Instant Karma in the Octagon

In the world of MMA, ‘karma’ often plays a role, where past actions come back to haunt fighters. Here are some notable cases:

Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones: Cormier’s past comment about avoiding a left high kick came back to haunt him when Jones used it to his advantage.

Donald Cerrone vs. Alexander Hernandez: Hernandez’s arrogance and disrespect for Cerrone led to a knockout loss, a classic case of karma.

Michael “Venom” Page vs. Douglas Lima: Page’s overconfidence led to a knockout loss to Lima, showing that calculated fighters often prevail.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas: Joanna’s arrogance and taunts led to her loss to Namajunas, teaching her a lesson in humility.

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Henry Cejudo: Dillashaw’s cheating with banned substances resulted in a knockout loss, followed by a two-year suspension.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Nate Marquardt: Palhares’ disrespect for opponents led to a loss, showing the consequences of disrespect.

Joe Harding vs. Iohan Segas: Harding’s disrespectful showboating backfired when he was knocked out by Segas in the final moments.

Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier: McGregor’s return to trash talk led to a humiliating loss, with McGregor breaking his ankle.

In the unpredictable world of MMA, karma always has a say.

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Ladies and gentlemen when it comes to The world of mixed martial arts there's A certain force that often comes into Play a force we like to call Karma it's That mystical energy that ensures your Past Deeds good or bad come back to you In one way or another today we're going To take you on a journey through the Intriguing cases of karma in the world Of MMA our first stop on the karma train Takes us to the Epic rematch between Daniel Cormier and J Jones at UFC 214 These two Warriors they didn't like each Other one bit from their Infamous Pre-fight scuffle before their first Showdown at UFC 182 to their highly Anticipated rematch at UFC 214 there was No love lost now Cormier he was the Champ by this point and Jones had his Own set of problems with the law and Usada but here's where Karma comes into Play during a media interaction back in 2014 Cormier openly talked about his Vulnerabilities specifically mentioning A left high kick that he'd taken from Josh Barnett in a previous fight he even Told Jones so don't think you're going To kick me in the head with your left Leg now that's some bold talk especially When you're dealing with a meticulous Planner like Jon Jones fast forward 3 Years and what do we see Jones lands That very left high kick and it played a

Pivotal role in his victory it was like Karma came back to remind Cormier of his Own words sure the fight got canceled Due to Jones's doping test but that Moment will stick with Cormier for Life next up we have Donald Cerrone Versus Alexander Hernandez the young and Brash Hernandez he talked a big game Promising to finish the veteran Cerrone In the first round he made it clear that He thought cerrone's age would be his Downfall but what happened Hernandez Barely survived the first round and then Got knocked out in the second Now That's A classic case of karma striking back You see Cerone had faced some tough Competition leading up to this fight and On paper it seemed like Hernandez was The favorite Prospect he even made Comments about Cerone in interviews I'll Tell you this little friend I'll be Sending your geriatric ass [ __ ] Ye-haw back to the Stables on Saturday Just calling how healthy and nice I do Look [ __ ] healthy I look great you Look like youve served the last two Terms in the [ __ ] Oval Office you Look worn out you look aged and withered And yeah I'd be thinking who the [ __ ] is This kid too I'm sure everybody's asking That who the [ __ ] am I and on Saturday I'll put all that Curiosity to rest but In the fight the opposite occurred Cerone dominated took Hernandez to the

Canvas and then showcased his striking Skills Hernandez barely held on in the First round and in the second Cerrone Landed a right high kick that sealed the Deal Cerrone got back on track while Hernandez's Fortune started to Fluctuate finally we come to Michael Venom page versus Douglas Lima in Bellator MVP was seen as a rising star Protected from serious opponents and his Own confidence in his invincibility was Evident then came the ultimate test the Fight against the experienced Douglas Lima in the Bellator welterweight Grand Prix semi-final Paige promised to make Quick work of Lima and even added some Pre-fight theatrics he played the Showman in the cage with hands down and Flashy kicks all in the name of Humiliation But Here Comes Karma Knocking at the door early in the second Round Paige attempted a reckless leap Towards Lima who countered with a Devastating low kick to the supporting Leg and followed it up with a lightning Fast right uppercut putting MVP to sleep It was a stark reminder that sometimes The more calculated and coldblooded Fighter prevails Karma it had its say That Night Joanna gendre Chic versus Rose Namajunas Joanna the former Queen of the Strawweight division had quite the Attitude during her Championship Reign

