Drunk ‘Karen’ Picks A Fight With UFC Flyweight Star Maycee Barber: ‘I Could Bust You In Your Face’

A drunk ‘Karen’ nearly played a game of F*ck Around and Find Out with UFC fighter Maycee Barber.

In a video clip shared by Demi Bagby, an American CrossFit athlete and popular YouTuber, a random and clearly inebriated woman appeared to be leaning against her vehicle. Bagby repeatedly says, “Get off my car,” to which the woman defiantly stares back and insists that she’s doing nothing wrong.

Seconds later, the woman threatens to “bust” Bagby in her face. It’s then that the camera turns to reveal that Bagby is not alone. She’s with UFC flyweight standout and 14-2 MMA fighter Maycee Barber.

Maycee BarberMaycee Barber

I’d beat both your motherf*cking a**es,” the woman says, having absolutely no idea who she’s dealing with.

It appears as though the incident was resolved without things getting physical.

Maycee Barber Suffers health scare immediately following her latest win

Maycee Barber currently sits at No. 4 in the UFC’s official flyweight rankings. ‘The Future’ has won six straight inside the Octagon, including notable victories over Miranda Maverick, Montana De La Rosa, Jessica Eye, Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee, Amanda Ribas, and Katlyn Cerminara (former Chookagian).

Maycee Barber vs. Katlyn CerminaraMaycee Barber vs. Katlyn Cerminara

Three days after her win over Cerminara at UFC 299, Barber was hospitalized for nearly two weeks, suffering from what doctors believe was a case of Streptococcus pyogenes, a serious form of strep throat as well as a staph infection. She also contracted pneumonia and her blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels.

Maycee BarberMaycee Barber

“I ended up … being on oxygen, having the blood pressure monitored, and everything being monitored at all times, and being stuck with like a bunch of different needles,” Barber said during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “But we don’t have a definitive answer on what it was. From the moment I went into the hospital, they started giving me antibiotics and giving me stuff to try to bring it down or figure it out.

Maycee BarberMaycee Barber

“As they were doing that, they were also testing, they’re like, ‘We’re giving her this to help with it, but we’re also trying to figure out what it is.’ So they never really got a true answer as to what it was. But the antibiotics that I’m on now are slowly starting to clear it up. So I’m hopeful that it just stays gone and stays away because, for a minute there, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it.”

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