Morning Report: Colby Covington claims Jon Jones ‘refuses to share a card with me’ for UFC 295 title fights

Colby Covington doesn’t see himself competing in Madison Square Garden at UFC 295 in November.

It’s been over a year and a half since “Chaos” stepped foot inside the octagon. In March 2022, Covington defeated his former best friend turned bitter rival Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 via a unanimous decision and has rarely been seen since. The one-time interim welterweight titlist re-emerged in the public eye this past March as the backup fighter for Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman 3 at UFC 286. Covington’s willingness to take the role seemingly set himself up as the guaranteed next title challenger, according to UFC President Dana White. The boss has indicated on several occasions that Covington is indeed next for the champion Edwards, it’s just a matter of when.

The promotion returns to New York City’s world-famous Madison Square Garden arena in November for UFC 295, a place Covington fought directly before besting Masvidal when challenging the then-champion Usman in their rematch. When commenting on the potential Edwards vs. Covington bout in recent months, both Covington and White have spoken with hope about the matchup going down at UFC 295. However, Covington believes his bridge-burning with old roommate and current UFC 295 headliner Jon Jones may be costing him.

“A little birdie told me, Michael [Bisping], that he (Jones) went backstage with the suits and the big dogs of the UFC and said, hey, he refuses to share a card with me,” Covington said on Bisping’s YouTube channel. “So, they’re gonna give him what he wants. They don’t want to ruin their New York show, and they’re still hoping he shows up. But they need a backup plan. He’s not reliable. I’m the ultimate company man.

“Is Jon Jones going to be willing to share a card with his former college roommate who knows all his dirty secrets, all the dirty skeletons in his closet? I bet that he’s going over to the UFC right now and he’s telling them, ‘Yo, I’m not sharing a card with Colby. I will refuse to fight here.’

“So, the only way I see that fight happening is, we know Jon’s unpredictable, we know he might go sniff some white girls, kind of like Joe Biden,” he concluded. “He’s not to be relied on. He might get pulled off the card, and we might have to save the day and be the main event.”

The current UFC heavyweight champion Jones is set to make his first title defense of his second-career divisional strap against Stipe Miocic. It will be only Jones’ second fight in the past three years since returning from a hiatus that saw him leave his light heavyweight division and title behind for larger challenges.

Covington and Jones roomed together during their time at Iowa Central Community College in 2007. Throughout his professional MMA career, Jones has been his own worst enemy of sorts, getting into trouble out of the cage with legal and banned substance issues resulting in several setbacks. The welterweight contender alleges that Jones’ demons were present dating back to their collegiate wrestling days.

“It all went sour when he started doing steroids to bulk up,” Covington said. “So, his mood swings and all the stuff he was putting in his body was affecting his emotions, and he had mood swings. He would literally just be bipolar. One day he would be completely fine and we would be best friends; the next day he would just be like, ‘Oh, Colby! Your shoes are messed up wrong. Why didn’t you put them perfectly in the corner?’ I’m like, ‘Bro, it’s just my shoes. What’s the big deal? We’ve been tighter than that and closer than that for long enough.’

“Not even that, Mike. Look at the piece of s*** that he is. His last felony, he’s beating up his wife, left his wife a bloody mess in that hotel, and went to jail. This guy is a dirtbag. Hitting a Bentley with two hookers in the back. Hitting a pregnant lady at a stop sign, then fleeing the scene with drugs. It’s just countless thing after thing, failing steroid tests. The truth is the truth. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet, and I want the world to see it. I don’t want him being painted in a good light because he’s not a God-fearing man. He’s an evil spirit.”

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It would be pretty amazing if the reason Covington were to get replaced with Belal Muhammad for the Edwards title fight was that UFC wants it on UFC 295 but can’t risk any Jones interactions. I don’t think there would be any real issues if they both fight then but obviously, there’d be some Jones provocation.

Happy Friday, gang. Enjoy the weekend and Boston action. Thanks for reading.


Will Colby Covington fight in 2023?

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