MMA Community ROAST Israel Adesanya over alleged ‘dog fet*sh’! Dana White FIRES BACK at PFL CEO!

MMA news today:

ISRAEL ADESANYA compares Sean Strickland to Paulo Costa

SEAN STRICKLAND spars a fan at UFC 293 open workouts

MMA COMMUNITY roast Israel Adesanya for allegedly having a ‘dog fetsh’

PFL founder takes shots at Dana White & the UFC

DANA WHITE responds to Donn Davis’ comments

00:00 – PFL founder takes shots at Dana White & the UFC
01:59 – Dana White responds to Donn Davis’ comments
03:09 – Sean Strickland spars a fan at UFC 293 open workouts
04:13 – MMA community roast Israel Adesanya for allegedly having a ‘dog fetsh’
06:16 – Israel Adesanya compares Sean Strickland to Paulo Costa
08:04 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started in today's video the pfl's Founder takes shots at Dana White in the UFC Dana White response to Don Davis's Comments Sean Strickland spars a fan at UFC 293 open workouts MMA Community Roast is rosna for allegedly having a Dog fish and isra assign Compares sha Strickland to Paulo Costa pfl founder Don Davis recently Took some Digs at Dana White and the UFC In an interview on front office Sports Podcast Davis compared pfl to UFC saying That they pay better and Fighters are Not under somebody's thumb he said UFC Is a great company but pfl is a great Company we do everything they do and we Do some things better one we pay better And two you're in control in the pfl You're not under somebody's thumb what You do inside the cage controls your Future we've never had a fight or leave Pfl in 5 years we're not a feeder League Not one has ever left when they get here They go this is Fant fantastic and two We've recruited a lot from the other Guys Francis and ganu being the latest And the biggest so we think our system Of treating athletes Fighters first will Prove to be the better system long term But the best thing we can do for the Fighter and the industry and our own Company is be fighter first and create Opportunity he continued UFC doesn't

Talk much about this they just like to Have like Dana White pick out people That he thinks fight well we have a much More systematic and a much more global System system than just one guy we Scout About 10,000 Fighters around the world Think of it in baseball terms you're Scouting single a able a AAA and Major League Talent obviously the very biggest Talent in the world fights in the pfl Global league but that's only 72 Fighters a year that's it out of 10,000 Fighters who can compete at that level What do you guys make of these comments From the pfl founder do you agree with These claims let us know your thoughts In the comments Below during a recent dwcs press Conference Dana White responded to Don Davis's comments about the UFC and Suggested that he's either delusional or Just Uninformed um well There's one of two things in that There's either a lot of Delusion or uh he's Uninformed um almost everything in that In that uh statement is incorrect except For what happens in the cage the Determines your future I think that's The only right thing that he said and And you know what good for him you know Get out there let's fire it up let's you Know whatever it's all good

Um yeah listen I I've said this before About the Pfl I uh I I have no beef with those Guys those guys have always been standup Guys and and and have always been uh Classy when it comes to to to the Business um you know these guys are are Are in this to compete with us and uh I I respect That during UFC 293s open workouts Wednesday at the Sydney Town Hall Sean Strickland invited a fan onto the stage For a quick sparring session here's the Video Got Come on We oh we're going let's Go A few months ago isra posted a Controversial video of himself touching His dog inappropriately now Izzy has Come under Fire once again after Shan Strickland reared a video of MMA Guru Allegedly exposing Adisa for having a Dog fish hey sorry guys I had to delete That content I truly didn't want to Because it is eye opening and super Super freaky super freaky but uh yeah I'm pretty sure like he was violating Instagram's guidelines and man MMA Guru I don't know why I watched that dude but Yeah I don't know guys Izzy also made Some questionable comments during his Interview on The Breakfast Club when he

Got asked about having sex before a Fight what about [ __ ] did that affect You not never dude n man that's a myth Okay facts I made records this week I'll Just I'll just leave it at that Fight not just in the fight game not Just in the cage I was making records Shout out to the puppy the puppy whoa What numerous fans took to the YouTube Comments section under one of the UFC's Videos to criticize Zan's remarks one Fan wrote is he has that dog in him Literally another said shout out to the Puppy Israel after being asked about Having before a fight shout out to the Puppy this guy sold his soul a long time Ago after the guru video I just can't Anym with Izzy I was a fan Man actually Horrible cringe and disappointing I knew Something was up when he tried baiting DDP in the Bobby Knuckles fight the last Dog Bender Izzy forgot to shout out his Wife I mean puppy in this video I hope Somehow Shawn wins but unfortunately we Stuck with puppy Bender as champ pet Store is on high alert in Australia and Here's some reactions from Twitter MMA Bas Chad said everybody know what he is Willing to do with sha after sub is he Dog going to have red panty night the Press conference just got that much more Interesting I don't know if I'm more Excited about the presser or the fight Lol at the UFC 293 media day isod

Assigned Drew comparisons between his Upcoming opponent Shan Strickland and Previous fighters he's faced he noted That Strickland style Echoes that of Paulo Costa character izing him is Effective primarily against human Punching bags he he looks good against Guys who are human punching Bags roll back the tap UFC 253 I said The same thing about Paula Costa and This is not my ego talking this is just Me speaking strictly facts I said Paulo Looks good against guys who are human Punching bags look at um Deshawn's last Fight he fought the bus and he was a Human punching bag just stood there and Got beat the fu up and I told you guys Polo will not catch me I will catch him Eventually and I told him I was knocking The out and I did um again this is not My ego talking it's just me speaking Facts sea fights guys and looks good Against them because they let him look Good against them and they let him get In their head um but again I've I've Done this how many times this is deja vu This is deja vu to me like all the Shit's semi fun but what I really want To do is is fight I really want to fight And showcase and also watch my team Showcase as well before me and yeah all That's cap you have one chance to make a First impression and he already failed That when I tapped him on the ass you

All saw the receipts right I wasn't Trying to be a I was just saying hello Then he gets on stage and starts talking I'm going to come down there and you're I'll fight you can get my number and now I'm Like 3 minutes ago you were and then After that backstage he just Be lines away from me and I was just Like all right Cap and here are the top three memes Picked on the internet today third place Was found over Reddit and was posted by A username Capital Punish our second place pick was found Over Instagram and it was posted by a Username Beaver Smash TV and a top pick was found over Twitter And it was posted by a user named doy Simu MMA Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk