Keith Lee pitches Mr. Beast fight on Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg card

Keith Lee hopes to fight fellow influencer Mr. Beast on the undercard of the on-again, off-again Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg fight card.

Although the battle between the social media titans appears to be on the ropes, Lee on Wednesday pitched the idea of fighting Mr. Beast on his official Tik Tok account, which boasts 13.6 million followers.

“I haven’t thought about fighting in a long time, and I mean no disrespect at all, I just think it would be a dope, entertaining fight,” Lee said.

Mr. Beast got the social media world chirping when he posted a picture wearing boxing gloves alongside Logan Paul, who is currently training for a grudge match with Dillon Danis on Oct. 14.

“Training for the undercard,” wrote Beast, who’s also known as Jimmy Donaldson.

Lee fought in MMA at 135 pounds. He said he is now about 185 pounds. Such is the life of a food influencer.

“I’m solid, though,” he said with a smile.

Mr. Beast, who boasts 178 million subscribers on his insanely popular YouTube channel, was estimated by Lee to weigh around 190 pounds, a gap he said could easily be negotiated.

“I know me and Jimmy share a lot of the same sentiments, so a portion of our proceeds can go to charity,” Lee said.

The picture Mr. Beast posted was a pivot from his earlier stance on influencer boxing matches. In 2021, Donaldson told Colin and Samir that, while intriguing, he was too busy to make the commitment for a boxing match. He said this past year that he would need six months to prepare himself.

Is Mr. Beast ready to make the jump into the squared circle? Lee hopes to find out.

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