Kamaru Usman’s FIRST MESSAGE after UFC 294 loss! Bisping REACTS to Volk’s mental health issues!

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MICHAEL BISPING reacts to Alexander Volkanovski’s mental health issues

KAMARU USMAN sends first message to fans after decision loss to Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 294

PAULO COSTA slams Khamzat Chimaev for UFC 294 performance

BRENDAN SCHAUB gets honest on Khamzat Chimaev vs. Sean Strickland

AKA COACH JAVIER MENDEZ believes ‘overconfidence’ played a role in Alex Volkanovski’s UFC 294 loss

JOHNY WALKER explains his side of UFC 294 stoppage

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All right let's get the show started During yesterday's interview on the MMA Hour Paulo Costa gave his honest opinion On hamash shim's win over kamaro Usman At UFC 294 there Costa said that Boris Is not a real middleweight and is not Ready for the top guys at 185 maybe he has potential but he's not Ready to big fights to Super Fights camar with full camp or the smoke Him h and Uh yes and Uh yeah I think these guys who support Him who is you know so fanatic with him Is just kids who see on he on him Uh western guy who can represent them or They wickedness something like that it's A kind of nerds when nerds look for some Some buy some you know in the cartoons And oh this is my hero but for for You for for example for you who is a Long time on this sport you know you Have seen everything already and uh yeah I pretty Sure you you can recognize when the guy Is ready to big big things or not and uh I don't believe he uh he's You know right now AKA coach Javier Mendes believes overconfidence could Have played a part in Alexander vos's UFC 294 loss in an interview with Submission radio Mendes suggested that The 12 extra hours is lakev had to Rehydrate rendered him a far stronger

Fighter than his opponent would have Remembered from their first engagement He said I can't speak for them Volkanovski's team but they were Overconfident from how close the first Fight was I don't know I don't know I Don't know that but I I do know one Thing I asked Islam how much do you Weigh he goes 8 lbs heavier than last Time I think Alex might have gone damn This guy makev is stronger than I Remember those things play a factor in Your head if the guy is stronger than You remember if the guy is heavier There's a lot of things going on Especially if everybody is feeding you Hope that you can knock this guy out you Can do this you can do that Mendes also Stated that it was one of the most Satisfying victories of his coaching Career he continued because of the Magnitude of the event and what a great Champion Alex is and the first fight Being so competitive this has to rank up As probably the all time honestly Speaking on finishes the magnitude of This one for me it would have to be the Best in my Career speaking on the most recent Episode of his byn podcast Michael Bisping reacted to Alexander bulanowski Shocking mental health confessions after A brutal loss at UFC 294 an emotional Vul said that he struggles mentally when

He doesn't have have a fight booked as a Fighter and former Champion Bisping sees What vul is saying and believes that is Very normal for real fighters to feel That way but there's nothing wrong with That I'll disagree and I understand what You're saying I mean obviously talking About your mother I mean that's the Great way to distract your mind from the Sadness that you're going through you Know what I'm saying it's it's a great Way to just dive into something because If you sit around and have nothing to do Of course you know you're going to it's Going to hit you even harder and I think For people like volkanovski like Yourself like the majority of Fighters You know real for one of a better word Alpha males you know they need that and Certainly this is this is the flag or The peg you've put down in life said This is who I am I am a fighter well Then you need to be getting ready for Fights you need to be going through Training camps you need to be working Towards it and you need to be working Towards becoming a champ or a double Champ or making the most out of the Career you know because it doesn't last Forever and time flies by that's how Quick it goes and certainly the fight Career is a small window so you should Be chomping at the bit if you're a real One not if you're a bloody a fake not if

You're a wannabe not if you just want to Have tattoos and say I have my 15 Minutes of fide the Octagon but if you Want to be a real one and you're truly There to test yourself and try and Become one of the best that is the Mindset he should have Johnny Walker Still has no idea why his fight with Magamed ank live was stopped in an Interview with Ariel helani on the MMA Hour walker explained his side of the Confusing UFC 294 stoppage and revealed His conversation with the Doctor yeah he asked Me if I want to continue fight I said Yes he said where I was I don't want to Say the wrong question because I know What that was a Aite excitement like he was doing the Test right yeah yeah and I want the Right answer so I thought to say ABAB Like AB then Saido he I'm good you Know and Then you think he didn't like that Answer you said so he asked you where Are you right now and you said I'm in The Desert on the sun I'm on the desert I'm In the middle Le No and you were You you know I I can speak good English You know and then the he the the doctor Wasn't on his native language so he

Probably have a very heavy accent as Well I understand what he's want to say But I try to explain him what I was Doing the right answer to him you know Kamar Usman has sent his first message To fans after the decision lost to hamah Shima UFC 294 he tweeted I dared to be Great and fell short some times this is The Journey of life I pray I never Complain about the cards I've been dealt For I have been blessed beyond my Wildest dreams alhamdulillah for Everything we go back to the drawing Board and inshallah we'll be back Brendan Shaw believes that hamah shimay Wouldn't stand a chance against sha Strickland after what we saw at UFC 294 Speaking on the thick boy podcast shop Discussed the Hamza Strickland matchup Saying that if Hamza wouldn't submit Strickland in the first round he would Be in big trouble Brennan also believes That Strickland's insane cardio would Play a big role in their fight hot's Probably the next in line to fight Strickland for the middleweight title as Of today on October 23rd and going just Based off straight up the data that we Have the video footage of fight footage That we have of Hamot and going based Off the fight footage we have of Strickland I would put all my money on Strickland to beat Hamza in five rounds Cuz if if you look at ham out right now

There's nothing in his past five fights That would lead you to assume he's going To be able to steamroll Strickland that First round maybe this beginning of the Second round could be a bit of a Challenge for Strickland but if you Don't get that done in that first round Stricken is the worst match up for hamat Now you look at his cardio you look at Who uh Strickland has beat before the Way he's beaten the way he melts dudes Down I think his grappling is underrated And just the tenacity it is a issue for Hamot Man here are the top three memes found On the internet today third place was Found over Reddit and was posted by a Username big Z For the Win Second Place meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named Beaver Smash TV and the top picked meme of the day Was found over Twitter and was posted by A user named MMA Mania Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk