Dana White ACCUSED of ‘lying’ about about Ronda Rousey’s return! Conor-Ian Garry sparring, O’Malley

MMA news today:

CONOR MCGREGOR sparring Ian Garry

DANA WHITE accused of lying about Ronda Rousey’s UFC return

SEAN O’MALLEY runs into Merab Dvalishvili at UFC PI

CIRYL GANE talks potential title shot after UFC Paris win

PAIGE VANZANT reveals some shocking information about her OnlyFans pay compared to UFC

BELAL MUHAMMAD destroys reporter’s leg with vicious leg kick

MICHAEL BISPING weighs in on Demetrious Johnson’s statement that MMA is the easiest sport to become champion in

00:00 – Paige VanZant reveals some shocking information about her OnlyFans pay compared to UFC
01:32 – Sean O’Malley runs into Merab Dvalishvili at UFC PI
01:57 – Footage of Conor McGregor sparring Ian Garry
02:39 – Dana White accused of lying about Ronda Rousey’s UFC return
04:16 – Belal Muhammad destroys reporter’s leg with vicious leg kick
04:58 – Bisping weighs in on Demetrious Johnson’s statement that MMA is the easiest sport to become champion in
06:36 – Ciryl Gane talks potential title shot after UFC Paris win
07:41 – TOP 3 MMA memes

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All right let's get this show started In today's video Paige VanZant discloses Surprising only fans vs UFC Pay details Sean O'Malley encounters morav Dubai at The ufcpi Conor McGregor spars with the Hungarian leaked footage Dana White Faces accusations of lying about Ronda Rousey's UFC comeback Allah Muhammad Shatters reporters leg with brutal leg Kick but it's been comments on Demetrius Johnson's Claim about MMA being the Easiest Championship Sport and Cyril Gone discusses possible total shot Following UFC Paris victory Paige VanZant has revealed some shocking Details about the income she's earned on Only fans compared to her earnings from The UFC during a recent interview on Only stands Van Zant revealed that she Made more money on her first day on only Fans than she did throughout her entire MMA career I would say combined in my Fighting career I think I made more Money in 24 hours on only fans than I Had in my entire fighting career Combined and so that's why it's hard as A person you know I was nervous about The stigma but now it's hard to walk Away I feel like when you're one of Those people that you were born poor you Grew up poor and then you become rich It's almost like you always just feel Poor so you always want to continue to Work hard and I am lucky I'm in a

Position where I have been able to help My family my husband and I help our Family and we do everything we can to Bring everybody up to the table so it it Justifies doing you know exclusive Content knowing that I'm helping take Care of everyone around me Sean O'Malley has run into his next Potential opponent marab Divas Villi at The UFC performance Institute the [ __ ] Is this guy doing It bro This guy said hey hold my phone I might Get a little video This guy said hey hold my phone I'm Gonna get a little video Conor McGregor has recently hosted Ian Gary along with his wife Layla and a few Other friends to his dublin-based Pub The black Forge in McGregor also posted Footage from a sparring session with Gary [Music] Thank you [Music] There has been speculation about Ronda Rousey potentially returning to the UFC Although Dana White has denied these Rumors standing that Rousey would not be Returning for UFC 300. however Brennan Shaw has made claims on his podcast that What was being dishonest and that the UFC attempted to sign Rousey offering Her a significant sum of money shovel

Edges that Rousey declined the offer Despite being offered quote unquote more Money than God I was like does he know The UFC is he saying why would Daniel Says he's never done this before he's Basically joking like oh God would he Lie to us of course he would lie to us I'll say this I've won good authority Good authority they offered Ronda Rousey More money than you can imagine to come Back and she said no oh crap so there Were times it's not it's not a yeah and It's like uh it's like the guy that Can't get the hot girl like she's ugly Okay that's what Daniel's Dan is like no Dude we never offered it she's not Fighting Now maybe Dana didn't do the deal I'm Not saying Dana offered it from what I Know they offered more money than God And she's like I'm good Um She Ron is very smart has other Businesses her Farms her houses like she Doesn't need to do any of it she said no But I heard that after her more money Than God to come back and fight and she Said no I mean that would be massive if She if she actually came back I think She beats Pena Damn chin took a guess Allah Muhammad destroys a Barstool Sports reporter's leg with a vicious leg Kick

Oh Thank you I do feel good [Music] When keeping it real goes wrong On his byn podcast Michael Bisping has Offered his perspective on Demetrius Johnson's recent claim that Emma May is The easiest sport in which to become a Champion while Bisping said he doesn't Entirely agree with Johnson's assertion He acknowledges that there is some Merit To the argument yeah I'm gonna I read His quote and I think he was a little Bit more uh you know in detail than what You said that Harrington not being Offensive but I and I found myself Somewhat agreeing with him yeah he has a Point and he doesn't have a point Because also he's got to remember he's Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson so the God-given yeah when you got like nine of Those things it's easy to say that yeah But he's exactly he's got one so many Bells he's one of the greatest Fighters And criminally underrated and doesn't Get the recognition that he truly Deserves let's be honest but he also Forgets because he's so humble and I Think a lot of men like you like me like A lot of world champions and hot you Know alpha males if you will you know They take for granted the ability what They have you know what I mean there's a

Lot of men out there that and women of Course that would could only ever dream Of stepping foot in there fighting Competitive environment like that you Know so I think he's been very very Humble you know yes to become one of the Best tennis players would just use that Golf anything like that is Ridiculously hard but also if you look At heavyweight boxing And you know Francis and garnish that One has even had one fight he's going Against Tyson Fury no man alive will Beat him though Zero gone still has his side set on UFC Gold speaking to UFC news after his Dominant win over Sergey spivakay UFC Paris gun said that despite losing two Title fights his goal is still to become The UFC heavyweight champion doesn't Matter if it's against Jon Jones or Anyone else how do you stay focused on One goal and what is that goal the gold That that that's my mission and uh now Since I started I was just in the Flawless but from a few times since a Few times now I'm just my goal to go to The Belt I want to I want to go go back To the Belt I want to go back to the bed And uh and uh Because I I I did it twice unfortunately Uh I did some mistake but this one I'm Really ready and the people saw that my Mission is not the guy it's the build

You see so anyone anywhere maybe in Paris probably is really good because For a bet also maybe that's a good idea And here are top three memes third place Was found over Instagram and was posted By a user named as shopped As It Gets The second place pick was found over Twitter and was posted by a user named MMA memes And the top picked meme was found over Twitter and it was posted by a user Named reuseful Habibi Thanks for watching if you like the Content smash that like button and don't Forget to subscribe to stay in the talk Foreign