DAMN! They Were Good: A farewell to The Korean Zombie, one of the most beloved and exciting fighters ever

DAMN! They Were Good celebrates the careers of the most exciting and influential fighters in MMA history and on this episode it celebrates the career of Chan Sung Jung, the man who became The Korean Zombie, delighting the masses with his particular blend of violence and toughness.

The Korean Zombie stepped into the cage for the final time at UFC Singapore, where he was knocked out by Max Holloway in the third round after inviting a chaotic brawl in true Zombie fashion. Afterwards, the arena sang Zombie into retirement, chanting the words to The Cranberries song as Zombie exited the cage for the final time. In honor of Zombie’s remarkable career, host Jed Meshew is joined by MMA Fighting’s José Youngs and Alexander K. Lee to take a deep dive into what made Zombie so beloved and where he stands in the history of MMA.

New episodes of the DAMN! They Were Good podcast come out monthly and are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and wherever else you find your favorite podcasts. This week’s episode can be heard below.

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