MMA Community REACT to Jon Jones’s STATEMENT on UFC 295 withdrawal! Gaethje REFUSESto fight Holloway

MMA news today:

CONOR MCGREGOR breaks down Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou

MAX HOLLOWAY reacts to Justin Gaethje refusing to fight him for the BMF belt

JON JONES speaks out for the first time following UFC 295 withdrawal

MMA COMMUNITY send a message of support to Jon Jones

SEAN O’MALLEY shows off his new training technique

GEORGES ST-PIERRE loses a bet and pay his dues in a restaurant

00:00 – Justin Gaethje refuses to fight Max Holloway for BMF belt
01:11 – Jon Jones apologizes to Stipe Miocic for UFC 295 scratch
03:26 – MMA community send a message of support for Jones
04:06 – Sean O’Malley shows off his new training technique
04:47 – Conor McGregor breaks down Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou
06:54 – Georges St-Pierre loses a bet & pays his dues in a restaurant
07:43 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started it looks like Max hway wants to Get a shot at Justin Gate's BMF belt in A recent interview with ESP ESPN MMA Gatei named Max how as the most worthy Opponent to fight for the BMF belt gatei Also added that he's not interested in This fight because he likes Max too much I already beat up Chandler so he's not There uh that would be that would be one I would say Hall but I don't ever want To fight Hall so why not I don't know I Just don't have I don't want to I don't Want to punch Him just too nice of a guy or N I just Don't it's not necessary I need to know Why you don't want to punch uh Max I Mean he's a good I like him too much I Like him he's a good dude I don't know Him personally but you know I'm a fan of His yeah I don't prefer to punch him um But if if I have to I would I guess you Know now Holloway responded to Gate's Comments tweeting if you change your Mind brother how about one for the fans # BMF what do you guys make of a potential Match up between Hollow and gatei would You like to see the two fighters scrap For the BMF belt let us know in the Comments Below Jon Jones has spoken out for the First time following UFC 295s withdrawal In a video posted to his social media

Jones thanked his fans for support Apologized to stie mic and shared a Timetable for his Return hey what's going on everybody This is your boy John Jones just wanted To make a quick video let you guys know How I was doing um first of all thank You to all the fans thank you for every To everybody who's checked in with me to See how I was feeling Obviously very sad situation very upset Um but I've been through a lot of things In life and injuries is a part of being An athlete um I want to thank the UFC For uh getting me into one of the best Doctors in the country Dr Allan trash uh Thank you to Dr alen and his staff Members over here in California for Seeing me so quick I wanted to say thank You to step Amo all the work that he's Put in also sorry to sleepy and his team Like I said this comes with the Territory Um thank all my coaches and training Partner everyone who's helped me get uh This far can't even say get to the fight Um but the goal is to uh get surgery Tomorrow and uh Get back to work as soon as possible Um I guess it'll be Steep and I at a Later date and uh that's my plan so uh It'll be surgery and uh physical therapy For me for the next several months um But I'm committed I'm committed and uh

My head is high uh thank you to everyone Who's prayed for me and um I love you All again sincere apology to the fans I Know some of you guys Um it was a huge commitment to get out To Madison Square Garden hopefully these Other heavyweights uh asol and Sergey put on a great show for you Guys I may even show up to the event to Watch um but I love you all and uh your Boy John Jones is doing okay I'll be Okay all Right take Care in the comments section Jones Received a lot of support from the MMA Community Alex P wrote have a good Recovery excited to see coming back Always rooting for you John anik heal up Would be great to still have you in the Building Chuck Norris praying for a Speedy recovery for you brother God Bless Tyron Woodley wrote godspeed Nina Drama said we love you John wishing you A speedy recovery Henry cejudo stay up Go yiss Jr said speedy recovery champ Dr Bu Hightower tough 24 hours my brother All just set up for a Triumph vict Comeback God gave me style God gave me Grace and ariani Celeste wrot heal up in A recent video posted to his social Media sha Elly shows off his new Training technique belt Control back Conor McGregor has announced that he'll

Be heading to Saudi Arabia to watch the Francis and GS Tyson Fury boxing match Connor also made a short breakdown of The fight and said that he wouldn't Count Francis out as he always has a Punch his chance what's up guys the Notorious Conor McGregor Here just uh just getting on to to Announce to happily Announce I will be heading to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia early a.m. Tomorrow for a big heavyweight Blockbuster Fight between boxer Tyson Fury and mixed Martial AR artist Francis Inano um I'd like to talk about the belt Great belt interesting about Francis Enanu for me is more of a kickboxer and A slash boxer than he Is a mixed martial artist in my opinion Now he's more of a standup fighter than He is a mixed martial Artist you start throwing in Grappling with Francis you Know it it's it's never it's never good For him it's he has a striker mentality This will stand to him in this Bel he Has a tall ask uh with Tyson Fury but you know any man can land the Shot Tyson can Tyson does get hit you Would not know it's going to be a tough Ask I'm excited excited to see it unfold The Mike Tyson influx into this in Francis inu's corner is very interesting

Francis has power Francis has big Power With a Striker's mentality you know if It gets a bit tougher for him in the Later rounds the striker mentality would Stand to him versus it was mixed martial Artist Mentality so you know with the power With that Anything Can Happen Ty Mike Tyson in the corner that type of style Could be a Kryptonite of a long of a Long h of a long rangey distance type of Fighter in Tyson Fury and yeah know I Don't think Tyson's going to want to let Him test let Francis test his power on Him Geor St Pierre loses bet and has to Pay his dues in a restaurant We have a bet I don't think you going to Pay huh you going to pay the BET Now can Choose the you can choose the space if You Want Here up to You are you [ __ ] Serious you serious Now [Music] [Music] Like You here are the top three memes found On the internet today third place was Found over Facebook and was posted by a User named hilarious MMA second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named

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