Paige VanZant: 1 day of OnlyFans revenue beat all fight paydays combined


Paige VanZant has spoken before about the payoff of posting racy content on OnlyFans. But the UFC and BKFC vet recently made a staggering claim about the scale of that payoff.

In an interview on the Only Stans video podcast, VanZant said one day of her earning from the web platform was more valuable than all of her fight purses combined.

Only Stans host Glenny Balls named the UFC when framing the question of VanZant’s fight earnings vs. Only Fans, and VanZant didn’t say whether the money she made was specifically from the UFC or from her career in both the octagon and BKFC, which followed after her exit from the industry-leader in 2021.

It’s safe to say, however, that the move changed VanZant’s life forever.

“I’ve been really fortunate that my career, even outside of the UFC and outside of fighting, has been pretty successful,” VanZant said. “I’ve worked pretty hard in other industries and trying to cross over to I guess more of a mainstream personality. But yes, Only Fans has definitely been my largest source of income.

“I would say combined in my fighting career, I think I made more money in 24 hours on Only Fans that I had in my entire fighting career combined. … And so that’s why it’s hard as a person…you know, [I] was nervous about the stigma, but now … it’s hard to walk away. I feel like … when you’re one of those people that you were born poor, you grew up poor and then you become rich, it’s almost like you always just feel poor. So you always want to continue to work hard and I am lucky I’m in a position where I have been able to help my family; my husband and I help our family, and we do everything we can to bring everybody up to the table. … So it … it’s justifies doing, you know, exclusive content, knowing that I’m helping take care of everybody around me.”

“So Paige VanZant confirmed rich?” Balls asked.

“I would assume so,” replied VanZant with a smile.

In a previous interview with MMA Fighting, VanZant said her move to OF had paid off huge, but she also noted that success hadn’t robbed her of the desire to continue fighting.

“Theoretically I could [retire],” VanZant said. “I don’t have to fight another day in my life. It’s an athlete thing and some people wouldn’t understand it. If you ask LeBron James why do you still play basketball? You don’t need to. Why do all these NBA players, NFL players get to a point in their career like Tom Brady — he doesn’t need to play football anymore, but why does he? Because he’s the greatest of all time, because he wants to continue to compete. It’s what he does. It’s in his blood.

“I don’t compare myself to those people and their greatness, but definitely to their drive to want to continue to be successful. I feel like that’s a part of me as well.”

VanZant is currently not booked with BKFC, but is expected to return for one last fight.


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