Footage SHOWS what Khamzat Chimaev told Dana White after UFC 294! Dana REACTS to Paulo Costa’s BR4WL

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PAULO COSTA explains UFC 294 br@wl

DANA WHITE reacts the controversial ending of Johnny Walker vs. Magomed Ankalaev

ALEX VOLKANOVSKI & ISLAM MAKHACHEV give respect to each other after their UFC 294 fight

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV sends a message to Islam Makhachev after UFC 294

GEORGES ST-PIERRE makes a short breakdown of Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski

FOOTAGE emerged showing what Khamzat Chimaev told Dana White after his win over Kamaru Usman at UFC 294

ALEXANDER VOLKANOVSKI opens up about mental health issues

CONOR MCGREGOR has some words for Khamzat Chimaev after UFC 294

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All right let's get the show started Alex vinoski and Islam makev give each Other respect after the UFC 294 Fight abov has sent a message to Islam AEV after UFC 294 he posted this to his Instagram page best fighter in the world Today love you brother and Congratulations Islam if you guys ask me Where have I been why wasn't I in the Corner I already answered this question I don't go to fights I don't go to the Corner and I completely left everything Related to MMA I ask you to accept my Decision the same way as my brothers Friends and sparring partners did what Our team achieved will forever be in the History of MMA during UFC 24's postf fight press Conference an emotional Alexander Volkanovski revealed mental health Issues played a key role in his taking a UFC lightweight title fight just 12 days Notice FKS said that the inactivity from Fighting and the pressure he has been Under are the reason why he struggles Mentally between fights this is the First time the UFC featherweight champ Has ever spoke about mental struggles We Wish You a speedy recovery champ uh I Needed it again obviously a lot of People was say it's for the money and All that Um but you know it was it was much more Than that like you know what I mean it

Is hard like it really is hard For uh athletes sorry Um I I never thought I'd struggle with It but I mean like for some reason when I wasn't fighting or or in K [ __ ] Sorry I'll just do my heading you know What I mean I needed a fight and then uh This opportunity come up and you know I'll I'll be honest I wasn't uh training As much as I should have but I thought I Had to you know I had to I had to do it I had to take take it I thought it would Be um you know I'm telling myself it's Meant to be obviously uh I was Struggling a little bit not fighting Doing my head in I don't know how Everything's fine I got a beautiful Family um but I don't know you know you I think you just need to keep busy so That's why uh you know I just ask uh the UFC to you know just keep me busy cuz uh You know I need to I need to be keeping Busy I need to be in Camp otherwise I'm Going to do my heading so uh you know That that's yeah I'll leave that yeah I Know that I know it's a very common Thing it was something that again I I've Never I never understood I was uh yeah I've never never dealt with anything Like that to be honest um yeah George St Pierre has posted a video to his social Media where he made a short breakdown of The finishing sequence in UFC 294s Main Event between Islam makev and Alexander

Banovski in fighting when you're the Shorter fighter you need to be aware That your opponent sees a lot of the Thing that come from below but not much That come from above if you're the Taller fighter you need to know that Your opponent sees a lot of thing that Comes from above but not much that come From below because of the this SP of Vision so if you want to surprise him You may want to try to go with a ey kick That's what we saw in the final fight at UFC 294 congratulation Islam makev and I'm sure wovi will come back stronger Next Time Polo Costa did not fight inside the KJ at UFC 294 but did not miss out on Any action inside of aad Arena last Night cameras caught Costa defending Himself against multiple people one of Whom launched himself toward the Brazilian as UFC security intervened as Of now it's unclear who the people were Or how the confrontation started Costa Shared his side of the story in a YouTube video mother mother say this Show this to me you know so I mark his Face and uh next time I come in the hall Yes in the hallway so I saw him and I I I went Him and uh you know when the guy is far For you he's he's like a valid brave but When I came he just him to to to talk But he can he's Tred to have few as I

Can so I grab him and I pull him and Then some other the guys pull like three Or four guys pull uh jumping in the the Fence so the secur came and the guy that Showed me his finger he jumped in as Well and I just saw his big forehead and Man I called mess I called mess you know Costa also sent a message to Hamza Shimay have after bors's dominant win Over Kamar Usman he tweeted I told you Guys I could fight tonight followed up With Gourmet chenhan is so greenhorn I Would destroy this cupcake easy money For sure footage has emerged of what Hamza shimay was saying to Dana White After his win over Kamar Usman at UFC 294 it looked like Hamza apologize for Not finishing Usman who took this fight On just 11 days Notice Hey congratulations sorry IED Conor McGregor has some words for Hamah Shima have after UFC 294 tweeting Respect fair play title shot next Strickland versus shimay have is wild Congrats on the brown belt your pale Black belt Conor later tweeted you know What sheim might have made need to prove More for 185b title shot for me he must Be a true 185 rebook sheim my Everest Costa to which Paulo replied I'm with Connor he didn't fight a legit Middleweight until now let him feed me What do you think about this is the

Fight to make everybody want to watch it Let's go cupcake Chen Chen during UFC 294s postf fight presser Dana White Addressed the controversial ending of Johnny Walker versus magamed ank early In the first round Walker ate a huge Knee strike from anv that was deemed Illegal with the Brazilian down on the Canvas the action was paused to allow Walker time to recover but just moments Later the fight was waved off by the Referee white said that the doctor was Inexperienced and believes that his Questions and Walker's answer may have Been Lost in Translation because while The Brazilian speaks English it's not His first language we also had some Weird doctor decisions this evening um Yeah yeah listen the guy the guy's Inexperienced he uh got up in there's I Think there's a lot of things that that Probably happened I guess he asked uh I I guess he asked him where are you right Now and his response was I'm in the Desert he's not wrong uh I think there's A big language barrier in there between Two of them uh in in experience and you Know just uh it sucks it's one of those Things that happen sometimes and we'll Make it right and we'll fix it and Here's the UFC president's reaction to The brawl involving Paulo Costa in the Crowd uh it seems like a there's a video Of a fan jumping over the barricade to

Get at Pao Costa after the hamz out Fight do you have any update on what Happened there yeah with the group of People that we had here in the building Tonight it's like a powder K in there That thing was just ready to pop off um And uh yeah know I've never seen Something like that somebody from the Crowd go after a fighter um But we handled it we contained It here are the top three memes we found On the internet today third place was Found over Reddit and was posted by a User named Philip TNT second place meme was found over Reddit and was posted by a usern named Gro 1903 and the top picked meme of the day Was found over Instagram and was posted By a user named as shopped As It Gets Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk