Michael Chandler FIRES BACK at Islam Makhachev! Jose Aldo RETURNS to UFC! O’Malley MOCKS Chito Vera

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00:00 Isaac Dulgurian accuses his opponent of cheating
02:28 Merab Dvalishvili takes on Helen Yee in swimming
03:22 Sean O’Malley ‘interviews’ Chito Vera after UFC 299
04:30 Jose Aldo ends retirement
05:37 Tom Aspinall reacts to Jon Jones encounter
07:18 Michael Chandler responds to Islam Makhachev’s criticism
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All right let's get the show started Let's start today's news with Isaac Dgeren accusing Christian Rodriguez of Cheating dgeren had his undefeated Record snapped last night at UFC Vegas 88 when he lost the controversial split Decision to Christian Rodriguez from Inside of the UFC Apex in Las Vegas just Hours after the fight delarian took to Instagram to break down what happened And accused his opponent of Cheating hey guys I appreciate the Support man uh I don't really know what Happened in this fight I don't feel like I lost this fight and as you can tell I'm not super banged up um round one I Scored a 108 across the scorecards and Round two I had about 4 minutes and 10 Seconds control time really only ate one Significant strik and somehow two of These judges gave him round two and then Round three obviously I lost that round Wasn't very uh optically pleasing but it Is what it is man uh one thing I did Notice though is I had to use a lot of Strength and energy to keep this guy Down about 3 minutes into round one I'm Completely dry and this guy is shining You know I've grappled thousands of Bodies and I know when people are Cheating this guy was lubed up he had Lotion on or something and it is what it Is man I can't really do anything about It but Mark Coleman is readmitted to the

Hospital because of pneumonia on Friday The same day that he was released from The hospital Coleman was later Readmitted and diagnosed with pneumonia His daughter Kenzie announced this Through her father's social media Channels on Saturday writing daily Update Kenzie here hi everyone it's been A whirlwind of a week yesterday my dad Was released from St Vincent in Toledo Where they thought he was stable enough To go home we were only home for about An hour in Columbus when he started to Have numbness in his arms and chest pain Of course my sister and I rushed him Back to the hospital where we found out He has now developed pneumonia despite All this he is still his same positive Spunky Spitfire self just as you can Imagine from the video above he wants to Again thank you all for the support and Love you have shown him and US during This extremely difficult Time up everybody Mark the H com here Feeling a little rough today but we'll Be all right because I'm still sober So's cool got that n says nant love you Guys I got to get trained they won't let Me out of my Bed Hammer house is for Life robbed by Vilan Helen ye go Swimming MMA journalist Helen ye who is Also a competitive swimmer shared a Video of her competing against morab the

Cardio King bsh villy in an underwater Breathholding swimming challenge amidst The light Drizzle Great job good job Nice how do you Feel it's I like challenges this is Always good shanelly mocks Cho vera After UFC 29's win the UFC bantamweight Champ has posted a new clip to social Media mocking his rival cheito Vera what's up guys this the sh Show and I got a special guest for you exclusive Interview with the one the only Cheeto Bear we're so here we are sitting now With Cheeto really I'm glad you I'm Surprised you're sitting down with me Honestly just because of the whooping I Gave you like how did you take that me But next okay um so the first fight Clearly was Luke uh you have zero first Round finishes and somehow you finish me In the first round do you still think That was a finish no okay good um what Else that the grease the hair so I'm Just curious I know you you tweeted that You think that cuz I greased my hair Helped me win I'm curious in what Position did that greasy Hair and how did you even come to the Conclusion my hair was greasy you didn't Didn't even get close enough to smell my Hair you know what I mean like Jose Aldo Ends his retirement as reported by

Brazilian news Outlet AG fight Aldo is Set to come out of his 2-year retirement From Mi martial arts with a homecoming Fight at UFC 301 in Rio de Janeiro the Former UFC featherweight champ will take On Rising Contender 29-year-old Jonathan Martinez in a banto scrap Martinez is on A six-fight win streak with victories Over the likes of Adrien janz saer mcov Cub Swanson and Vince Morales meanwhile This will Aldo's first MMA fight since Losing to morab vaj Vil at UFC 279 back In August of 2022 Aldo retired from MMA A month after that loss because of the Birth of his baby son the UFC did allow Him to participate in other Combat Sports a year later in 2023 he competed In three boxing matches winning two Professionally and drawing one with Fellow UFC veteran Jeremy Stevens this Upcoming fight marks Aldo's return to MMA competition after his retirement What do you guys make of Aldo's decision To return to MMA do you think he still Got it let us know your thoughts in the Comments Below Tom espanol reacts to his Jon Jones encounter espanol has released More footage of him approaching Jon Jones on Saturday the Brit said that he Was feeling out Jones's reach when he Put his hand on his Shoulder just saying hello just saying Hello what's going on M how are you

Hello Bab m We're going to do this thing I would Hope so I would love to man I would hope So respect man all the best respect all The best do a quick picture sure yeah Let's get it a face off just no no okay No no problem no problem no Problem that's great thank you guys Thanks John appreciate it I would love To have the honor one day I would love To have the honor me one day hope so man All the best all the best everything It'ser slowly surely okay all the best M Thank you m thanks let me come up after The encounter espanol stated that he's Not impressed with Bon's stature and Reaffirmed his belief that he could Defeat him in an MMA fight we're not Going to start fighting at an event are We well I hope Not it good it was all right mate Enjoyed it that was the first time you Met him first time I met him he's Nowhere near as big as I thought I Thought he was a lot taller but I guess When you fight in light heavyweight to Be full career and you're 6'4 you look Really tall but I'm a full grown Heavyweight honor there's no chances as Big as me nowh near as big as me but Size Doesn't Matter really both massive Guys but I'll take that one I think I'll Beat him definitely Michael Chandler Fires back at his lakev in a recent

Interview with MMA junkie makev Criticized Chandler for waiting for Conor McGregor to fight him instead of Taking on other opponents now Chandler Responded tweeting thanks for the Unsolicited advice makev I sleep just Fine at night I have a plan and you're Part of it champ followed up with time Off was needed when you fight this hard Five fights in two years against top Competition be prepared for a dynamite Spectacle also go back and do a quick Google search of the strength of Competition before you spot off at the Mouth a fan responded you're the worst Match up for Islam you hit hard and can Easily defend his takedowns and Submission If vulin put him down with punches Chandler could easily Flatline Islam to Which Chandler replied Agreed time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by Beaver Smash TV second place meme was found over on X And was posted by duy simu MMA and our top pick was found over on Instagram and was posted by as shopped As it Gets thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk