Dana White LASHES OUT at critics of Adesanya x Strickland rematch! Tito Ortiz FIRES BACK at Dana

MMA news today:

The highest UFC ticket price for UFC 295 revealed

Robert Whittaker sends strong message to Charles Radtke and Manel Kape

Tito Ortiz responds to Dana White’s recent comments

Dana White fires back at MMA Community

Alex Pereira helps poor families at favela

Jan Blachowicz gives an update about elbow surgery

Bryce Mitchell worried his ex-girlfriend

00:00 – The most expensive UFC ticket price to date
00:55 – hear what Whittaker has to say to Charles Radtke and Manel Kape
01:39 – Tito Ortiz and Dana White at it AGAIN
02:37 – Dana White reacts to MMA community’s criticism
04:38 – Alex Pereira good deeds not going unnoticed in Brazils Favelas
05:26 – Jan Blachowicz gives update post elbow surgery
06:19 – Bryce Mitchell asks for your help.07:48 – TOP 3 MMA memes
07:32 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's MMA headlines the most Expensive UFC ticket price to date hear What Whitaker has to say to Charles Rankey and Manel cop Tito Ortiz and Dana White edit again Dana White reacts to MMA community's criticism Alex Pereira Good Deeds not going unnoticed in Brazil's favelas yamlajevich gives Update post elbow surgery and Bryce Mitchell asked for your help let's get This show started Get ready for the ultimate UFC Experience the priciest ticket sold so Far this year had been for UFC 287 and Cost 31 730 but that's peanuts compared To the most expensive ticket for UFC 295 Which is set to take place in Madison Square Garden and a jaw-dropping hundred And twelve thousand dollars this is the Hottest ticket in town Who do you think picks this one up Robert Whitaker has shared his thoughts On Charles Radke and Manuel cop using Homophobic slurs after their UFC 293 Clash during an interview on the MMA Arcade podcast Robert said they were Saying some real slurry bigotry bad Words things you can't say in 2024 I'm Not one to tell anybody what to do I Just want everyone all the fighters that Fight you want to be real I'm real we're All real you want to be real with your Fans and you want to be you you don't

Want to be a stickler or anything like That but just remember that we under the Spotlight in front of millions of fans And of those millions of fans their kids Impressionable kids starting watching UFC through all ages really young kids Watching is that a good example While talking news involving white During an interview with Big Boy TV Dana Revealed how Tito Ortiz destroyed what Could have been an incredible Relationship with him in the pertitas Dana said Title would would be coming up to a big Fight on Saturday right deals have been Done for months Tito would call and say I'm not going to show up unless you pay Me another 150k or whatever the number Was he would do this on the regular I Would go crazy Tina was the kind of guy Who would step over dollars and pick up Dimes he's not a smart guy he destroyed What could have been an incredible Relationship because we loved Tito at The time Tito was our guy Tito was my Guy Frank and Lorenzo loved Tito he Absolutely destroyed a relationship that He could have had for the rest of his Life now Tito Ortiz took to his Twitter And responded to Dana writing what a Complete liar I never did that once in My career live with the LIE until you Die they say good job Dana the UFC and WWE have officially closed their merger

And launched the TKO group Holdings Which now reaches over a billion fans Each year with the Staggering valuation Of 21.4 billion Dana White shared his Reaction to the successful deal at the End of the day this is like one of the Biggest mergers in the history of sports We've been kicking ass forever you know However many years now the WWE is doing Well and I mean I say this to you guys Every year but This just takes the whole Sport and Everything to a whole different level And uh You know I flew out to that thing last Night and did it this morning and it was Actually Really really cool it was cool to be a Part of and uh I'm excited about the Future and what we're going to do and I Always am regardless but after this Merger I mean it just we're so much more Powerful than we were yesterday even the CEO thing Um It's a lateral move for me I run Everything that happens here everything That goes on here I I determine so nothing has changed It's just Three letters instead of but I'm the CEO And president of the UFC now Um but nothing changes a bit later in The dwcs press conference Dana commented

On the heavy criticism he received after Saying he was cool with an Izzy Restrictment rematch hear it from the Boss himself do you still feel like the Fight to make is the rematch well I Think if you remember that night people Said well what do you think you think It's rematch I said yeah the rematch Sounds good and I've never did I say I Saw the stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] that was Written you know by all these stupid [ __ ] websites Um you know never once I say yes we're Gonna do this rematch I said no the Rematch now you know we'll see what Happens there's obviously lots of Options out there and we'll see what Happens but yes I'm still not opposed to An Israel rematch we'll see how it goes Is making an impact Distributing food Parcels to poor families in Brazil's Favelas Yourself [Music] Former UFC light heavyweight champion John blavich has taken to social media To reveal that he's underwent a Successful elbow surgery and we'll be Back to training in three weeks time So today I have a small surgery on my Elbow now everything is clean I will not Gonna feel pain anymore in my elbow Now three weeks of break I need to focus About the recovery Rehabilitation

So three weeks nothing after three weeks I will back to the gym and start Training normal My doctor say something important that Three months I cannot do anything in my Home No cleaning No throwing trash nothing just play Games Focus about the you know relax so I'm Gonna do it like he says Okay Bryce Mitchell has posted a clip with an Urgent plea for help from his neighbors Hear it from the UFC fighter himself So I'm out of town for my fight and my Coward ex-girlfriend came by my house And vandalized my house yesterday She destroyed all of my fruit trees Came by my place and destroyed all my Fruit trees I've been working on those trees for Years and she came by last night and put Them all I'm making this post because It is evil And I'm begging the the community of Cersei to help me guys I'm out of town And my animals and my wife is at home by Herself I please I need my neighbors to Help I need my neighbors to help this Evil woman is going to come by she's Threatened to kill my dogs she's Threatening me she's threatened to kill

My all my animals and I'm telling you Last night she came over and killed my Trees now that my trees are gone she's Going to try to kill me she's going to Try to kill the dogs or she going to try To kill Aaron for the love of God can The people in Cersei please help me Here are the top three memes we found on The internet third place was found over Instagram and was posted by a user named As shopped As It Gets Our second place pick was found over Facebook and was posted by a user named UFC kink And their top picked meme was found over Instagram and was posted by a usernamed As shopped As It Gets Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk