Dancing Knockout Artist – Top 10 Crazy Knockouts of Michael “Venom” Page

Michael Page, competing in a variety of fighting disciplines, has made a name for himself with autograph submissions and, of course, daring knockouts. Today we’ll remember all of his highlite punches, responsible for dozens of brisk concussions.

Michael “Venom” Page has earned fame not only for his spectacular knockouts, but also for his haughty behavior in the cage. His name and nickname add up to the acronym MVP – Most Valuable Player. Here is an overview of the career of one of the brightest fighters in MMA.

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Michael page is a living legend and one Of the most talented fighters in the World today The British Welterweight Champion Certainly has what it takes to stand out From the crowd His cocky behavior and wild Knockouts Are a sight to behold At the moment Venom is a bright light House for balleter MMA and attracts a Lot of attention to the league today we Will take a look at Michael's most Prominent and memorable moments Knockouts that shook his opponents to The Core Some people regard Paige as a bad boy Others say he's a show-off call him what You want but one thing is certain Michael page is a true master of his Craft With lots of Victories and trophies Behind his back Michael never had second Thoughts when he got a chance to launch His MMA career In August 2012 H stood up against Jefferson George MMA Cajun gloves and Kickboxing rules apply was an Interesting transition for Michael During the fight Michael was fluttering Almost like a butterfly Stinging every now and then with his Right Soon as Paige got comfortable he started To surprise everyone with spinning kicks

And various combos Michael was quite convinced that Jefferson wasn't ready to dance his Little Tango even though he tried to Disagree a few times showing the Audience very beautiful performance with Some wild acrobatics in the second round However everyone already knew who was Going to win the fight Venom would break through almost every Time After a series of well-placed punches And kicks Michael finally finished the Fight with a clean KO First MMA fight was a big success and Frankly a lot to look at against him Stood the debut Player band Dishman who Started quite firmly trying to put Mike On the ground right off the back His second try was no better while Mike Also turned out better at grappling as Soon as they got up Paige started to get All cocky as usual aiming for the Ben's Head in the regular funky manner very Quickly Ben's morale went down and he Couldn't do much to the very last moment Of the fight From that point on the duration of the Fight depended on Venom and how he would Go about finishing his opponent after Grasping at straws for the last time Ben Fell on the floor once more and admitted Defeat before the fight was even over Wow

Venom decided to finish it with a mighty Tornado kick the spinning kick that Heavy didn't leave Ben a single chance To stand on his feet it took Michael Exactly one minute to enter the Mainstream of the MMA world Knowing that Fame will never come in his Native England Michael signed contract With ballador in March 2013 he was Warmly greeted by Ryan Sanders Sanders was supposed to test the British Champion but it wasn't long before poor Ryan fell knocking his head against the Hard floor School paper One right hand all it took From that moment on balladar knew They've got their A-Class star ready to Shine In May 2014 Ricky Rainey appeared as Venom's first serious Contender at the Time Rainey was well known for his five Knockouts and the nine wins and his Clean precise technique At the start of the fight however it was Pretty clear which one of the two had The most skill and guts Rainey looked like he was trying to Handcuff the win And he seems a little lost foreign Mike was in control of the fight even With his peripheral vision looking away From Rainey he was able to navigate Justice

Already in the middle of the fight Rainey was deep in the psychological pit He'd take every blow that came his way After a while Paige got bored and Decided to proceed more firmly finally Finishing it with a spinning back Fist And an overhand After being bombarded all this time Ricky simply couldn't handle the final Right hand In 2017 Paige found himself in a tricky Situation it was long after that fight With Paul Daly who also had high hopes For a career in ballador Around that time Mike got interested in Professional boxing and had a strong Desire to give it a try especially after The famous McGregor Mayweather fight And October 2017 page 5 experienced Jonathan castano Mike started with some Jabs in the first Round placing a few heavy right hands as Well Trip page Physically really does bring to mind End of the second round was a bit more Packed with combos It's the classic game Jeff Lacy Castana looked daunted and obviously Couldn't keep up with Pace interesting And had to pay the price one way or Another Seemed like that fight was way too easy For Michael

In the summer 2018 Mike got back in the Ring for some easy money he fought Polish Mikhail chalk who seemed more Like a punching dummy in the fight After putting the Polish to rest Mike Decided to make ballater great again and Came back to MMA In 2019 Bellator thought they should Broaden up their Horizons a bit and came To Japan with a winter tour what a warm Winter that was with stars like father Yemo yanenko and rampay Jackson it was Quite something Michael Chandler also found himself Among the Performersai what you want but is Certainly not one of those who backs Down We go The [ __ ] proof resistant Japanese took The blows like a man Although by the end of the round a lot Of people seem to worry about the Japanese war However even Venom's knees couldn't Bring shinso down He was a little stutter Stuttered what I said about playing Either way they could be only one of Them remain standing Sometimes it happens so that it isn't Exactly good when a Fighter's too tough Luckily for shinso the referee did his Job very well and didn't let him die in

The ring In June 2015 the world renowned Phenomenon Michael fought Rudy Bears was Known to be a universal fighter It was quite a performance on behalf of Mike For a whole minute he left everyone Wondering about what was gonna happen Next Still after he started his famous wavy Motion there was no way of stopping him From there on With a stylish one single hit Mike put Yet another one of his opponents to Sleep In November 2019 Paige brought ballader To his native London and headlined it For the first time Italian Giovanni malilo with a record of 13 to 4 was already quite well known in Europe at the time Although the Punisher couldn't quite Punish Venom which only seems natural if You think about it Paige didn't even Have to take a time to catch his Pace Two minutes after this started he shook Malilo up the frame That evening Page's success was Celebrated in every Pub in London before September 2019 could become a breaking Point for Michael he was getting back to Normal for about four months after Losing for the first time to Douglas Lima

Interestingly that didn't make venom Changes playful Behavior too much His next opponent was someone by the Name of Richard Keeley an Irish Kickboxing and Kung Fu Master Being a hooligan at heart Keely quickly Brought attention to himself by taking On a bit of a show both at the waiting And in the fight Although Michael also did something a Decent Sportsman would normally do once They were on the floor Paige pretended To make a selfie Anyway after narrowly avoiding a swift Overhand Paige took Keely by surprise With a flying knee the second time Turned out Richard wasn't quite as tough As he tried to seem and Paige celebrated The victory with his custom little dance Made Jeremy Holloway fly all over the Cage for two minutes straight A series of well-placed punches broad Page to convenient position for a leg Lock Even though that was not the way Mike Typically goes about defeating his Enemies In July Michael fought Evangelista Santos starting his game in the 90s The 40 year old veteran had 40 fights Over his shoulders and rarely his fights Were anything less than a meat grinding Session Despite all of that Paige started the

Fight with a swift series of left and Right the speed of MVP and he was good At grappling that time good right hand However after trying out his classic Flying knee Michael out Santos to bring Him down on canvas nice Where he couldn't quite get a hold of His leg Still Santos didn't really act like he Was using the opportunity the second Period started almost the same way but Mike just didn't seem to be able to Execute his final blow 100 yard dash ultimately cyborg pretty Much offered himself up to page The result wasn't pretty for Santos a Seriously fractured skull that put an End to his career Mike granted Santa's a metal plate and Received yet another Pokemon in his Collection That KO was also regarded as the best Knockout of the year it can come back After leaving kickboxing ring 10 years Ago Mike brought us some very beautiful And exciting moments and even though his Already 35 he keeps on winning mostly Because of his ability to genuinely Enjoy the process Again

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