Khamzat Chimaev RESPONDS to Sean Strickland’s title shot comments!Johnny Walker REACTS to no-contest

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JUSTIN GAETHJE takes aim at MMA journalist, Luke Thomas

JOHNNY WALKER speaks out for the first time after the controversial ending of his UFC 294 fight against Magomed Ankalaev

FOOTAGE from locker room shows Islam Makhachev drilling kick that KO’d Alex Volkanovski at UFC 294

DANA WHITE shows interest in signing Michael ‘Venom’ Page

DILLON DANIS sends a message to Dana White after parting ways with Bellator

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV fires back at Sean Strickland over title shot comments

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV reveals he broke his hand in the first round of his fight against Kamaru Usman

ISLAM MAKHACHEV advises Alex Volkanovski to take a break from fighting

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All right let's get this show started Johnny Walker has spoken up for the First time after the controversial Ending of his UFC 294 fight against Magat anv Walker suggested that ank Threw the illegal knee Intentionally he posted this clip Captioned with after a nice briefing With the referee before the fight an Experienced fighter still doesn't know The Rules this was illegal intentional Knee but it's okay I'll teach you how to Do Right he followed up with what do you Guys think was it unintentional or he Want to take my head off Walker also Responded to Dana White who entered the Cage to calm down the fighters he wrote Okay boss at Dana White I'm chill but The knee was illegal in the comments Section many fans agree that the knee Was intentional and the fight should Have been ruled to DQ Frank live one fan Wrote bro you better tell us what you Did say to the doctor because that call Was complete [ __ ] I think he should Have been disqual qualified yeah bad Call by The Ref that should be Overturned I've been following your Fights for a long time but you turned Out to be a clown and an actor just a Clown fear prevented you from continuing The fight the UAE was running a corrupt

Show from the start you weren't the only One getting screwed over by them illegal And intentional knee to the head would Be a DQ if it wasn't for the dagestani Privilege in Abu Dhabi one of the Goofiest calls I've ever seen complete Bullit thought you handled it well fly To Abu cut almost 40 l pounds and some Biased quack stops IT wild you should Have won bro that illegal knee should Make Han K lose that's obvious in MMA What the [ __ ] just happened after UFC 294 hamash shimaya spoke to UFC news Where he discussed his decision victory Over Camaro Usman BS revealed that he Broke his hand in the first round and That was the reason why he slowed down In rounds two and [Music] Three For Hamai shimay has fired back hisan Strickland over Tuttle shot comments Speaking on UFC 294 is postf fight show Extra rounds Strickland said the only Thing I like about shimay is he sells Fights for some reason like him or don't Like him I don't know to me he's a Paycheck but he hasn't earned it he Doesn't deserve it but here we are give It to him he sells a lot of fights I'll Go fight the man for five rounds but no He has not earned it he doesn't deserve It and getting a decision with a

Welterweight off the couch is not Earning it now hamat responded to Strickland tweeting Sean Strickland You're next and don't worry you know how Fast I can finish you it looks like Michael Venom pagee might officially Sign with the UFC Dena white was asked About the interest level in signing Michael pagee to a contract during the UFC 29 before postf fight press Conference and the UFC boss confirmed That there is interest on both sides uh Yesterday you took a photo with Michael Venom page that came up on Instagram he Shared it are you guys in negotiations With him to sign him um listen he's a Kid that we're definitely interested in And uh and he's interested too so uh Possibly Dana also confirmed that Charles Olivero is probably next in line For the lightweight title shot who do You think can make makes more sense to Him gaii or Olivera I listen you got to Give it to Olivera I mean Olivera was Ready to go unfortunately got cut um Yeah this is like the worst I'm I'm half Deaf at his is and these air conditioner So loud I can't hear you guys I Apologize but uh yeah I I I think you Give it to Ola but again these are these are All questions that I really can't answer Right now we get home we'll figure this Stu out and see what's next for

Everybody another former Bellator Fighter who's interested in signing with The UFC is Dylan danis on Sunday Ariel Helani reported that danis was released From his Bellator contract danis hadn't Had a fight under the Bellator Banner Since June of 2019 after the news broke Danis sent this message to Dana White we About to make a lot of money Dana what Do you guys think about Dylan danis Asking Dana White to sign him would you Like to see danis competing in the UFC Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Below Justin gatei has lashed out at MMA Journalist Luke Thomas for pointing out The United Arab Emirate government Stance on Free Speech Thomas tweeted Abu Dhabi is the broadcast tells us the Safest city in the world you can also be Thrown in jail for criticizing the Government on Twitter though gatu Replied leave it to Luke you never Missed a chance to let us all know how Much better you are than everyone else Their values are strong your morals seem Weak but I'm sure I'm wrong yes I went To chenia guys son birthday party I will Judge the world with my own eyes as you Have the people there were as respectful And excited to meet me as any other Place I have been lighting up the eyes Of random kids in that town is something I would never give back Luke responded

I'm not an angel for noting some of These places aren't safe for people Criticize their government no Street Crime which is definitely nice but Plenty of other problems emerge not Really a holier than thou think to Notice this it looks like the finishing Sequence in the Islam acev versus Alexander volkanovski fight was very Well trained by the champ in preparation For this fight footage has emerged from The locker room right before the fight Showing makev drilling the Kick nice very Nice Beautiful Despite a brutal loss at UFC 294 Alexander bulanowski still wants to Fight ilot Toria come January 2024 Speaking to Media during UFC 294s post Fight presser Islam AEV advised vul to Not take this fight as he feels El Should take time to recover from The Knockout he suffered at UFC 294 yeah he have to no January he cannot Have big cut on His I And Uh After this is I know he miss very good Kick that's why he have to take some Rest 100% if he smart if his team smart You have to take some couple months rest Because uh this is not uh like choke him

Or like body kick this a head kick and Uh like not just coaches he's like Doctor he's doctor and his team have to Make decision you Know here are the top three memes found On the internet third place was found Over Reddit and was posted by a user Named Kim Oven second place was founded over Instagram and was posted by a username As shop as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over Facebook and was posted by a user Named MMA sound Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk