McGregor Attacks Referee in the Octagon!

In tenth place, we have Conor McGregor’s unexpected cage appearance. In November 2017, at a Bellator event in Dublin, Ireland, McGregor celebrated his teammate Charlie Ward’s knockout win by rushing into the cage. This action violated the rules, and referee Marc Goddard intervened. McGregor pushed, yelled, and came dangerously close to Goddard, leading to his ejection. McGregor later apologized but didn’t make amends with Goddard, accusing him of poor officiating and strange decisions, which ultimately led to Goddard not officiating McGregor’s fights.

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Connor McGregor making an unexpected Appearance in the cage now you might Think McGregor's Antics are reserved Solely for the UFC but oh no he's been Known to stir the pot elsewhere back in November 2017 at a Bellator event in Dublin Ireland McGregor was there to Support his teammate Charlie Ward when Ward won by knockout McGregor couldn't Contain his excitement he stormed into The cage to congratulate Ward which Folks is a blatant violation of the Rules referee Mark Goddard rightfully Intervened and pushed McGregor away but The notorious well he wasn't having any Of it he launched into a TI raade Pushing yelling and even got dangerously Close to nearly the guy after being Ushered out McGregor apologized to Everyone except for Mr Goddard whom he Accused of poor officiating and strange Decisions needless to say Goddard didn't Ref any of McGregor's fights after that

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