Dillon Danis: Mike Perry vs. Logan Paul staredown ‘pisses me off to the point where it’s like, ‘f*** you’

Dillon Danis has been trying nonstop to get into Logan Paul’s head with pictures of Paul’s fiancee. But he admits one photo from their press conference this week got into his.

A picture of Paul facing off with BKFC star Mike Perry, the backup fighter should Danis not show for their Oct. 14 fight, provoked a reaction in Danis.

“It bothers me,” Danis told Misfits Boxing, the promoter of his co-main event in Manchester, England. “It bothers me that he posted that picture. It just makes me wanna — not make me not want to show up, but it just pisses me off to the point where it’s like, ‘F*** you.’

“It’s just like, why are you trying to divert and not promote our fight? That I’m here in London, I’m here doing all this press, I’m building this fight up, and he’s just trying to — I feel like because I’m in such in his head and I’m roasting him so hard, he tries to deflect everything. He never directs at me, too. It’s either at Conor [McGregor] or somewhere else. It’s really weird. He never wants to kind of engage with me. It’s really stupid.”

Danis showed up to the press conference — a surprise for many who felt his contribution would be limited to nasty tweets — and didn’t get far before the gathering was broken up by the antics of John Fury, the father of headliner Tommy Fury (and heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury). Danis was taken to a separate area, and Paul instead faced off with Perry, who is on loan from BKFC.

Backstage, Danis reflected on the incident — and assured the interviewer he would show up for the fight. He also included a few slight hedges for an act of god (or person).

“Well, in the contract, unless I get hit by a car or something, yeah. I mean, I don’t know anything can happen, but yeah, in the contract I have to show or it’s $100,000 fine, or the doctors have to check me. So yeah, something crazy happens. I don’t know, you never know in life, but I’ll be there.”

And when he does show up, Danis plans to have the last word on this very ugly buildup to a fight with his fists.

“I think a knockout,” he predicted. “A knockout or his corner throws in the towel, it’s such a bad beating. Either one, I don’t mind, just beating his ass. I can’t wait to punch him in the face. I wanted to hit him so bad today.

“I was going to throw that chair right at him. I was just worried about poking the two guys in the middle’s eyes with the thing. But I was trying to, and you grabbed me. I was trying to get every chair out there.”

You can see Danis’ full interview below.

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