Jon Jones SLAMS Islam Makhachev over recent comments! Khamzat FIRES BACK at Bo Nickal! Usman-rumors

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DANIEL CORMIER & KHAMZAT CHIMAEV get into a friendly wrestling match ahead of UFC 294

JON JONES fires back at Islam Makhachev over recent dig

KAMARU USMAN ‘gets jumped’ by Derrick Lewis

BO NICKAL accuses the UFC of ‘protecting’ Khamzat Chimaev

KHAMZAT CHIMAEV responds to Bo Nickal’s comments

KAMARU USMAN adresses injury rumors

SEAN O’MALLEY shows off his ‘well rounded’ game

DANIEL CORMIER gets honest on Alex Volkanovski vs. Islam Makhachev 2

CONOR MCGREGOR reveals he’s been tested two times by USADA

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All right let's get the show started Daniel Cormier and hamashima have got Into a friendly wrestling match ahead of UFC 294 check this Out Hasbullah also gave DC some wrestling Lessons this is not wrestling this is Fighting this guy this is not Wrestling this is good One Conor McGregor has finally entered the Usid testing pool and will make his Return possibly a UFC 300 against Michael Chandler on Wednesday Conor Revealed he's already been tested Two Times by usada he tweeted I was tested Two separate times yesterday and within An hour of each other blood and urine Three samples of each were requested and Given in both instances they came aboard My Yacht I welcomed them gave them a can Of Forge Stout and a proper whiskey life Is good During Wednesday's open workout Kamar Rman was wrestling justtin gatei when it Appeared the former Welterweight Champion got banged up as the two got up Many people claimed they heard gatei Asked Guzman if he was okay when he Replied something Popped taking to Twitter Usman shut down Rumors of injury writing this is why no One reads this shitty ass blog at what Point while I was lightly drilling did

You hear me say that's Justin stop with The clickbait you idiots Justin also Backed up kamaru tweeting he said I'm Good or something like that I thought he Hit his head on the mat I asked him if He hit his head in this clip when we got Up and he said No Usman also addressed the rumors in a Recent YouTube Video guys I mean this is this is crazy Yesterday seen that uh the Tweet it just goes to show How crazy people just jump on news and Media and oh that must be true that Person said that that person said that Whoever started it whoever said they Heard or saw like how could you have Possibly heard what I said when it's me And Justin on a stage in front of Thousands of people in a mall where you Next to us to where you heard what I was Saying are Stupid just dumb and if my knee was hurt Why would I get up and consist of Hitting mitts oh my God people believe Anything you put on this internet any Any take whoever that was stop it stop It the clickbait did not say that Clearly I'm fine Dummies guys and guys this is the Exclusive behind the scenes everything For UFC 294 as it pertains to me so make Sure you like you subscribe you follow Guys all right go ahead hit that link

Let's go Kamar Usman gets jumped by drik Lewis ahead of UFC 294 we're here at the Dallas Cowboys Facility one of the greatest team ever In American football you know as you can See here with some of the Accomplishments that they B n admits he was somewhat disappointed To not even getting a phone call about Stepping into to face Hamza shimay have At UFC 294 speaking in a recent YouTube Video Nicole accused the UFC of Protecting Shima EV he said I was Disappointed they didn't ask me to step In there I was expecting at least an ask Like hey you want to do this but no just Nothing nothing from the UFC it is what It is I'm thing they didn't want me to Roll over into Abu Dhabi on 10 days Notice and smash their boy in front of This home crowd or something they didn't Even ask it wasn't an option like I said There was probably a lot that went into The decision so we'll do it another time It's a good fight between shimay and Usman I think it will be competitive Based on his UFC 273 fight with Gilbert Burns I do think that he overlooked Burns but also Usman is pretty good A Little older I'll definitely watch him Back on the replay a few days after it Happens not too much of an upside side But for Usman he's already been a Defending champion and then just lost

Back-to-back fights he's not really in a Great position but it should be a good Fight b nickel also thinks that Usman Will not stick around at 185 he Continued usman's not going to stay at Middleweight I'll bet any amount of Money he doesn't stay at middleweight But maybe if he gets sha Strickland for The title that would be crazy because He's never really been in my Radar hamash shimay have responded to Bo Nichols comments during Wednesday's Media day there he stated that he's not Impressed by Nicholls wrestling Credentials and MMA wrestling is much Different than traditional wrestling Bo Nickel said he wanted this fight he was Hoping they would call him he said your Wrestling is trash and his American Wrestling would be yours is that a fight You think will happen one day between You and Bo the guys think big [ __ ] this Guame I don't know what he's saying he's Not wrestling for the points man here we Don't play with wrestling he's fighting Man I don't care somebody takes me am I Going to come up and flash his face man I don't think so this guy can to come to The cage and come take me down no it's Not wrestling we don't stay like Wresters man with this this wrestling [ __ ] Close Islam makev took some shots at Jon

Jones at Wednesday's media day saying That the real Champion should take the Fight no matter the opponent Islam was Referencing Jon Jones who who infamously Declined a short notice fight with chel Sunnon after his original opponent Dan Henderson suffered an injury that Ultimately led to UFC 151 being Cancelled where Dana White called Jones's decision selfish and disgusting Here's what makev said about Jon Jones Danel white said that he's going To put your quote on the wall at the UFC Apex I'm curious what you think about That that your words are going to be There Forever you know this is what UFC Champion ion have To do like real Champion if you're real Champion you have To take this take fight doesn't Matter how many days who is going to be Not like your P bound Champion when they Give him cha if you're real Champion you Have to fight they put him number one The number one guy right now who is beat Who he beat Plus F fight we don't have Some name from Top pfor pound Rankings and I just want to say about The rankings about all these Things this is I'm I'm not full of Anymore now Jones fired back and Mev Tweeting I wish you all the best Habibi As far as the fight May the best man win

I was just talking about in life Islam Made some negative comments recently no Need for me to respond with negativity I Have bigger fish to fry right now I want To encourage the young fighters to beat Some of my records instead of using Their lips now that's Gangster speaking on the most recent Episode of the DC and RC show Daniel Cormier discussed the upcoming rematch Between is lakev and Alex volkanovski at UFC 294 there DC stated that for vul to Cut down from 181 to 155 is going to be A big factor and could affect his Performance on Saturday night people Talk about Islam Maha being a big guy For the weight class and we thought he Would dwarf banovski banovski came out Recently Ryan and said 11 days ago when He accepted the fight he weighed 180 lbs He's a big guy himself he was 35 PBS Over sorry he was 25 lbs over the weight Class above what he what he fights at I Mean that is going to be a big factor Because that's a lot of weight to take Off Ryan and a lot of weight to take off In a short period of time don't laugh at Me for my math I did go to Oklahoma State let's not act like I'm a guy that Went to Cornell of Harvard hey DC it's much like you you have to think You would have to cut from 310 lbs to 205 that's a massive weight cut you know

You going when you're going from an Offensive guard right to that was a we Bully here's a clip of sha o Melly Showing off his quote unquote Well-rounded Game here are the top three memes was Found on the internet today third place Was found over Instagram and was posted By username daily dose MMA second place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by a usern named Quiet Roller and the top pick meme was found Over Instagram and was posted by usern Named as shopped as it Gets thank you guys for watching if you Like the video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News