Israel Adesanya says ‘f*** yes’ he would star in ‘Talk To Me’ sequel after meeting with filmmakers

Israel Adesanya promises that fighting will always be his first priority but that won’t stop him from potentially crossing over to play actor if the right project comes along.

Just recently, the UFC middleweight champion met Australian filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou, who wrote and directed the viral horror hit Talk to Me that is now headed for a sequel after earning more than $63 million at the worldwide box office. The film centers around a group of friends that conjure spirits through contact with an embalmed hand that eventually results in horrific consequences.

The Philippou brothers, who first came to fame as YouTube creators through their RackaRacka channel, are also huge fight fans so meeting Adesanya was a big deal for them.

“We met Izzy! He was the coolest f******* person ever!” Michael Philippou said about the encounter. “He was so amazing. I feel nervous talking to him because it feels like I’m interfering with history. I just know he’s so iconic and he’s going to be remembered as an all-time great. Interacting with him is so strange. He’s the coolest guy ever.”

Michael actually has his own fight experience after scoring a TKO win as part of the Logan PaulKSI undercard back in 2018 so he was understandably excited for the chance to mix it up with Adesanya.

It turns out the feeling was mutual with Adesanya saying he was more than willing to make some sort of an appearance in sequel Talk 2 Me, which was already ordered by studio A24 following the success of the first film.

“F*** yes,” Adesanya told MMA Fighting when asked if he would be interested in starring in the sequel. “I watched the first one and my favorite horror movie of the year so far. It’s going to be hard to beat.

“Yeah, there’s some things I want to them about that movie personally but part two, f*** yeah, I’ll do it. Already, we’re in talks about doing another more on-brand film that I can’t talk about.”

For their part, the Philippou brothers are definitely on board for Adesanya to appear in the sequel, although it might be tough to truly scare him — even in a horror movie.

“I’m all for it!” Michael Philippou said. “There’s no fear or no danger if Izzy’s in the room! Imagine getting possessed by Izzy!”

As exciting as it might be to potentially score a role in a highly anticipated horror sequel, Adesanya makes it clear that he’ll only become an actor if his fight career allows it.

“Fighting comes first,” Adesanya said. “I’m not doing the Hollywood stuff past fighting so fighting comes first. Even if it’s just a cameo bit, we’ll make it happen. But Talk 2 Me or whatever movie they want to do, I’m always keen.”

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