Dana White RESPONDS to BACKLASH over Kayla Harrison, Sean O’Malley WANTS Ilia Topuria next, UFC 300

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00:00 Daniel Cormier on Dricus Du Plessis vs Israel Adesanya potential fight
01:29 Frankie Edgar reacts to UFC Hall Of Fame induction
03:13 ‘Disappointed’ PFL CEO reacts to Kayla Harrison signing with the UFC
03:58 Sean O’Malley says he want to fight Ilia Topuria next
04:57 Dana White responds to backlash over Kayla Harrison fighting at 135
07:00 Another fight added to UFC 300 lineup
08:04 Top 3 MMA memes



All right let's get this show Started let's start today's news with Daniel Cormier talking about dras dup's Potential Showdown with his RNA after a big win at UFC 297 DDP Called out Izzy as his first title Defense now while speaking on the DC and RC show Cormier discussed the potential Matchup here from the former Champ RC if I'm being honest and I'm dra Dupy I'm hoping that it's against Israel Atna right I'm hoping hoping for the Biggest fight I'm hoping for the Opportunity to put an end to the Rivalry But is it is he said he needed time to The point that he told people he was Going to wait till 20027 but now he sees this guy as the Champion somebody who it would seem to Be a favorable matchup is it still too Soon though would it be a mistake for Osna to come back into a title fight as Early early as maybe April May because Dana did say the other day Conor is not Necessarily 100% June April May June When he says he needs more time because It seemed like the life was getting to Ed asagna right the DUI and the fight Being flat against Strickland like would It still be too soon for Izzy like does He still does he need to avoid that rush To closure with draus and still take the Time needed for himself before he goes Back into the Octagon rank Edgar reacts

To his UFC Hall of Fame induction during UFC 297 broadcast the UFC announced that Frankie Edgar will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year speaking with TSN Zar and Broner Frankie reacted to the Announcement yeah it's amazing I you Know I definitely didn't expect that to Happen tonight um I'm I'm super Surprised to be considered amongst the Greats um you know and getting picked by The brass in your peers is is what it's All about you know I put a lot into this And uh to get recognized it means Everything do you think of yourself that Way like when you wake up in the morning You look in the mirror you say I'm you Know one of the all-time greats uh I Mean I don't really think I'm not that Type of guy you know Um I know I'm a badass you know what I Mean but I don't think I don't really Stroke myself like that what are you Most looking forward to in terms of the The celebration the induction itself When you you are actually enshrined into The Hall of Fame you know just to know That I'm that I'm going to be forever in In the record books you know you're here Forever what they say you die you die You die twice when you die and then when The last person someone speak your name Well I'll be in a record book so someone Will speak that name for a little bit While you know and here's how the MMA

Community reacted to the news Chris Widman tweeted big shout out to Frankie Edgar on his induction into the UFC Hall Of Fame well-deserved always someone I Looked up to in the way he fought and How he carried himself as a man outside Of the Octagon East Coast legend Jimmy Manowa said big respect to such a fan Favorite bah Muhammad your favorite Fighter's favorite fighter or Legend the Answer first fight I ever went to was Frankie Big John McCarthy Congratulations Frankie Edgar on your Induction into the UFC Hall of Fame no One ever deserved it more Cho Vera said Frankie you a legend congratulations Champ pfl's disappointed CEO reacts to Kayla Harrison signing with the UFC After spending the past six years with The pfl Kayla has now officially joined The UFC along with the news pfl CEO Peter Murray reacted to her move saying She's a two-time champion with US Women's 155 and she's moving on to the UFC she's going to be on a historic card Which I believe is a testament to the Level and quality of talent in the pfl We wish her well we're disappointed that The fight between Cyborg and Kayla did Not happen Kayla chose not to make it Happen and to move on to our next Chapter we had the fight that matters The fight that matters most candidly the Biggest fight in women sports in MMA

Ultimately Caleb made a decision to move On Melly says he wants Ilia Toria next As many of you know Elly has aspirations Of becoming a double champ in an Interview with Shaq MMA he said that a Fight with ilota is next if both of them Win their upcoming Matchups if you goes out there beats Bulk I'm going to go out there and beat Keto that's the next fight me versus Elia in Las Vegas at the Sphere biggest card of the Year probably Sometime in uh you know sometime next Year I'm going to take him out but if Anybody can beat vulk it would be Elia He's got legit skills he's he's a very Scary Striker good Grappler um mentally as sharp as it is So I do think if anyone can beat vulk it Would be Elia and I just think that Would be a massive fight for for Elia is A little you know slow or stupid or Whatever you want to say but he can Fight Dina white responds to backlash Over Killa Harris fighting at 135 lbs as We reported yesterday Kayla Harrison is Now a part of the UFC and she will be Making her debut at UFC 300 against Holly Holm news of Cayla fighting at 135 Lbs sparked a lot of controversy here's What the people had to say one fan said Why did she sign to the UFC right when Usada gone and now she suddenly can make 135 lbs after saying for years it was

Not physically possible for her get Those IVs ready baby no way can Kayla Make Bano laughing my ass off Kayla Cutting off a leg to make 135 zero Chance she makes 135 and performs well Taking to Instagram live Dana White Responded to the backlash I had an Announcement for 300 yesterday you'll Get the main event when I'm ready to Give you the main Event been I've been squeezing them out One by One when I'm ready to give you the main Event you'll get it you're not ready Yet you can't handle the main Event yeah K Kayla Harrison will make 135 she's already done a couple practice Cuts she's already made 135 a couple Times so yes she will make the Waight Dana who is your dealer don't you Better be talking about blackjack Dealer we have a couple options for the Main event I'm still playing with It still playing with it when it's time I will give it to You Yeah I agree with you 300 is going to be [ __ ] 300 is going to be the sickest card From top to bottom it's [ __ ] Ridiculous the first fight of the night You guys are going to go what the [ __ ] You cannot not be watching ESPN the First fight of the Night for UFC 300 and Yes 299 is sick too anaheim's fun I

Can't wait for Anaheim they're all Good that's what we do guys that's what We do we make fun fights good night Everybody while on the topic of UFC 300 Dana White has announced yet another Fight Diego Lopez will be returning to The Octagon at UFC 300 to face the 12th Ranked featherweight sadique yusf all Right guys I got another fight for UFC 300 for you the number 12 ranked Featherweight sodik YF is going to be Taking on the most exciting fighter in The world and Fan Favorite Diego Lopez He got his break by filling in on a few Days notice and gave the number five Ranked evov the fight of his life And uh he won fight of the night that Night then he goes back and destroys his Next two opponents grabbing him two more Bonuses and another shot at the top 15 He's got 23 wins he's got a 91% finish Right and that is an insane stat but Sodi is a dangerous dude man this guy is Very durable he is a nasty Striker and He will be looking to knock Diego out so Another a badass fight for UFC 300 I'll See you Soon listen up fight fans we've been Working behind the scenes on a Newsletter that will allow you to read And see content we can't always post on Here this will allow us all to better Stay in the Talk time for today's top memes third

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