MMA Community ‘VERY DISAPPOINTED’ with Jon Jones’ UFC 295 withdrawal!Islam REACTS to P4P rank update

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DIN THOMAS gets honest on Khamzat Chimaev’s UFC 294 performance

JON JONES injured & out of UFC 295 fight vs. Stipe Miocic

MMA COMMUNITY react to Jones vs. Miocic fight cancellation

TOM ASPINALL reacts to short-notice fight vs. Serghei Pavlovich

DANIEL CORMIER on what’s next for Islam Makhachev after UFC 294

ISLAM MAKHACHEV reacts to UFC’s P4P ranking update

00:00 – Islam Makhachev reacts to UFC’s P4P ranking update
01:26 – Daniel Cormier on what’s next for Islam Makhachev after UFC 294
03:24 – Jon Jones out of UFC 295 fight vs. Stipe Miocic
04:11 – MMA community react to Jones vs. Miocic fight cancellation
04:57 – Tom Aspinall reacts to short-notice fight vs. Serghei Pavlovich
05:42 – Din Thomas gets brutally honest on Khamzat Chimaev’s UFC 294 performance
07:27 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started last weekend Islam makev knocked Out Alexander volkanovski in the main Event of UFC 294 in doing so he Successfully retained his UFC Lightweight championship and firmly Cemented himself as the best 155 pounder On the planet in the eyes of many the Wins should have been enough to make him The number one pound-for-pound fighter In the UFC's official rankings while he Did move above volkanovski he was still Left at number two behind Jon Jones on Two Tuesday makach came back to Russia And was asked by media what he thinks of The latest pound-for-pound rankings Here's what he Said After UFC 294 many have asked the Question who will is makev fight next The first names that come to mind are Either Charles Olivera or Justin gatei However Daniel Cormier thinks Differently speaking on the DC and RC Show Cormier suggested that makev should Fight Conor McGregor next and explained Why this fight makes a lot of sense all Right man well if I'm being completely Honest I got some friends that's Probably going to be a little Disappointed but I know who Islam should Fight next and there's no disrespect to Gay ch Uh Chandler or anybody I think Islam

Should fight Conor McGregor next because Listen to this now and you have you have To listen right you have to listen RC It's builtin it's built in it's the Biggest money fight the UFC can make and Why not you have Islam mahv who looks to Be a guy that's going to be a dominant Champion in order to have that dominant Champion go to the next level of Superstardom you need a foil you need a Guy that can Elevate him the guy that Can Elevate him to that level is Conor McGregor because look at what Conor McGregor did or beating Conor McGregor Did for Dustin porier look at what it Did for khabib norga medov if we're not Even talking about all the other levels At which this just makes sense you have Islam fighting Connor after the issues Connor has had with khabib and Everything else you have Islam fighting Connor the biggest star in mixed martial Arts coming back to the UFC Ryan it Makes sense and for the people that go Lost his last fight it doesn't matter it Makes all the sense of the world Jon Jones versus steep miic will no longer Happen at UFC 295 late Tuesday night Dana White announced that Jones suffered An injury in training that will prevent Him from competing on November 11th Yuri Prohaska and Alex peda now serve as the Main event in Sergey pavlovich faces Tom Aspen for the interim heavyweight title

What's up everybody here we are again You know Jon Jones was training last Night got injured he was wrestling and He tore the tendon that connects your Peck to the Bone off the bone 8 months Going to need surgery he out so the main Event is prasa versus Pereira the Co-main event now is pavich versus Aspen For the interim Heavyweight Championship Here's how the MMA Community reacted to The disciplining news Amy Kaplan wrote I Don't think we ever see steepe miic Again BJ Penn said wishing you a speedy Recovery champ at Johnny Bones banovski Joked tweeting I volunteer his tribute Obviously wish Johnny Bones all the best In recovery Max Holloway damn more Craziness Mark Randi a lot of people are Asking why didn't miic stay on UFC 295 And fight for the interim belt what Would be the point Jones versus miic was The Legacy fight why risk losing that if You're miic the UFC can still rebook it For next year and it would be just as Big Shan Ali shika State athletic Commission took care of it and Stefan Stru concluded damn here's what Tom Aspen had to say say about stepping in On two weeks notice to fight Sergey Pavlovich good morning everybody yes the Rumors are in fact true I am fighting Sergey pavlovich in two weeks time and Obviously my phone is going absolutely Insane right now

Questions tickets interviews people want To know everything but um I'm going to Be staying off social media quite Frankly I have two weeks to train for This and I'm going to get myself as Ready as possible and I don't have time For social media right now so appreciate All the support sure there's a lot of Hate out there as well love you too and I'll probably see you on the other side CU I ain't got time to reply into loads Of messages peace out Dean Thomas is not Impressed by hamash shim's performance Against Kamar Usman at UFC 294 speaking on MMA today the former UFC Fighter and current MMA analyst Explained why he thinks shimay have is Not a championship level fighter as many People believe him to Be listen man he doesn't have the Discipline or the Disposition to be a championship level Fighter okay and that's just what it is Now here's the thing and this is not What I'm doing this is what everybody Else does they go well if there was two More rounds he would have won I'm not Basing this on well if it was two more Rounds Usman would have won I'm basing This on his body of work and the way he Fights he's a complete front runner and Not if you tat to rounds but the fact That in order for him to win he has got To beat you in the front and then he

Hangs on to it and he starts to get wild When it's not going his way that is not Championship level Material he has Shown no ability to make Real tactical adjustments in fights he Just gets Wild and then and then after every fight He gets Humbled even though he wins he's humbled Because he didn't kill him the way he Thought he was supposed to because he Didn't go the way it went in his head or It didn't go the way it went in his Fights his first couple of fights in Abu Ghabi where he was screaming and running Around and acting like the man so when a Guy gives him trouble he's humbled That's not the way Championship level Fighters react and that's not the way They conduct himself themselves he is Not a championship level Fighter here's top three memes found on The internet today third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a username Cheesy second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a usern named Ardom and the top picked meme of the day Was found over Instagram and was posted By a usern named as shopped as it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe cribe to stay in the Talk