MMA Community GOES OFF on UFC over LEAKED Conor McGregor pay! EXTREMELY LOW PPV numbers Ngannou-Fury

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COACH ERICK NICSICK breaks down Francis Ngannou vs. Deontay Wilder in MMA

BRENDAN SCHAUB criticizes Dana White for letting Ngannou leave the UFC

‘EXTREMELY LOW’ PPV numbers for Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury

MMA COMMUNITY reacts to Conor McGregor’s leaked UFC pay

MICHAEL BISPING gets honest on Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match

00:00 – Ngannou vs. Fury did ‘TERRIBLE’ numbers on PPV
01:02 – Bisping gets honest on Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match
02:52 – Coach Erick Nicksick breaks down Ngannou vs. Wilder in MMA
04:36 – Brendan Schaub criticizes Dana White for letting Ngannou leave the UFC
06:04 – MMA Community reacts to Conor McGregor’s leaked UFC pay
08:43 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show Started welcome back to MMA talk today's Top story Francis andano and Tyson Fury Boxing match falls short on pay-per-view Numbers according to a report from Dave Melter of the wrestling Observer Newsletter Tyson Fury versus Francis Nanu did terrible numbers on Pay-per-view while the exact number Wasn't given it was a fraction of the Jake Paul vers Nate Diaz fight which Happened in August and did 450k in Pay-per-view buys the Tweet reads and Observer radio discussing the fury and G Pay-per-view buys I will have the exact Numbers tomorrow but they were terrible Way below an aw pay-per-view possibly 10K for TV orders I'll have the Streaming tomorrow it was nothing close To Canelo or Diaz Paul bu while the Pay-per-view numbers are disappointing It likely won't impact either man moving Forward for his part Tyson Fury is still Booked for an Undisputed Championship Clash with Alexander usyk in February While Francis ganu is already in talks With Saudi Arabia for another about Early next Year Michael Bisping has weighed in on a Potential Anthony Joshua versus Francis Inano boxing match yesterday reports Came out that Francis ganu is open to The possibility of stepping into Tyson Fury's vacated December 23rd date as

According to boxing news who claim Former WBO Champion Joseph Parker and Surging heavyweight zelay Zang are Contenders to face the Predator another Big name considered as inu's next Opponent is Anthony Joshua however Michael bising believes it would be a Big mistake for for Joshua to take the Fight speaking on his bym podcast bising Explained why Joshua shouldn't take a Fight against nanu there's also this to Consider because if you're Anthony Joshua and off the top of my head I Forget he won his last one but he had a Couple of helenus I think it was he got Beat by Andre Ruiz he got beat by usk Twice in the rle you know what I'm Saying yeah it's a bit of a roll of the Dice yeah considering that he's lost Three in his last whatever granted over A couple of years or whatever he was But it's still it's still a risk because Look at what Tyson Fury just did and I Am sorry to say this if you're a fury Fan but the honest the honest uh Statement is that his stock dropped tyon His Fury stock has dropped so if you're Anthony Joshua I would say if I was managing as Well say hold on a minute no man alive Should be going out there fighting this Guy just yet because there's not enough Tape on him there's not much on him it Was his first ever boxing match he

Shocked the world for someone like Joshua can't afford to risk a lose sry a Loss to Anthony Joshua you want to see More footage you want to see more tape You want to see the Rhythm you want to See the shot selection the timing and All the rest of it right now there's one Fight and he almost beat Tyson Fury so I Don't know I don't know if they would Necessarily take that just yet while We're on the topic of enanu his coach Eric nixi shared an early breakdown on The Deontay Wilder fight Francis G Recently revealed that they're in talks With Deontay Wilder's team about a Potential fight in boxing or an MMA Speaking to Jimmy Smith on unlocking the Cage coach Nick sik predicted what would Happen if Wilder and ganu fought in MMA Hear it from Coach you know I I think um the boxing Side of things is a lot like looking in A mirror I think when it comes to our Styles where you know Wilders might not Be that polished of a boxer per se but Where he's unpredictable is is the the Way the the punches come out the power Which they come out of um I think those Things would be kind of like you know be Fun challenge for us in a lot of ways um But where if it were to be MMA I it Wouldn't it wouldn't last around I mean When Tyson Tyson Fury came walking out Of the bathroom when I so I had to watch