She showed nothing but disdain for her Opponents and her confidence seemed Unshakable but as we've learned Karma Has a way of catching up with the Overconfident namama junas often seen as The underdog faced Joanna who taunted And threatened to take Rose's Soul she Even added a disrespectful gesture Putting her fist to her opponent's lips That's where Joanna may have crossed the Line at UFC 217 namaj junas had the last Laugh in a dominating fashion she left No room for doubt knocking down the Arrogant champ and finishing her with a Quick left hook in the first Round in their rematch namajunas Continued her reign of dominance after That fight Joanna's career took a Downturn with just two wins in her next Six bouts so who really took who Soul next up we've got TJ Dillashaw Versus Henry cejudo Dillashaw a former Bantamweight champion decided to drop Down to flyweight and face the champion Henry cejudo but he wasn't satisfied With just making weight the conventional Way no he resorted to using a banned Substance aopen to Aid in his recovery After a tough weight cut cheating in This sport should never go unpunished And that's where Karma intervened Dillashaw did make weight but his body Couldn't handle the Extreme Measures He'd taken he got knocked out by cejudo

After just one punch leaving us all in Shock two months later usada revealed Dillashaw's cheating and he was Suspended for 2 years to his credit he Didn't deny his actions and admitted his Guilt finally we turn our attention to Ramar palhares and Nate marquart palares Was known for his ferocious submission Skills particularly his brutal heel Hooks he had a reputation for holding on To submissions even after his opponent's Tapped causing unnecessary damage but on One fateful night at a UFC Fight Night Event in 2010 Karma came knocking Palhares faced Nate markart and he did What he usually did locking in a heel Hook and signaling to the referee that His opponent had given up however Markart had other Plans he managed to escape the hold and Swiftly turned the tables finishing Palhares on the ground it was a clear Message to the Brazilian fighter that You can't disrespect your opponents Without facing the consequences karma in Its own way provided a lesson in respect That Night Joe Harding versus Johan seus at Bcmma 18 now these Fighters might not be Household names but the fight itself Provides a perfect lesson in karma it Was the main event in 2017 for the BC MMA 18 Regional English promotions Featherweight title from the very

Beginning Joe Harding decided to put on A disrespectful performance while Fighters traditionally touch gloves as a Sign of respect before a match Harding Skipped all that and immediately threw a Low kick that seus wasn't prepared for During the fight Harding seemingly Energized by the Home crowd started to Showboat thinking he was putting on a Show for the fans Karma however has its Way with such fighters in the final Moments of the third round Harding Unleashed a left jab but Sega Sidestepped and seized his opportunity With a right high kick to the head he Sent Harding into a deep knockout and it Was nothing short of epic The title rightfully went to Johan seus And Harding had no choice but to Acknowledge his behavior and Congratulate his opponent Backstage now let's talk about Connor McGregor versus Dustin puer McGregor the Charismatic Irishman known for his trash Talk and arrogance seemed to get away With it for a long time he would throw Insults at his opponents predicting when And how he would knock them out but then Came his encounter with Nate Diaz and More notably his fight against khabib Nurmagomedov which didn't go his way it Could easily fit in our carlist as Well finish McGregor tonight but let's Focus on his third fight with Dustin

Parier after his losses McGregor showed More respect for his opponents but he Decided to return to his old ways Leading up to his fight with parier he Used foul language and even claimed that Puer would leave on a stretcher after Their bout parier didn't fall for the Trash talk and he proved proved that he Was right in the first round he Dominated without any remorse however What we'll all remember is when McGregor Broke his ankle while attempting a calf Kick the whole world was in shock Dustin Celebrated his win and Connor's career Was put on hold I think he his leg Broken think no his leg's broken be the End of the fight it's ironic that it was McGregor who left the Octagon on a Stretcher it seems like a heavy dose of Karma for all the trash talk McGregor Had dished out throughout his career Former UFC lightweight champion rapael Doan hos even noted that McGregor had Mocked his injury in the past this Serves as a reminder to be humble let's All join in Wishing Conor McGregor a Swift recovery of course we can't cover Every instance of karma in one video as The list could go on indefinitely We Appreciate You tuning in and please Leave a comment about what top list You'd like to see in the Future

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