Intruder ATTEMPTS to BREAK into Dana White’s house! McGregor vs Chandler LEAKED for UFC 296? Pereira

MMA news today:

INTRUDER attempts to break into Dana White’s house

ALEX PEREIRA goes off on Anthony Smith

MAX HOLLOWAY sends a message to The Korean Zombie

SEAN O’MALLEY celebrates his UFC 291 title win in the club


ISRAEL ADESANYA gets honest on Sean Strickland’s persona

00:00 – UFC Fight Pass leaks Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight for UFC 296
00:56 – Alex Pereira ruthlessly slams Anthony Smith
03:29 – Israel Adesanya gets honest on Sean Strickland’s persona
05:03 – Intruder attempts to break into Dana White’s house
05:37 – Max Holloway sends a message to The Korean Zombie
06:08 – Sean O’Malley celebrates his title win in the club
07:12 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video UFC Fight Pass leaks Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler fight For UFC 296 Alex put it out ruthlessly Slams Anthony Smith his Rod assigning Gets honest on Sean Strickland's Persona Intruder attempts to break into Dana White's house Max Holloway sends a Message to the Korean zombie and Sean O'Malley celebrates his Tuttle win in The club It looks like the fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler has Finally been made official on Sunday Several MMA websites shared an image Taken from UFC Fight Pass that seemingly Confirms McGregor and Chandler while Headline UFC 296 on December 16th The page has since been removed from the Site but not before Conor McGregor Shared it with his 10.1 million Twitter Followers What do you guys make of this UFC Fight Pass leak do you believe we're actually Going to see McGregor verse Chandler by The end of the year let us know your Thoughts in the comments below Alex Pereira has had enough of Anthony Smith constantly speaking ill about him And other Fighters during a recent Presser ahead of UFC Singapore Smith Spoke about pereira's light heavyweight Debut against John lavich and said that The Brazilian is not the large scary

Monster at 205 that he was at 185. I Think that Alex had a little bit of an Eye-opening moment though at 205 he's Not the large scary monster that he was At middleweight he's Fairly normal dude now because he's so So Technical and and has such an Incredible striking game he's always Going to be special but in terms of just His size and power he doesn't stand out Uh amongst all of the 205ers and I don't Think that Alex Pereira is more powerful And explosive than an Alexander rackage He's not going to be stronger than a guy Like Uncle if or you know what I mean Like these dudes are big powerful Hard-hitting dudes every single one of Them so Um Because he's such a good Striker he's Gonna still he's still gonna be special But it's not going to be just his power And his strength it's going to push him Over the top anymore I wasn't happy with these comments and Proceeded to ruthlessly slam Smith for Repeatedly criticizing him Um Foreign Ace born yesterday Foreign Foreign Is not the same guy when the cameras are Off in a recent interview with MMA

Junkie the UFC middleweight champ said Behind the scenes when it's just me and Him I've been in the locker room with Him I've been backstage even last time I Saw him in Vegas I smacked him in the Dick behind the scenes then his public Persona people think he's this guy he's Crazy behind the scenes he's soft I'm Soft I won't even call him soft that's Actually an insult to solve people he's Like that idiot in the back of the class Who just wants to talk and talk over you To get his point across nothing in Particular he said has gotten to me just Anytime he breathes he says some idiotic Things I kind of want to show people What happens backstage I want to show Them on the main stage that he's my Is he continued I'm allowed man when I Need to be loud but I'm very quiet and I Observe he definitely has his own Insecurities and whatnot like I'm a man And I ride motorcycle and wear my boots And drink my beer he wants to be that Guy in Macho he's Mo I don't need to Prove I'm a Man by doing all that [ __ ] I Just be me and I'll still [ __ ] you up I'm not worried about the press Conference I'm worried about the fight He's worried about the press conference Cause that's where he thinks he's going To shine last time he just caught me off Guard because I wasn't expecting to go Back and forth with him I also hated the

Fact he was sitting behind me like a [ __ ] kid in class I'm looking Forward to the fight because that's Where it counts I don't give a about a Press conference but I've got some bars For him as well In a white has found himself in the Unsettling situation of dealing with an Attempted break-in at his home in Levant Maine shortly after white took tizens The story to share details of this Unwelcome encounter he wrote this face Just try to kick my front door in Levant Maine I will 2500 to the first person to Let the police know who he is Oh Foreign Has sent a message to the Korean zombie After their Clash at UFC Singapore last Weekend Holloway tweeted what an honor To share the octagon with you Korean Zombie the man the myth Legend watching You throughout the years and how you Carried yourself in the fight world with Humility and respect like a true martial Artist the ogs of wec and UFC none of These circus acts You're The Last of a Dying Breed thank you for Paving the way Enjoy your retirement I'm looking Forward to your first singing album my Brother Sugar Shawn O'Malley celebrated his Title win with the milk boys at a club Last weekend here's some clips that he

Shared with the world You a man [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] I have no fears [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] And here are the top three memes we Found on the internet today third place Was found over Instagram and it was Posted by a username dailydose MMA Our second place pick was found over Instagram and was posted by a username Beaver Smash TV And her number one pick meme of the day Was found over Twitter and was posted by A username dovey simu MMA Thank you guys for watching if you liked The video please leave a like And Subscribe to our channel to keep up with The latest MMA News