Tyson get his hands wrapped he came Walking out of the bathroom and the First thing I looked at was his legs and I was like I was like oh bro we would Chop this tree down bad and and then um So I said I said to Tyson he was Wrapping his hands like bro you're built Like Gro we were cracking up so Um can't take a leg kick man exactly I Think I think stance alone like you know How these boxers with their bladed Stance um that would that would just Give us leg kicks for days and I think Um if if if one of these guys were to Cross over to MMA there they would have To change their and I don't think they Would understand what we would do to Those legs right away and then not only That like one takedown it's a WP brenon Shaw has criticized Dana White for Letting Francis nanu leave the UFC Speaking on the most recent episode of His thick boy podcast Brendan discussed How Dana White's ego has led him to make The biggest mistake ever in Combat Sports sha believes that Dana not Getting involved in Tyson Fury versus Francis nanu was a huge mistake for the UFC and and here here's what bums me out About all This as much as we don't want to say It's UFC versus boxing this was even More UFC vers boxing than Conor vers

Floyd because we actually had a chance Here and it it pains me to see that Dana White's not part of it because you have Izzy there you had Usman there you had Conor McGregor there you had Vince McMahon there you had the Undertaker There which are under the TKO ban right Then Dana White's ego he can't give it Up and it's very very rare where Dana White makes a mistake of this magnitude He made a royal mistake Ben against Francis aanu to be fair as a businessman He probably made the right choice in Hindsight now that we're here royal Royal mess up cuz you have the most Relevant fighter on the planet and he's Not with the UFC He has nothing to do with the UFC matter Of fact he hates the UFC another Hot Topic is how the MMA Community reacted To Conor McGregor's leaked UFC pay an Expert report recently unsealed in the UFC antitrust case reveals strong Clues To the pay of top Stars such as Conor McGregor Ronda Rousey Jon Jones and Others between 2011 and 2016 among the Largest paydays indicated by the report Is the notorious McGregor who appears to Have made approximately 20 5 million in Bouts during that time period which Included his fights against Chad Mendes Jose Aldo Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez For the mendz fight McGregor was paid 3.2 million on the 132 KO win over Aldo

Connor cashed in 4.4 million and for the Nate Diaz fight he was paid 5.5 million For the first fight and 5.6 million for The rematch back then in 2015 and 2016 a UFC pay-per-view cost $59.99 during that time Conor McGregor Sold 6.2 million pay-per-view use and Earned 25 million when he generated 372 Million for the UFC this means that McGregor was only paid 6.7% of the revenue from the UFC the Leaked information has sparked a massive Debate among MMA enthusiasts and here Are some of their reactions one fan said And that's just pay-per-views they did 17.7 million for the gate at UFC 205 Alone forget about the amount of eyes That Conor brought on the UFC at the Time pretty much getting them the ESPN Deal they got now ridiculous man Dana Doesn't deserve Conor at Bald will pay For his sins another fan tweeted this Makes no sense he had to win those Fights to become the champ champ Connor That we know today now he owns a piece Of the UFC I think Dana has treated him Fine and if he hasn't Connor would have Let us all know Connor also said in an Interview before the first Diaz fight That he made the UFC 400 million in 8 Months crazy Dana took care of him in The locker room I forgot out which Fighter said it Bisping or someone I bet You if Connor only made that amount he

Wouldn't be in the UFC right now Connor Should have been paid Floyd Mayweather Money per fight with the amount of Pay-per-views he sells they not really Made all the money in that era as Someone who has been watching the sport Since the Royce Gracie days where you Need to go through several fighters in One night for the chance at a grand Prize of 50k I never thought I'd see the Day where fans would complain about a Fighter making 25 million people hate Dana so much they will argue someone is Underpaid who literally makes a 100 Times their entire family's income I Always said Connor was the most Underpaid athlete of all time every time He's fought since 2018 he's made the Company at least hundreds of millions And they only pay him a small fraction Of It here are the top three memes you guys Picked from the internet today third Place was found over Instagram and was Posted by usern named as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over Twitter and was posted by a user named O MMA And the top picked meme was found over Facebook and was posted by username Ardam thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk