FOOTAGE of Adesanya’s FIRST REACTION following loss to Strickland! UFC Belt MEANS NOTHING to Sean

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Dana White reacts to Israel Adesanya vs Sean Strickland at UFC 293

Tai Tuivasa issues a statement following submission loss to Alexander Volkov

Sean Strickland reacts to title win against Adesanya

Israel Adesanya’s first reaction to loss against Strickland at UFC 293

MMA Community react to Sean Strickland vs Israel Adesanya
Alex Pereira reacts to Adesanya’s loss
Robert Whittaker reacts to Adesanya vs Strickland
Conor McGregor reacts to UFC 293 main event

Alexander Volkov reacts to his third finish in a row over Tai Tuivasa

00:00 – Sean Strickland sends a message to MMA community
01:57 – Israel Adesanya’s first reaction to loss
03:39 – MMA Community reacts to Sean Strickland’s win
05:04 – Dana White reacts to Strickland vs Adesanya
06:43 – Tai Tuivasa issues a statement following submission loss
07:16 – Alexander Volkov reacts to win over Tai Tuivasa
08:37 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started Sean Strickland has come out Victorious Over his Rod Sonia with a resounding Unanimous decision speaking with UFC News Strickland reacted to the Surprising upset downplaying his Monumental Victory and declaring that The UFC belt means nothing to him yeah No it's good you guys it's fun I love to Fight like here's the thing guys I was excited because I won but this [ __ ] Bell You know means nothing means nothing Like I'm just like you guys for some Reason they gave me one of these I don't Even know what to do with it because I Had the lowest self-esteem in the world We're like Even looking at this I'm like how the [ __ ] did I fumble into this thing dude My dream is happening am I going to wake Up at some point so yeah I know it's [ __ ] weird you guys hopefully I get a Big old big old sponsorship deal you Know and then yeah I'll go lay in a I'll Go lay in a bath and put rose petals Everywhere and you know I guarantee Mick And Eric I think Nick wanted me to win But I guarantee Dana and Hunter calling Izzy you [ __ ] I thought you said You're gonna knock him out now we got to Put up with this guy for a longer you [ __ ] [ __ ] Izzy you know what Whenever we start swinging and banging

And he threw some punches and I was like Man That was really like predictable that Was really easy to see like that came From a mile away like I'm a way better Box than you let's fight it was kind of Like as you get in there you start Realizing oh I'm a lot better than you Sean also posted this clip social media Captioned thank you to everyone when I Fail you guys ride with me and when I Win you guys ride with me thank you all After every fight win or lose I always Take a video for you guys uh you guys Support me when I fell you guys support Me when I win This might happen because all you guys Reaching out you guys made this fight Happen so my team my training partner my Fans Guys on to the next Now that the dust has settled on the Streets of Sydney Australia Israel Asania is taken to the digital world Posting a series of videos offering a Glimpse into how he's dealing with the Aftermath of the defeat Um Nothing broken a little touched up Grade Still thriving it's all good they losing But I love living And I'm driving so yeah Hang out with the family first

Week I'll address the people but right now I gotta put me first I gotta put me First lucious Uh I love this [ __ ] We have Dang uh Our top in life still No matter what win or lose surrounded by Love surrounded by great men That's why I love this [ __ ] [Music] [Music] Also online Izzy's rival Alex Pereira Tweeted I told you guys but nobody Believed me congrats Sean Strickland you Deserve it Seems like my plans to go down to Middleweight one more time have run out Robert Whittaker said the division has Movement congrats Sean Strickland great Fight mate can't wait for the future Conor McGregor said The Spar only method Crowns the new UFC middleweight world Champion well done Sean unlucky Izzy two Quality operators as well as completely Opposite characters facing off where Else would you get it incredible what a Sport what a company UFC is King [Music] [Applause] Um [Music] [Music]

[Applause] Yeah he did it let's go yeah What You crazy [ __ ] Himself during UFC 293's post flight Press conference Dana White shared his Thoughts on Strickland's unexpected win And also discussed the possibility of a Rematch between his Rodney and Strickland hear it from the president Himself there are a million things that Could go wrong uh some days you wake up It's just not there man you just don't It's it's not there he looked bone dry When he came out tonight standing up Really tall Um looked very slow Looked like you couldn't get off at all Um even in the fifth round when when Everybody knew he needed a knockout to Win the fight there was no sense of Urgency to try to finish the fight so I Don't know if he's hurt if he's uh or He's just you know tonight's that night Yeah did you speech him in the cage at All what's that did you speak yeah I Said you okay he said I'll talk to you Later You know he did what he's had to do Right he came here to be the champion Four rounds to one came into hostile Territory the whole world talking [ __ ] About him the whole world saying he Couldn't do it a seven to one Underdog

Came in almost finished him in the first Round And won the championship won the world Title man so Everything that we're talking about Right now about how crazy this sport is When opportunities arise you jump on Them and you take them and uh you know You should never turn down fights when You get the call especially if it's for A world title yeah I think you do the Rematch absolutely I mean the rematch is Is interesting Um that could be the thing too In a stunning turn of events Alexander Volkov submitted tied to ivassa in the Second round leaving Tai with his third Consecutive loss not one to stay silent Bam Bam took the social media to share His thoughts on the defeat and issued a Statement writing walked out to scar Miss Higgins music I was the one who Ended up with a scar face palm calfs Lived to fight another day all love to My fans sorry Australia I went out tried My best fell short love yes great work Volkov Alex was a pleasure Speaking to UFC news after the fight Alexander volkov discussed his strategy Going into the battle with Tai and how Surprised he was by Bam Bam's tough head And tough chin I worked for this fight It was a great blank a lot because I Know it will be one of the my advantage

Of him in this fight so uh I just did it I I saw like opportunity to do this and I did so it was it was just a good time For this show and just so attended I was Really surprised how tough he is he gets So many points from me so it is the Sponge was like really really hard I Tried to put everything off on our Insurance so I was so surprised with his Like a tough head without a tough chin So I was surprised with this so uh and This is why I can tell he's really like His fighter with a with a big hurt so I I like him so I'm some kind of To win Here are the top three memes we found on The internet third place was found over Reddit and was posted by a user named Zesty clothes Our second place meme was also found Over Reddit and was posted by a user Named hasaki sinjiro And her top pick was found over Facebook And was posted by a user named UFC kink Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk