Logan Paul’s fiancée SUES Dillon Danis, Korean Zombie REVEALS HOW he was ROBBED by FANS, UFC 293

In Today’s MMA News:

Robert Whittaker trolls Israel Adesanya after UFC 293 open wokrouts

Former Ngannou’s coach Fernand Lopez on Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury

Dana White unveils new UFC belt for Alexa Grasso

Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul in jeopardy? – Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal sues Dillon Danis

Mike Perry doesn’t want to return to the UFC due to low earnings

The Korean Zombie sends message to someone who stole his glove following Max Holloway loss

Israel Adesanya won’t commit to giving Dricus Du Plessis the next title shot

00:00 – Robert Whittaker is able to find humor despite setback
01:17 – Dana White shows off Alexa Grasso’s new UFC belt
02:13 – Logan Paul’s fiancee sues Dillon Danis
03:13 – Mike Perry says he’ll never return to the UFC bc of low salaries
04:28 – The Korean Zombie tells a story of how he was robbed
05:14 – Israel Adesanya explains how the UFC operates to Dricus du pleases
06:18 – Fernand Lopez on Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury08:04 – TOP 3 MMA memes
07:38 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Robert Whitaker is able To find humor despite setback Dana White Shows off Alexa grosso's new UFC belt Logan Paul's fiance sues Dylan Dennis My Perry says he'll never return to the UFC The Korean zombie tells the story of how He was robbed as he explains how the UFC Operates to Drake his duplessy and Fernando Lopez on Francis and Gano vs Tyson Fury After his UFC 293 open workout is a lot Of signing Ass Fans to raise their hand If they were present back in 2019 when He defeated Robert Whittaker crowning Him as the UFC champion Robert who is in The crowd joined in the fun by raising His hand eliciting laughter and Displaying good humor [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Yeah Foreign When I did it In a white has unveiled a sweet new belt That UFC Flyway champ Alexa Grosso will Be tasked with defending against the Bullet Valentina shivchenko come UFC Fight Night 227 on September 16th Is [Music] So

His company which is based down in Mexico made this belt for Alexa grazo This will be her championship belt She'll have the other one but we're Going to present her with this one and Uh she's going to defend the title Against Chef shenko on uh Mexican Independence Day on September 16th It looks like the boxing match between Logan Paul and Dylan danis has cranked Up another notch Logan Paul's fiancee Nina Agdal has taken legal action Against Dennis eggdol has filed a Lawsuit accusing Dennis of engaging in Social media trolling and violating her Privacy by sharing intimate images in The lawsuit eggdol is seeking Unspecified damages with a minimum of 150k per violation Dennis took to Twitter commenting on the lawsuit saying Nina Agdal has filed a massive lawsuit Against me she filed a restraining order Against me and is seeking prison time so The fight is in Jeopardy if I'm in jail This is actually wild but I won't stop The system come get me Logan Paul is a Dead man walking Nina Agdal will be Called Karen AG doll till further notice I didn't even put a ring on it and she Already tried to [ __ ] me for all my Money Dennis concluded by posting this Meme Mike Perry says he is happy to re-sign With the bkfc while speaking on the MMA

Hour Perry said that he hasn't Considered returning to the UFC because The pay cut would be just too massive in Platinum's words do you consider the UFC Hmm no because Um The pay cut would have been too massive Right So It's like you know whatever and it's Five minute rounds and it's MMA and you Know I like the boxing Um I mean all I ever did in MMA I mean I Know I trained lots of stuff and I would even get kind of good at Grappling wrestling or whatever in Certain positions and it's like I'm I'm Fighting in a fight where they're like Get a takedown and I'm like you know I'm Thinking about hitting him right now I Understand that's not an excuse in that I should Ultimately fight how I want to fight so I'm the fighter I'm the athlete the one Getting in there so that's how I train Now I get in the ring and I fight my way Now and I I practice for it that way Someone has stolen Korean zombies glove Speaking on his YouTube channel zombie Described the theft he said so I took Off my gloves in the octagon and I was Walking backstage with the gloves in my Left hand while I was high-fiving the Audience during the walk back I kept my

Left arm folded on purpose because I had The gloves in my left hand but then Someone held onto my wrists and took one Of my gloves dude seriously I really Wanted to keep those gloves but one went Missing so I was like whatever and just Threw the other one into the crowd Whoever took my glove you've crossed the Line those were my last pair of gloves When Max Holloway saw this he tweeted Please give the man back his gloves At the UFC 293 press conference israada Signing took a moment to clarify how Things work in the UFC 2ddp Izzy's Message to drakis was straightforward Conveying a harsh and unfiltered reality Yeah do you think he'll be next I know Jared Cannon here is here in the backup Position as well and they've been kind With people who do that solid for them So what do you think they're gonna do I Don't know you have to ask Dana but um Yeah Draco doesn't know how to play the Game look You can't sit on your [ __ ] Is it ranking or whatever I think you Got you got it locked in this is the UFC If you look back at the history of the UFC it happens you know Um so he thought he was sitting pretty But he might have to fight two more Times before I get a shot at this but He doesn't call the shots I do I need You to understand that I call the shots

You don't call the shop [ __ ] you Need to understand this you can sit Pretty wherever you want But if I decide to I might give it to Whoever wins between Costa and kamza not You Can't serious sex Sam Francis and gano's Former coach Fernand Lopez explained why France is getting the opportunity to box Tyson Fury is a definite win Um [Music] Because good for Francis is a relative For friends used to do good you don't Have to win They just have to be in the ring I mean if you if you take the if you Bring him back Like 10 years ago or if you bring in Like five years ago when he was signing To the UFC It wouldn't be able to Be allowed to get Close to 2003 and talk even something 2003 This is the best boxer ever in heavier Division in the in in that game and you Having someone who never bugs even worms On his life fighting against him This is because you walk a lot and Become UFC champion and become what it Is and that give him the opportunity to Go there investors for me he's already He already won the fight

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