Francis Ngannou gets HUGE PAYDAY for Tyson Fury fight! Adesanya GOES OFF on ‘corrupted’ boxing!

MMA news today:

FOOTAGE of family sending Francis Ngannou off to a Tyson Fury boxing match

MICHAEL BISPING & JAKE PAUL go back and forth on Twitter

ISRAEL ADESANYA goes off on the sport of boxing

FIGHTER PURSE for Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury revealed

MAX HOLLOWAY live reaction to Ngannou vs. Fury result

TYSON FURY gets honest on his controversial win over Francis Ngannou

FRANCIS NGANNOU responds to Conor McGregor’s suggestion

00:00 – Francis Ngannou responds to Conor McGregor’s suggestion
01:25 – Michael Bisping & Jake Paul go back and forth on Twitter
01:59 – Max Holloway’s live reaction to Ngannou vs. Fury result
03:00 – Israel Adesanya goes off on the sport of boxing
04:49 – Estimated fight purses for Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury revealed
06:00 – Tyson Fury gets honest on his win over Ngannou
06:50 – Heartwarming footage of family sending Francis Ngannou off into a battle
07:48 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get the show Started Cristiano Ronaldo and Conor McGregor faced off during the fury vers Ganu boxing event in Riyad Saudi [Music] Arabia [Music] McGregor also said that Tyson Fury ver Francis nanu would have been a massacre In the MMA octagon he wrote if it was MMA this right here is a massacre fair Play to Francis and fair play to Tyson For taking the unknown challenge Francis Won despite what the judges say albe it Under boxing rules over 10 Rounds it was Close both valiantly respect may God Bless fighting sport as for me in Today's often grim and sad world it is The Premier distraction to what is going On thank you for the fighters thank you To the hosts honored to be ringside God Bless Conor also suggested that enanu Should have kicked the leg to which Francis responded he was right I should Have kicked his legs I can't believe That he elbowed Me on Sunday night Michael Bisping got Into it with Jake Paul over Twitter Jake Tweeted any boxer that wants to box Francis zanu has to agree to rematch him In MMA I tried with Nate but he didn't Want it next time my paperwork is going To be smarter bising fired writing shut The hell up this proves you suck and MMA

Fighters can fight unless they're on a Long skid and the fight fire has long Since burned out rematch Tommy you bum a Fan chimed in writing he's supporting in Ganu open your one eye to which the Count replied I know dipit but he's Making it about him former UFC Featherweight champ Max Holloway has Posted a video to his social media of His live reaction to Francis sanu's Tyson Fury Holloway was clearly shocked By the judge's decision to award Tyson Fury the victory you can watch the full Video on Max's YouTube channel link Below Ed Garner scores it 95 94 andano Juan poo scores it 9693 for Fury Alen KB scores it 95 94 a one-point decision on the third Card winner by Francis is going to win It still undefeated what from Theed WC oh my gosh I definitely thought Franc Is going to take That Wow wow bro isra Osan has some harsh Words to say about the sport of boxing After Francis gano's lifetime Performance against Tyson Fury many People opinion that the judges got it Wrong and enanu should have been Announced as the winner now Izzy shared

His brutally honest thoughts on boxing And the corrupt side of it he posted a Clip from one of his boxing Bots Captioned boxing as a sport is beautiful Boxing as a business is corrupt as for Example March 2015 in this clip I get Illegally hit and my opponent doesn't Get a point deducted I rock him and put Him on the canvas and it's considered a Slip I throw a Superman punch rocking Him again and get warned cuz my foot was Off the ground and it's illegal they Must not know about David tua's leaping Left hook any [ __ ] I've done my time in Boxing as a rookie to the game and it Felt easy for me I decided to pursue MMA Because in my heart as a kickboxer I Knew some nerds in PJs made of sandpaper Could beat me without throwing a single Strike having to learn a whole new set Of skills from scratch was was very Humbling but it paid off in the long run It was fun but I'll never box again I Prefer to use all my weapons in a real Fight left last combination faking There a power puncher but he's a sharp Puncher and there's another good right Hand he's in all sorts he's in trouble I Think he's going to go before this Round's over Sly touched over sh 43 Seconds in the round there's another Counter Denny green calls it I don't know why That's not been called an a

Count good shot what you going Do What many people have been wondering how Much Francis andano and Tyson Fury got Paid for Saturday's heavyweight Crossover bout and we have an answer Multiple sources have come forward with Numbers and and insights it is estimated That Tyson Fury made 40 to 50 mil for The bout per Sports Kea however that Number could grow to 65 million since Fury signed a promotional contract with Saudi promotion skill challenge Entertainment in June the promotion also Ined unified heavyweight champion Alexander usk and will be providing a Big payout for their December 23rd bout In contrast enanu earned approximately $10 million for his first professional Boxing fight this information came Directly from Tyson Fury who revealed And G a significant fight person in a Recent interview while there may be some Room for embellishment in this figure it Is still likely to be in the same Ballpark this is a Quantum Leap in purse Compared to his UFC days with his Highest payout being 600k in a Championship bout against zero Gan it's Also important to note that these Estimates don't account for potential Earnings from pay-per-view buys ticket Sales or sponsorships meaning furan and Gano's total income could be even higher

Are you guys surprised with these Numbers let us know your thoughts in the Comments below Tyson Fury is happy he got by Francis Ganu but admitted it was one of his Toughest fights and he wasn't his true Self in an interview with boxing King Media Fury said I felt my timing was Quite off I've been out of the ring for Nearly a year a little bit of ring rust But it was what it was it was far from One of my best performances it wasn't a Vintage Tyson Fury but listen you do What you have to do to get through and On to the next one Fury continued he Punches hard but it was a bit like a Hunk on the back of the head in that Knockdown in round three apart from that He didn't really get me with much else You can't take anything away from Francis he's a good fighter and gave me A good fight and that was it I trained Very well I prepared very good and I Don't have any excuses or anything some Days you have good days some days you Don't you crack on and you continue Moving forward Ariel helani has posted a Video on social media of Francis and Gano's family sending him off into Battle and style the footage was taken a Few hours before enanu shocked the world With his impressive performance against Tyson [Applause]

[Applause] [Music] Fury [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] And here are the top three memes chosen From the internet today third place was Found over Instagram and was posted by a User named as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named Ardom and the top picked meme was found Over Reddit and was posted by a username Kuson thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk