Dana White to get ‘OILED UP’ by Nina Drama? Colby Covington UNDER FIRE after new video released

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00:00 Conor McGregor claps back at Chandler’s ‘yacht’ taunts
00:27 Alex Pereira posts new sparring video
01:00 Tom Aspinall spars Eddie Hall
02:12 Bo Nickal questions whether Khamzat Chimaev deserves title shot
02:51 Justin Gaethje reveals that he was supposed to fight Islam in February
03:43 Michael Bisping on Paulo Costa vs Robert Whittaker at UFC 298
05:14 Colby Covington under fire after new video released
05:48 Dana White to get oiled up by Nina Drama
07:14 TOP 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor continue talks for UFC 300 Taking to Twitter Michael Chandler Taunted Conor McGregor into accepting a Fight for UFC 300 tweeting I get it he's Coming off an injury so that said now That Conor McGregor is healthy the Question is why wouldn't it be UFC 300 It's been 2.5 years get off the yacht Kid McGregor replied YZ Jim Alex P posts New training footage Check out these clips of poon preparing For his next Fight Tom Aspen spars Eddie Hall former World's Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall Is preparing to venture into mixed Martial arts Eddie recently posted a Video where he seen sparring interim UFC Heavyweight champ Tom aspall you can Watch the full Vlog on Eddie Hall's YouTube [Music] Channel Sh [Music] B nickel questions whether Hamza shimay Deserves a total shot during a recent Episode of his nickels and dimes show on YouTube Bo weighed in on the current Situation with Hamza saying I think Draus wants his roanna that's what he Said his call out was Adisa or it could

Be Hamza they've been talking about Giving Hamza the Tuttle shot but he has Been hurt he has been sick messed up in The hospital broke his hand all this Crazy stuff dude they're going to give Hamza the Tuttle shot for sure at some Point I don't think he's going to have To fight again till he gets the Tuttle Shot do I think he deserves that no he Hasn't fought a single 85 he has fought Less 85ers than me my guys aren't even On the roster Anymore Justin gate reveals that he was Supposed to fight Islam in February During an interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto Justin said that he was supposed To fight Islam makev in February of this Year had Charles Aliva not gotten hurt Hear from Justin has that been tough Like to be like a cut on uh Charles Ala's eyebrow is has has really thrown This whole thing into a loop because you Could be fighting for the belt you know Now had that not happened I would have Fought him I would have fought him in February I would have fought I mean I Was told not by I mean by specific People but you know nonchalantly and it Was a sub verbal thing but that I was Going to fight the winner of that fight In February and then he got hurt and yeah Really things up So something I cannot control I do not

I'm not going to sit around and Michael Bisping discusses paoc Costa versus Robert Whitaker after two previously Failed bookings Robert Whitaker and Paulo Costa will once again try to make A fight happen this time at UFC 298 Speaking on the latest episode of the Believe you me podcast Michael Bisping Shared his thoughts on this fight Costa's a bit of a weird one as well Isn't it don't get me wrong I I love Watching him fight I think he's very Very entertaining that fight he had with Luke rockold entertaining Marvin vtor Even though he came out came in heavy And had no respect for the weight class Whatever still a brilliant fight you Know what I mean uh how do you see that One real quick because obviously whtas In a tough Place coming back from the Lost to do plus e whitti was always Renowned as the next best middleweight After Israel arisna um but against Paulo Costa I think that's a tough match up For both men Paulo Costa is only 32 Years old I'm just looking at his record So to answer your question decision win To rock old a lost to Marvin and had aan Where he was finished a decision win Over yoel Romero and that was a very Very entertaining fight by the way Nobody knocks out y well yeah it ain't Easy and then a TKO over uray Hall pko Over Johnny hris Ola Wala bam go and

Gareth mclennen so that's been his UFC Run he hasn't been very active since 2017 24 eight fights in eight years Kobe Kington is under Fire after a new video Has been dropped Kobe is known to often Appear with female models while being Interviewed now in his most recent post Covington was filmed solo soon after the Video appeared many fans mocked the Former interim UFC champion man flooded The comments writing bro lost his ladies To Leon laughing him out bro don't even Have the paid models with them man's Down bad don't feel the same Kobe no One's champ it just don't hit the same Anymore no chicks down bad LOL not one Positive comment literally nobody's Champ Dana White to get oiled up by Nina Drama the Mischief began while Dana White was filming a live video when fans Started leaving comments with a desire To oil up the UFC president causing a Stir I want to oil you up what F does that Mean the clip has since taken off as a Fun meme Dana's even filmed another clip Pleading to stop the oiling Comments stop torturing me stop talking About oiling me Up oh this guy again oil yourself up Dana it's probably be Tiki under a it's Got to be Tiki under a fake name no tiki I will not oil myself up Now Nina drama has posted this clip and

Captioned it writing 10K comments and Dana White will announce UFC 300 Main Event this week or we get to oil him Up check out how the MMA Community Reacted Alexa grasu said what's that oil Stuff how it started what's that Angela Hill the internet is so weird this was Less than an hour ago and already has Over 18K comments why do so many people Want to see Dana oiled up I rather see Nina oiled up F violent said we want him To announce the main event all oiled up I'm going to touch you at Dana White can I help you oil him up or is he a Oneperson oil type of Guy listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top three memes Third place was found over on Reddit and Was posted by a user named Buret the second place meme was found Over on Instagram and it was posted by a Username as shopped as it Gets and the top picked meme was found Over on Facebook and it was posted by Robert thanks for watching if you like The content smash that like button and Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the Talk