Dana White’s FIRST REACTION to Ngannou’s KO loss! Merab CONFRONTS O’Malley! Topuria RESPONDS to Sean

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00:00 Conor McGregor watches UFC 299 with fans
00:43 MVP not happy with his UFC debut win
01:50 Dustin Poirier reacts to his KO victory
03:23 Benoit Saint-Denis issues a statement after UFC 299 loss
04:06 Merab Dvalishvili awkwardly confronts Sean O’Malley
05:11 Ilia Topuria responds to Sean O’Malley’s callout
06:20 Dana White reacts to Francis Ngannou’s KO loss
08:02 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get the show started Conor McGregor watches UFC 299 with fans The notorious spent yesterday alongside Fans at a New York City Bar watching UFC 299 I'm here at little Wood Rose Watching the UFC card with all these Amazing UFC [Applause] FS Number [Applause] Michael paig reacts to his UFC debut Victory MVP had a successful debut in The UFC Octagon Saturday defeating Kevin Holland via unanimous decision speaking To meia during the presser MVP said that He's not happy with his performance and Revealed that when he stepped in the Octagon he didn't feel like his usual Self it's weird because you know from Start to finish I just felt I felt Confident and then you know when I got In there it wasn't like I I was I wasn't Confident I still feeling confident but My body just wasn't functioning in the Way I wanted it to I don't know what it Was down to um but it's the first one You know I did what I needed to do to Win I still felt I felt mil was better Than him and I just felt like I could Have done a lot more and definitely have Got the Finish if I was you know in uh In order but you know we got we got the Dub I like to be very hard on myself

Winning or Losing um so I think that's just me just Really you know wanting to be better Wanting to do more wanting to give more To you know the the the fans that come To you know paid their money to come and See me Dustin porier reacts after a huge Victory over Ben was singon KNE porier Is back in the win column after a Spectacular second round knockout on Saturday night where he sent the Frenchman to the canvas with a powerful Right counter speaking to meia during UFC 29's post fight presser porier Explained how he feels after scoring Such an impressive win over a very Dangerous opponent um it feels good you Know to write the ship take a chance Fight a guy outside of the top 10 when You know the the I don't even know how Many but my last opponents have been Former Royal Champions huge Main Events Huge fights and now this got this young Guy in his 20s who finished his last Five oppon representing France got a lot Of momentum behind him and a country Behind him and I'm like you know What let's see if I still got it to Fight these young guys And it feels good man you know it feels Good to win it was a long training camp It was it was stressful had a lot on my Back and it feels good to win Dustin Also about to keep jumping Guillotines

After failing to submit his opponent Multiple Times hi doing were the gues part of the Plan or just you no everyone told me not To jump to Guillotine Mike Brown told me 100 times this week gameat told me bunch Of times in the locker room at weigh-ins Don't you know um it was part of my Plan not the Coaches and I'll jump another one I Promise you Ben St Den issues a Statement following UFC 29's loss after Suffering the first knockout of his Career St Den took to Instagram Revealing that a week of antibiotics for His infection was the reason he Performed the way he did against porier Rating hello France unfortunately Tonight I could not fully express myself My body did not follow after a week of Antibiotics to fight an infection Throughout I was present but my body was Absent it did not react as usual I only Had one round to give you sorry to have Disappointed you I will come back Stronger thanks to Dustin for accepting This fight it was impossible for me not Not to seize the opportunity of such a Fight thanks to everyone for the support Thanks to my team and my family ESD Rob Deval Vil confronts sha Elli After UFC 299 while dealilly stands out As the clear top Contender with a 10-fight winning streak omali is more

Interested in challenging Ilia torya for Featherweight gold following his Impressive victory over Chito Vera Elli Called for El Matador in his postf fight Speech within the Octagon here's how Morab reacted to being snubbed by the Champ [Music] I'm I'm so peace he still don't BL me Out come on bro I'm number one fight me Bro if you do the show the wall but you Are scary little skinny guy so you want To call somebody who's not going to Fight You afterwards D confronted Elly Backstage in an uncomfortable Encounter Congratulations you should mention my Name oh [ __ ] I didn't know who that was Man you have to Fight OT torya responds to Shan ell's Call out after his dominant win over Cho Vera at UFC 299 Elli called out UFC Featherweight champ ilot Poria then During the UFC 299 presser om Ali Explained his call out and stated that If the fight were to happen he's Confident that he'd knock Yia out Making history that second belt is it Something specifically about him uh The Undefeated what what is it about him That uh calls your attention yeah I mean It's moving up to 45 that's champ versus Champ automatically is huge just knocked

Out in Alexander volkanovski is massive You know it's just an exciting fight I'm Here for for massive fights um and That's what I want to be a part of so if That's it sweet mors it sweet you know I Like having Options I think a fight with anybody I Win by knockout obviously I didn't knock Cheeto out but you know they don't lose Confidence from that Cheeto is you know So tough um yeah I believe I put El's Lights out tooro responded to the call Out tweeting Suga congrats was a Beautiful performance there is a fight Chasing you with morab get that done First Dana White reacts to Francis Sanu's Koo lost to Anthony Joshua at the Post fite press conference the UFC President was asked his thoughts on Inu's boxing match against Anthony Joshua this was after the former UFC Heavyweight champ was brutally knocked Out on Friday Dana responded saying he's Not a fan of crossover fights and this Is what happens when you make them did You uh see the match the boxing match Last night did you talk to Eddie after It I did not um I I mean I saw it on I Saw it on social media yeah what did you Make of that finish and the Frances Fight what do you mean what did I make What did I make of it what you saw it Like it was it was it was people are Saying it's one of the more violent

Knockouts in boxing history yeah I mean Going into the fury fight if Fury Trained for the fight and didn't show up And you know looked like he ate Tyson Fury it's probably the way that fight Would ended too I mean listen the cross You know how I feel about crossovers Into boxing and that's that's how they End just like that white also reacted to Al's call out ailia Toria and mostly Shut down the idea inir that he doesn't Like when Fighters move div Visions Before first defending the title a few Times what do you make of uh this these Call outs of ilot Toria I mean is that Something that you're even considering Right now or is it too soon to be Talking about moving divisions oh it's Not Tuesday Yet on Tuesday maybe we can talk about Moving divisions yeah I don't know about Moving divisions Uh yeah yeah you know how I feel about That I mean even topor was talking about Not fighting anybody in the division After just wning the title yeah that's Crazy Talk time for today's top memes third Place was found over on Instagram and Was posted by as shopped as it Gets second place meme was found over on Reddit and was posted by Ray Rex 91 and the top picked meme was found Over on Instagram and was posted by

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