in there everyone was loving It I mean it was a good oldfashioned Scrap but to see the damage to the leg After returning two and a half years two And a half years away from the Octagon Snapped his leg to come back and then be Hopping around on one Leg and then now to hear that he's well I T his ACL or his MCL I'm not sure

Which one it was I saw a little video Him and Brad sarez he stood up out of His wheelchair for a picture nothing but Respect between the two of them coming Back from a loss we know he said he was He felt disrespected because he was on The prelims you know and he was going to Go out there and prove the world wrong And get his respect Back yeah tough to watch for him tough To watch Because when does he come back if he Needs surgery on a torn ACL or MCL he's Going to be out probably another year Another year and he's already 39 years Old I know the post fight press Conference D Dana was like we love you Chris but please please retire and then Chris came out gave a little statement I Saw it somewhere that he's not retiring Said he's not done in this sport yet According to the reigning UFC flyweight Champion alandre panta sha possessed his Footage of the sparking session together But has never shared it with him and Penta says there's a reason for That you know if you have uh some think Make him me go to the B this guy bro he Talk too much talk a lot of [ __ ] uh if you know about this guy uh he Recorded my Spire with hand he never Sent me you know why There responded tweeting it's defin not Cool to call out people below you and

Wait wa so I definitely won't even Mention that I'd not get Alex pinosa out Again Dana White just took to Instagram Sharing that he was pulled over by the Police yet again in the photo he posted A police car can be seen behind him and The insta is captioned good morning Dana Has not yet revealed why he was stopped Although if you believe history repeats Itself then back in 2021 the then 53-year-old UFC president was pulled Over in his Ferrari 488 spider for Speeding and in 2019 Dana was also stoed For being 23 Mi over the speed Limit we've got some major updates on The UFC antitrust lawsuit according to a Report from John S Nash of bloody elbow UFC's antitrust lawsuit is now on a fast Track for trial and all records will be Unsealed the article States judge bware Indicated that all records pertaining to The UFC antitrust lawsuit would be Unsealed soon with very limited red Actions for health and contact Information this this could reveal a Trove of information not only on zua Business and finances from previous Years but also relevant emails texts and Communication from its top Executives Pertaining to the important issues Raised from this case this would be Limited though to those documents that Had been entered in the case this means That a roote Awakening might be coming

For MMA managers Combat Sports Regulatory lawyer and MMA kickboxing Judge Eric mcracken provided some more Information on the topic A rude awakening might be coming Fast And Furious for some mixed martial arts Managers so this week the judge Overseeing the antitrust lawsuit against The UFC ordered that all of the Discovery documents are going to be Unsealed that means all sorts of Documents are going to see the light of Day now it's long been rumored that in Those documents are either text messages Or emails from manager To the UFC saying they're going to take Even less money for their Fighters than The UFC is willing to offer just so the Managers could cozy up to the promoter Basically manager saying hey I'm an easy Guy to work with so uh let's do more Business together and in doing that Throwing their own clients under the bus Now if this is true this is just a rumor But if this is true this is a breach of Fiduciary duty the courts hold that if You're a Combat Sports manager you owe a Fiduciary duty to your client in simple Terms all that means is you have to put Your client economic interests first not Yours so if you're trying to line your Pockets at the expense of your client's Interests you're in breach of fiduciary Duty you're not only risking to get sued

But you're risking to get run out of the Sport so keep your eye out on this rumor Disclosure if with what's rumored is True I think things are going to get Really shaken up in the MMA manager Space despite his recent injury morab Valvil has issued a challenge to sha Melly for a UFC title showdown at UFC 296 in a recent interview with Aaron Broner of TSN Sports the number two Ranked fighter made a compelling case For why he deserves the next title shot Villy also expressed confidence that He'll be fully recovered and ready to Face omali by the end of the year if the Fight was going to be in December would You be ready to fight sha Ali 1,00% I Will be ready I will be ready yes man I Know yeah my my hand Still the doctor just prove me to I can Start training fully like I can start Slowly punching and grappling but even Fight is if it's next month and I will I Will be ready because I don't care I'm I'm not I'm just going to ignore the Pain and I'm just going to fight um yeah Definitely December I will be ready and Uh it's the this fight will happen and Yeah I I would love to fight him Rob Also sent this message to sha Elli hey Sean uh respect for you and uh you Should give rematch Alo or you should Fight me uh you are you are good fighter And now you are champion and you should

Fight only for the best and U me and Alo We are the best here in this Division And uh not somebody from outside of top Top five just think about me and Alo no One else like stop please stop looking For easy fights you are Champion now and Respect yourself respect UFC and respect The people who watch UFC and here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Reddit and was posted by A user named Poon our second place pick was found Over Instagram and was posted by a usern Named as shopped as it Gets and a top picked meme of the day Was found over Reddit and was posted by A username raw Power thank you guys for watching if you Like the video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News