KSI vs. Fury press conference: Logan Paul trolls Dillon Danis with elaborate birthday cake, John Fury goes on rampage

Logan Paul stole the show at a press conference for his upcoming fight with Dillon Danis.

Tuesday’s press conference for the upcoming Oct. 14 event headlined by KSI and Tommy Fury rapidly devolved into shenanigans, none more juvenile and grandiose than Paul gifting Danis a custom birthday cake for his 30th birthday. The cake featured a large rendering of Danis knocked out on the canvas.

Check out video of Paul’s trolling below.

Watch the full press conference here.

The moment brought some levity to a series of predictably gross interactions between Paul and Danis, that revolved primarily around mocking each other’s choice of romantic partners.

KSI and Fury also engaged in plenty of profane trash talk, which raised the tension for their main event matchup. At various points, the two had to be separated by on-stage security, but the one fired up the most by the non-stop chatter was Fury’s father and coach John Fury, who flipped out—literally—and began tossing tables to express his aggravation.

Mileage may vary on how effective Tuesday’s promotion was, but there is guaranteed to be no shortage of bad blood when these two matchups come to fruition.

The Misfits Boxing event streams live on DAZN on Oct. 14 from Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

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